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  1. I'm more into the darker beers but i do like pale ales, and some german lagers. You guys really make this Belgian lager sound delicious, so I've got to try it now! actually I've had lots of Belgian beers, just of the darker variety or lambics. Duvel is a nice golden beer, rochefort 8, and 10 are both in my top 10 fave beer list. anyway, sounds like you guys may soon be doing 20 liter batches of it soon! Enjoy!
  2. the mead is bubbling along nicely, wish I'd had started it much sooner, this one is probably going to be a few months! What the hell, I have some extra honey, may start a honey porter. Thinking of years past when perfectly happy doing up a simple pale ale! But I do like to experiment, sometimes too much. hobbies!
  3. Hi, Paul, Sounds interesting! I love I stouts ! At 9.5% wonder how long it will need to smooth out? Bet it will be a nice one! Even the craft breweries here in the states brew some great i stout, my fave is North Coast old rasputin. Still the best ris i've ever had was a Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout Grimstad, Norway. 9.0% ABV. 75 IBU. I thought it would be over roasted but was more like an imperial porter on bitterness which suited me fine! Good luck with it!
  4. Well I thought I thanked you for this reply a month ago, Rob, must be slipping, anyway... many thanks!
  5. I actually tried one of the green apple ciders from the store this week, yuk! And even though I can't stand budwiser, was surprised that their fake margaritas in a can aren't too bad. bump it up with a bit of fresh lime juice and extra tequila it's pretty good, but mainly I'm beer drinker!
  6. Early this week on a whim while conjuring up future recipe clones for the bewdroid, and sipping high abv brew... I realized I had never made a mead or melomel under 17% abv! I've had several homebrew semi-sweet meads around 8 - 11 % and enjoyed them, so why had I never made one? (scratching head). Tuesday I got the supplies, 6.5 lbs clover honey, 3 gallons spring water, Lalvin D-47 yeast. Threw jt along with some nutrients for the yeast into my 3.5 gallon better bottle fermenter. I'd bet the droid could do up a nice mead, keeping the temps controlled! I'm sure some of you have done cider with a droid? But man, mead is like waiting for a dopplebock to condition, 3 months at very minimum, imo. A tough wait but worth it. Anyway, while waiting on funds to get my droid, I'll continue to work on clones using mostly brewprints along with a few simple additions like specialty grain steepings. Added flavor and body via grain steeping is simple, and only about 30 minutes added to your brewday with great results. I have a long wait on this mead, hmmmm... may try dry hopping half the batch! Prost! Dave
  7. Yeah looks very tasty! I may be wrong, was thinking the traditional jrish stout was supposed be me more of a Guinness clone, not the four leaf? Nevertheless I'd like to try four leaf with the addition of steeped grains, noteable: 2 oz chocolate malt, 4 oz weyermann smoked malt, and for fun, 4 oz unsweetened cocoa powder. Smoked chocolate stout! one hour till beer o'clock!
  8. That's sure something to think about! Clearing the larger particles and proteins would be good before going to first keg. I'm thinking that doing this, then cold storing the keg for the aging would do well. Still I think I may then run it through a filtration system to fresh keg and store again while the co2 tank does it's job carbonating. This will probably set each batch back another 7-10 days though, I can live with that. A bit paranoid about on added oxidation, c02 purging will be my friend hopefully. Thanks for suggestions, at least i do have plenty of time to figure it all out, ha ha! Cheers!
  9. Couldn't think of a better place for this question, hope this area is ok. Beer clearing question: Three years ago I gave up a lot of my favorite beers because they caused me crippling gout about 3 times yearly due to all the yeast in bottle conditioned beer. Since switching to 'mostly' non bottle conditioned filtered beers I haven't suffered in three years now! So i wonder, should I add gelatin to my secondary keg while aging at about 34 degrees F, for 2-3 weeks, then run through filtering system into another keg for additional aging, forced co2 carbonation, then finally dispensing from this third keg? Sounds like a small pain to do, but better getting rid of most yeast in order to help eliminate even more pain from possible gout! I'll need to have plenty of kegs around but nothing ever seems easy here these days! Ah well, more time and expense but I'm not a quitter! I still drink maybe two or three bottle conditioned beers (really murky) each month, mainly Adventinus wheat dopplebock, I do think these apple cider vinegar tablets i take each day help keep the gout away from me. Cheers!
  10. Yeah i imagine so... I guess with expermentation additional hopping will be easier.
  11. yes, not listed on USA website.
  12. damn that looks nice, I'm broke and beerless till friday! 😥
  13. Does anyone have ingredients list and other info on the abbey dubbel? Thanks!
  14. Since the E elements are hopped DME and not knowing 'what' hops were used, this makes it difficult to decide on hop additions on custom brews. Some hop combos do not play well together! Soooooo.... Thinking best to skip E's and pretty much just use X's and my own hop additions. I understand the concept behind the secrecy (well..!) Makes the brewprints pretty foolproof for beginners! However in my opinion after reading several forums regarding using Brewdroid, there are a LOT of people who have experience with brewing already, and buying the droids. I think much more product would sell for the company if they were upfront about what's exactly in say an E4, an H5, etc. Customization should be easy as well.
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