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  1. It is hot outside 😉 . I think the Virgin planes have Pirate life so atleast I am happy on the flight over. I am looking forward to a hoard of conditioned beers though haha . Love the prep work
  2. Yeah i find I can pick a bottle at a time and enjoy it . But if I start a keg it doesnt last long haha. Pints go down really easy 🙂
  3. Cheers for that , i have spread my range atm . I have 36 plastics, 24 750ml swing tops and around 60 330ml browns that I will have a go at capping. I usually am doing a brew half keg and half bottles so will need a few more bottles to match my 15 brewart kegs haha
  4. Can do 🙂 . Might not be too many varieties though. Most places only sell the same thing. I finished my UK christmas this time last year and had a post on FB that showed off what I drank 🤤 . Only put the interesting craft beers , nothing I had drunk in Australia previously and nothing from Lagerdon (London) . Still had 30 odd different photos from a month trip ( and most I had to sample a few times to ensure quality)
  5. Just want to say hello to all the new activity here. Good to see this forum start to take off . I am not really a FB user so good to see that there is a bit of banter on here. When I got online here , @Barrelboy, @Rob Courtney and @Weissbock were the only contributors i could see regularly posting , but there is a few new faces since then and good to see a good turn in the new year. Poked my head on the FB group and still find value there but the experience the guys above have I feel shines over FB ( also only poked my head in, sure there are some master brewers on FBland). Anyways lads I am out for 2 weeks on an internet sabbatical in the land of Bintangs and delicious dinners , see you all in a bit and look forward to catching up on a few posts .
  6. Yeah thats the truth . Never gone out of my way to cold crash from the droid . The trub at the bottom always seems to settle easy enough. And because i just do I always pull the keg liner and tip it down the sink , saves putting it in the bin with liquid . Always a little more sediment in there , but only a touch ... and i have found the 9 pints to start the keg come out clear , its only the last pint from the keg that can come out a little hazy ( but doesnt upset the flavor , just feel a little more full after drinking it 😉)
  7. Hey Mate , do as Rob said and push the conditioning of the Narci-Citrus as long as you can . I found after 2 weeks was still very malt heavy and not much hop flavor . I got 2 6 weeks with my first brew of it and the flavors were great. Nice citrus punch from the hops with a Banana/Caramel sweetness underneath. Didnt last much longer then that haha . This brew I have finished now will get to 8-12 weeks before I crack it to see if it improves again . If you have 2 droids starting to get a surplus of kegs/bottles makes it easier to hold off on opening the younger beers haha. Second droid is on my to do list this year haha . Just as a side note Mark and Rob have both been the biggest help on this forum, worlds of knowledge and have given me multiple ideas to get through this year haha
  8. Sounds good to me , i will do it to see how they compare but when i can do 17 dollar beers with brewart 🤷‍♂️. But yeah I think will give them a go one day . Will make an order through coopers 😄
  9. Well i do hope it works mate , this one does sound more promising , i was intrigued in trying a few Mr Beer kits , but we will see how your experiement goes and I might try my luck haha
  10. I have my fingers crossed mate . Still dont think I will stray from the brewprints until I try my hand at grain brewing
  11. I agree, would be very nice to have free shipping 🙂 . More so if it was a quarterly event or something and not based on a dollar value ( like you said about bottles etc)
  12. Thanks for that @Bunkers Hill Brewing Company . Will.be nice to flash up my tap 🙂
  13. Yeah my back room is slowly being taken over. I think I will be sticking to glass bottles and the brewart kits, but I also seem to drink them quicker then brewing lol. Good to see someone from the states. The coconut porter sounds interesting . I made am imperial stout with a Bourbon and some with a Whisky addition . Both are delicious 😉 , as is the original
  14. Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone ended up with an updated one of these. Might flash up my brewflo soon 😉
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