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  1. Haha oh i working through my back catalogue atm , finished the coopers pale the other week and thinking about doing a 4 leaf this break .
  2. Yep will turn the droid on on break and update before i drop my next brew. Will have to make sure i try a few of these new recipes , sound awesome
  3. Nice one @BrewArt Team , this looks awesome. Will jump over and look at some recipes now 😁 . Now i am due for a shopping day again 🤣
  4. Yeah we had a bbq to go to last night . Still had a couple , just couldnt tie one on . But i am happy to be back drinking the beers i am creating .
  5. So first beer in August and this is a great beer. Its now at 6 weeks in the keg and if i sat outside with my eyes closed i would swear i was in Singapore ( the tiger beer and humidity combo) . I honestly think this is the best lager i could drink... ever. This time i waited until propagation temp had been reached before introducing the yeast and remaining ingredients, first time water temp 30 odd and stressed yeast stench 3 days in, this time 22 and nice happy healthy yeast. The first tiger beer had much more of a honey malt sweetness to it . This one still malty but more of a bitter alcohol top note , damn if only i didnt have to drive tonight 🤣
  6. Paul84

    Dry July

    Pretty sure i signed up on Auckland time.... does that count 🤣🤣🤣 ( didnt really i was in Rockingham ) .
  7. Paul84

    Dry July

    I dunno i feel like i might get in trouble for cluttering the place up.
  8. That sounds delicious . To be fair the stout cream on the recipe sounds awesome. Maybe ill just buy an ice cream maker and make stout Ice cream 🤣
  9. Paul84

    Dry July

    I have a workmate who does a month dry every year as a "self improvement" thing . Its always February 🤣 . Thats ok , he last few days have been more of a challenge because its days off , but i have a bbq Saturday night so will have to have a few quiet beers to celebrate making the month. Thing i have missed most coming off shift Tuesday Mornings is my Shower Beer 😭
  10. Though up here in Hedland Stouts arent a very good Christmas beer , need a really cold slighty hopped ale 🤣
  11. Lucky i have a 4 leaf waiting in my cupboard and plenty of bottles for capping so i can do a christmas beer , and then a christmas desert to match 🤣 Thank you team
  12. Now thats a bookshelf i can admire . My beers are way less displayed in black crates in a back room.. interesting enough i found i have a CPA from my first batch, was also capped so might do a side by side in a few weeks when this one comes out. Plus as an update i had a leak on one of my kegs . Just from the orange keg connector, gave it one more ugga dugga to keep it tighter , but the beer smells awesome , so fruity .
  13. Haha yeah to many beers not enough time , i am looking forward to working through a few of mine. Have a Porter that should be aged nicely now
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