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  1. My own stupid fault Captain lol. Now i know a life cycle of a swing top for carbonation lol.. the Weissbier i have is tasty and 6 months old but they are very hit and miss for bubbles now . Might have to go buy a sodastream lol
  2. Alright C3D i am all caught up now . Missed alot yesterday lol
  3. Welcome on board Captain 3 Droids , hope you can help provide an insight to brewing we will be lacking without our previously most experienced poster "Barrelboy" . Why the name change Mate ? Is the Barrelboy moniker gone now ?
  4. Oh FYI for my pole i am putting on a Cooper Pale Ale tomorrow and I will Dry Hop with Cascade and Challenger. That is my go to that almost tastes great out of the barrel , just needs to get them bubbles 🤣
  5. Hey Guys , Just thought i would throw it out to a poll . Which is your best beer for a short secondary , one thats good almost out the droid. Asking for a friend . He might have come back from an awesome W.A. coastal holiday and thought he had spare beers , but some have gone flat and a keg has leaked and is still questionable... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. National Pi Day ? Love Shared holidays 🤣 i do enjoy my steak
  7. Would have been good if Coopers could.have done a buy out. Imagine being able to have something to make a fresh wort then you can transfer to the droid 😯 . I do know a steel boiler works too though 🤣
  8. Agree with above . The keg liner is the hardest bit but perseverance is key . Rob's video is great although still wizardry lol. The brewflo is a great system and pouring your own beer is great. If you bottle get a capper and go that way ( or swing tops ... but dont play with the plastic ones , i gave them up quickly lol ) Havent done the Jolly Roger though will be done very soon in my house.
  9. Hey Mate , welcome on board. Enjoy the brewing fun.. as for NEIPA there isnt too many from the brewprints, the Pineapple Crush is probably the most like what your chasing and can add more or less juice ( or throw Mango juice in the droid instead of Pineapple). Its a tasty beverage though and worth a try. If you scroll around the page there is the Shemsheet which has a few interesting custom brews including a Jedi Juice clone, havent done this yet , but has the oat to make it cloudy
  10. Its in the fridge now. The bladder of the keg looks alot more compressed now. And the keg in the flo is empty so might see how it goes tomorrow. Also a better get sorted on fixing the aircon to have 23 degree brewing for summer 🤣
  11. Dextrose. And dosing light, about 6 deep scoops which i think works out to around 30gr . Should be 7. Something if going on volume . But the overfilling, overpriming, failed cap all posibilities. If it was overfilled, overprimed though i would assume that it would have showed itself prior to now, the keg is 4 months old lol. My assumption is room temp and liquid expansion, its hitting 40s up here atm and brew room air con has shit the biscuit lol
  12. So this is disappointing . Gone away for 3 weeks and appears my cricketers arms clone has his max secondary and has now taken to leaking, i should have thrown it in the fridge before i went away . Looks like the cap has actually bowed. Looks like it might be a throw away now 😭
  13. Its all gone ... really quickly too . Does that answer your question lol . No was a much more punchy hop flavor but not overpowering. 30gr was a nice refreshing beer , very very sessionable. 60gr was a tasty drop but not as sessionable. And the CA was a very tasty drop too cheers @Barrelboy
  14. I still have a couple of brews at home to do after my holiday then i will have to do another order so will grab one of these. Also want to do the Czech Pils . However enjoying shop beers in cans for the next few weeks lol
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