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  1. Its alright Rob we all make mistakes. Updating notes on the fly is a handy thing though .i like Dustin's idea of having all the prop and fermentation times auto added to the brew notes . Would be good to know the same brew is replicatable .
  2. Hey Mate , i dont think so . Not unless its black like a stout . You will find it will clear up as it conditions and likely have a nice amber colour, anything like Dustins final product in posts above ? Dont suppose you took a photo while bottling? I think like Mark said the smell and taste is more of a concern then colour especially with a brewprint itself (they should be packed correct, we usually buy loose ingredients to make the beers and have been known to make mistakes 🤣) . If it tastes like flat warm beer when bottling should taste great when its had a few weeks to carbonate and smooth out 🤘
  3. I think the bottling is the best part. The hardest part is waiting 2 weeks to sample again.. i think this brew would be great at 4-6 week mark. If you have another beer should put it down soon, just so you can have a rolling stock of beers as if you like the taste they will go down quickly. What bottles have you used mate ?
  4. Bump... Anybody who has joined us in the last couple of months , some suggestions above on good brews coming out of 2 weeks secondary ( they will keep getting better). Also has anyone got any of their own they think taste great straight away ?
  5. Had a brew of these set up for christmas . Quite an enjoyable beer but a little thin for my taste. Any ideas how to put some meat into it without steeping grains ? I am used to having 2 pints of guinness to fill the belly 🤣
  6. Scratch that , found it already 🤣
  7. Hey Alan, How did this brew go. Would be very keen to try to reproduce if you had great results. I think finding the brew kit may be the hardest part lol
  8. Hey Scotty and Vivian, Ruby Porter was my first go at the Brewart Porters and my first beer i knew I was on the right track, the taste of the porter rivals that you can buy in a shop. If you like that give the Shadow Hill Porter a run, better IMHO. And if you like dark beers give the Kremlin a go . An Imperial Stout, but a decent secondary and it is better then you can buy in a shop ( as per recipe is good but i laced some of mine with bourbon 😍)
  9. Cheers mate , yeah i am thinking that the filter is going to be a great addition. And ill give the cold crashing a go . Will just have to adjust my brew schedule. Usually I can put a brew down on my shift change day and then Bottle/Keg on days off when I have more time. Might need to drop the brew on a Sunday before work brew, hop,cold crash and then bottle next break 🤣
  10. Hey Jeff , welcome on board. I agree with @Captain 3 Droids , you will love the results. Practice will make perfect i admit. I have customised a couple of brews I do to make them more how I like them. I find the Kegging/bottling just as good as the brewing.
  11. I think i might have to jump on this order. I landed back in Port Hedland today after my christmas adventure and think i only have 2 brews and maybe 30 beers to get myself through until the next brews. Might even try some of these Fancy Dry Hop brews 😯
  12. Hey Andy. I live up in the Pilbara , but doing a whirlwind trip down to Perth to see Family before Christmas. Yeah i agree , freo is a pretty awesome place to head out for a beer and a meal.
  13. I have finished by brewing for the year as I have 2 trips to Perth in the next 3 weeks. But i have a Highland IPA, a Lion city and a 4 leaf stout for the next couple of weeks lol .
  14. Mane Liquor over this side of the world had one ( i missed the boat) but you give them a monetary amount and the style you want and they would curate one for you . So if I said sh*ttest Australian beers , i am sure i could have had some Carlton Dry in there lol. I would have been happy with a passionfruit alcopop though, sounds like a pack I would enjoy @Captain 3 Droids
  15. Hey Andy , both above are good options. I have had my droid "burp" quite a few times. The porters/stouts and the pineapple crush have all done it for me . I have a chux on my table and just clean it up every 12 hours or so and it doesnt get too stuck on . Being sugars it goes rock hard if you leave it lol
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