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  1. Hey Mick , Welcome back , still brewing mate ?
  2. Yeah all the individual packets are also some.tasty beers but the boxes I am.excited about, the Kremlin and Pineapple crush were the best first time I did them as well
  3. Thats all good . Although another Coopers Pale Ale brew would have been nice , between this and all the kegging gear cant complain with 15 bucks postage
  4. Just had my order show up and been split into brews 😭. Always next time 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I would charter a plane for this reason 🤣🤣🤣. Its funny because I would eat KFC every day ( before i actually eat it ) . Afterwards there is nothing further on my mind. Its the ultimate wankfood
  6. Wont be realistic prices 🤣🤣🤣. And i think it should be ok, some of the pubs here really need a face lift and brought up to todays standards. Plus all the pubs have a unique spin on them. Esplanade ( more a hotel with a beer garden) has grass and very "how you do" . Heddie has water to overlook ( and supposedly new management is making a huge deck to look at it instead of road and spinefex). The Walky is a mix of a workers bar and has a massive kids play centre out the back , good for when you dont wanna parent but still want to enjoy a beverage. The Last Chance is exactly that , the last chance to be in a bar before you have been kicked out of all of them, usually rougher community hang in there. I envision the new brewery will be a popular lunch , afternoon session place, just hope they dont put it in a dumb spot ( ill find out today when i go buy some weekend beers from Sam🤣🤣🤣)
  7. Yeah we are getting a microbrewery coming to town shortly . They are just in the process of setting up their venue. Karratha has a few options as well, not just KFC (running joke in Hedland is thats the usual reason for visiting... or if you go down there for something important like the Doctors there is a mandatory 21piece bucket tax to leave town)
  8. Hedland has a thriving Beer industry, we have 7 bottle shops and 4 pubs that serve everything from Great Northern, to XXXX and Bush Chooks. Thirsty camel has Colonials and BWS tries, but only North West Caters to the Discerning Gentlemen. Sam gets in all the small batch beers ( and some not small batch ) . Population of around 15k including the surrounding communities last I heard
  9. If they are still there I will. Was a few weeks ago when i last saw them there. NW Liquor is a smaller bottle shop and dont hold heaps of stock in the craft range. But I do help them move through their stock when i head there 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Guess I am buying the GP Citra and Simcoe 🤣
  11. @J P, i have had the Hazy Daze with the Amarillo and Mosaic, i did rate so I had to go back and buy some more 🤣 . Dustin I am a massive fan of the Torpedo from Sierra Nevada so I can see the Dankful being good , will have to hunt it down lol
  12. Not off the top of my head. Plus i havent tried some of the new supercharged hop brews. I am having some more now. They are agreeing with me 🤣. Gonna have to buy some Vic secret , havent hopped with these yet
  13. So got some of these yesterday and they did not upset. First tasting notes were citrusy almost bitter from the hops , very hop heavy, but a nice honey base from the malts , was a good beverages and look forward to finishing them... @BrewArt Team, wont complain if these and the Hazy make it as a brewprint
  14. I havent tried the higher ABV so hopefully they would go better. I did have some EPD and Weissbier that were in bottles that got lost down the back of the box and were over 6 months old and flat . They were in new mangrove jack swingtops and i thought the seals were tight. The earlier bottles were like opening a champagne bottle 🤣. So the Wax sealing would be more trying to have one more layer to prevent carbonation escaping , might not add anything but might make me sleep easier having a beer i plan to keep for closer to 12 months not turn into flat coffee flavored alcohol water
  15. Truthfully i found both great, i have 750ml swingtops and crown seals. I have found for the 0-6month the swingtops are great . But i lost carbonation in some of the beers i had left to age for longer then that 😞 . I am however considering doing my kremlin this year in the swing tops and wax sealing because i want to go 6 months plus with some of these bottles. Just need to decide how to do the wax part 🤣
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