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  1. I cant see the Tiger notes from last time but i am sure i didnt see this happen last time. Might be wrong and cool that its another feature of the droid i didnt know about ( P.S. the Lion city is the only lager i brew 😂😂😂)
  2. So update . Just rolled over day 7 , this brew is still going. Have just had the droid do something it has never done before. It is ramping the temp up over the next 2 days i believe. Had a notification bit once i swiped it away it was gone to the ages haha. Anyways a quick google looks like a are doing a diacetyl rest , which didnt happen last time i am sure of. So interesting times and keen to try this beer even more
  3. Yes welcome on board Alan. I float between the original brewprints and ones i have done a few times and like to customise . DH and Hop teas have really added a new level to this adventure. I was always keen on the Pico brew. Lets hope something rises from the ashes.
  4. Not of this beer 😂😂😂. I have the Lion city in the droid now then will change that out for the cricketers before doing a stout coming into winter 😂😂😂 , i like to think even flat out brewing i am doing well to maintain stock levels 🍻 . But yes this beer is a cracker. I have the one bottle of the plastics for the CPA. Will do a side by side tomorrow to see about carbonation retention and flavor differences. I have also kept making sure the plastic lid was tight .
  5. So this is now at 10 weeks for me . It is amazing, my new daily driver i think . Saying that I still have a few new brews to get through this month lol . Going a mild hop blend ( 15gr cascade and 15gr challenger) has given this a good kick , not over powering with hops 😄
  6. Ok so update . Added all ingredients at 22 degrees and 4 days in no really offputting sulphur smell from my first go at brewing this. Didnt effect the taste last time but seeing if maybe there is an improvement ( or regression) in flavors , either ways interesting test 😄
  7. Ok gonna try to add when propogation temp is reached. I know last time i got a heavy sulphur smell from the yeast , maybe it will be the same , time will tell . Didnt effect it in the end product and it was a delicious brew. But see how we go, a week will tell 😉 . PS this is winter water temps up here 😂😂😂
  8. Hey Clayton, welcome onboard . I agree with the sentiment of Mark and Rob for 1 drop being sufficient. I think the 4ml of primers sounded too painful though 😅, i have gone down the route if using dextrose in my second fermentation and having great results. I just bought a measure for a few bucks , and i have 5 bucks worth of dextrose which has done a dozen brews and i am about half way though ( an old homebrewer where i live just uses white sugar and also has great results ) , so value for money is a win .
  9. Im thinking of throwing one of these in as well today . Now as you have seen before @Barrelboyi have had issues with my water temp . I was reading a recipe for a different clone and it talked about adding yeast at propogation temp . Do you think this is something i could ( and should do ) on a lager brew being the yeast stresses anyways . So fill the 10 litre brew start it, when propogation temp reached take lid off add ingredients and close lid ?
  10. Yeah its pretty average . Tbh doesnt overly effect my life if you pre-plan. But the limits doesnt stop the problems instead , we just have a bigger drug problem 😂
  11. Dont suppose you feel like a sea change to come open a shop 🤣🤣🤣? I think its the cost of doing business up here. Rents are pretty high and transport isnt cheap here. Most people here who homebrew end up driving to Perth anyways so throw a few sacks of grain in the back. Plus its pretty draconian laws up here. Had a guy who moved down south who was a great brewer and would have opened a brewary up here if it wasnt for the policing up here. Like Sunday is a dry town in Hedland.
  12. Hedland has a strong homebrewing community and yeah some ppl do have the fridge set ups . But I have seen Mo's and its just a back room and air con 😉 . He is a new brewer too so just finding his feet before he goes balls deep
  13. Ok team , only posting a day late , but put a Weissbier in today and have put the Ferment temp to 22 degree to see what a variation in the Esters profile and the beer flavor. The one a work mate made his hefe was just with a plastic fermenter so I am assuming temp was what would have been higher for his . And not sure if the Brewart team have seen my previous posts but i am sure my pitching temp of the yeast wouldnt be much i could change because the water is already up2 30 degrees 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Agreed it shouldnt be forced on people , i enjoy this community and it was never a matter of anonymity. I agree good to put a face to the name .
  15. I am in awe more then anything . One day I can reach this level 🙂 . My profile pic should be up now 🙂
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