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  1. Cheers Mark, went with the 50/25/25 option and am keen to see how it turns out πŸ˜‡ Will take a squiz at BrewArt Banter excel a bit later on the PC πŸ‘ Cheers, Daz
  2. Bottled the GDSA today and started up this one. Still have some hops left over ... Any ideas on whether Amarillo, Cluster or Chinook (or a combination) would work with this one Mark? Daz
  3. Currently on day 5 in the droid and just dry hopped the 50g Amarillo. Knew I'd get there eventually lol. Ended up slowing down on my beer drinking (forayed into Single Malt Whisky's for a bit, I hate to mix and match so whatever I drink first for the evening I'll end up sticking with) and subsequently ran out of brew bottles. Last brew was English Pub Draught bottled 24/2 then gave the droid a big clean and a 6 week break. Have started enjoying a daily brew or 2 again as of late and have freed up enough bottles for a new batch. Sanitised ol' droidy last week and got cracking on the GDAS. Great to have it humming again in the kitchen and using the light to check on the brew πŸ˜‡
  4. Yep I totally agree mate, after bottling the RIS on 31/12/19 I tried one in Feb and thought "not bad". Now revisiting them in April and they taste fantastic.
  5. Yep quite happy with it (better than the Revolution Dark Later IMO) but the RIS remains the crown jewel so far!
  6. Ended up foregoing this one in favour of doing the big bear brown ale. Still need to visit that spice shop at the markets πŸ˜‡
  7. Relatively happy with it mate πŸ‘ with each passing week or fortnight it tastes better and better. Got about 5-6 bottles left at a guess! Got another nine recipes to get through for now so probably won't brew again anytime soon but can recommend for those that want a tropical IPA circa 6-7% 😎
  8. Yes I was quite chuffed I must say Decided against the 2nd droid for now; had to replace the dryer and dishwasher that both died on us and feeling the sting as a result. Will revisit in a few months perhaps (or next discount promotion)
  9. Gave my brother in law an APA from my first batch to try last weekend. I was of the belief he was more of a Corona guy; didn't know how he'd like the Pale Ale... Got a message from my sister last night - they've just ordered a droid πŸ’ͺ
  10. Nah mine is much similar at 3-4 weeks; don't taste much in the way of pineapple at all and would call it more of a tropical IPA for sure. Also not overly carbonated; don't think Golden Circle vs H2 Pineapple Juice that I used makes a world of difference... PSA: These are back in stock now https://www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au/Mad-Millie-Flip-Top-Bottle-750ml-Case-of-12
  11. My absolute favourite so far has been Feral Brewery's F-15 Anniversary Ale: https://www.feralbrewing.com.au/beer/f-15/
  12. As I mentioned in another conversation recently, decided to keep rolling on with the stouts and heavier beers with the intention of having them nicely matured by winter (easier said than done; will probably be all drunk by April!). Didn't see a post about this one and haven't seen it mentioned so thought I'd get it started in here. Is it an IPA, is it a Brown Ale? Or is it fair to say it’s the best of both? This is a style for the non-conformists, the pioneers, the frontier folk. It’s a big, dark beer up front, with toasty malt aromas, traces of coffee, and bursts of hop freshness. And with hints of toffee sweetness balancing the muscular hops, one sip of Big Bear will tell you, she may be bitter but she’s never grizzly. Sounds good to me! Seems to be bubbling away nicely with plenty of temperature movement and fermentation detected at first testing last night.
  13. I wasn't brave enough to add any extras to my RIS batch this time round but definitely open to trying it in future!
  14. Man that sounds promising!! Might have to also crack one after two weeks then... for 'scientific purposes' of course
  15. Bottled my Russian Imperial Stout last night and decided to continue my roll and started the Big Brown Imperial Ale instead. New plan is to do this one then the Coopers Old Special Stout and then do my best to mature them to June 2020. After those, next 'drinking' brew will be GDSA 😎
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