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  1. Sorry Stuart I have not got the drip tray as I exchanged the old unit for the new one.
  2. Yes Stuart its the Flow I contacted support and they have arranged for me to pick up a new Brewflow, excellent service, It took me a long time to realise that it was not working properly, I should have known there was a problem when my son was putting ice cubes in his beer, I just could not bring myself to believe that there was a problem with such a great machine. Another wake up call was when my wife kept complaining of the noise it was always making.
  3. Has anyone had a problem with the Beerdroid, mine keeps running and will not turn off, it is the cooling motor that keeps running not the air pump?
  4. I have had this same problem, my second beerdroid has just split along where the tap inserts , its a damn problem have notified Coopers and awaiting a reply, I just hope this is not going to be an ongoing problem.
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