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  1. I’ve just tapped the keg on this one (8weeks) and it’s SUPER interesting. It pours with a massive, thick head which settles out and is very dark. It’s definitely on the sweeter side but has almost a Belgian / Trappist tone to the flavor. It’s got a deep mouthfeel and is very rich. Its unfortunate we’re just getting to summer because it tastes like a winter brew, but I’m really happy with this one.
  2. I've not heard anything from them yet... 🙁 My droid is sitting empty. Bit disappointing, really.
  3. Yeah, I'm in the US. I tried customer support here but just get a voicemail saying post a message here. If you could let them know somehow that would be most appreciated.
  4. Anyone know a way to reset the Droid to its factory default settings? Mine has lost its wifi connection and simply won't connect via WPS and refuses the password to connect manually.
  5. Not only did I not know the droid was designed to do this, I also didn’t know about bottom feeders and top feeders. I thought those were kinds of fish. Good info! Back to google! 😂
  6. I kegged a Ruby Porter today. I'm actually super excited how this is going to turn out as the EoF taste is really good. I added 95g maltodextrin to mix, and used Y7 instead of the Y4 that came with it. Why Y7 you ask? I'm not too sure, to be honest, but I can absolutely, positively tell you that it had nothing to do with me grabbing the wrong packet of yeast from the fridge. 🤫 Despite that, I'm looking forward to trying it in a couple of months, but I did notice the foam from fermentation had actually pushed out of the lid and congealed on back of the droid. A not inconsiderable amount, too. Has anyone else experienced this? I doubt it'll cause a problem for the beer but was curious what caused the excessive bubbling? Too much maltodextrin? The change in yeast?
  7. Thanks guys! Apologies for the endless stream of questions. 😂
  8. What about sitting at kegging temperature rather than storage? Does maturation only occur with the additional sugar in kegging?
  9. Is there any benefit (or I guess any drawback) to letting a beer sit in the droid after the end of fermentation? Do different flavors develop?
  10. Now I need to google Dry Hopping. That might be a rabbit hole I'm not ready to go down just yet.
  11. Did you just use the brewprint for the Pilsner, or are you altering it?
  12. As I’m now pretty much unemployed this seemed like a better use of the whiteboard in my office. 😂
  13. Kegged it just a couple of days ago actually. Seemed to take quite a while to finish fermenting and there was noticeably a lot more crud in the bottom of the droid after kegging. I’m sure it’s got a technical name. 😉 Taste was good and not as sweet as I expected. There’s still some bitter in there so I didn’t add any hops to the kegs. Was also dark-ish, but not porter like. First impressions at this stage is that at least I didn’t overdo the molasses. I’m going to give it at least a 6 week period before tapping I think. No idea why, just that so far the 2 week suggested time seems to end up being a little ‘thin’. The Aztec I recently did certainly benefited from an additional 2 weeks.
  14. Dissolved them straight into the water before adding the yeast and packages.
  15. Cool. Thanks for that. I've put 56g of Blackstrap molasses and the same of maltodextrin into the Dusk Cerveza Brewprint. Might end up being too sweet after fermentation I suppose. If that's the case I'll add some hops to the kegging maybe? We'll see what happens!
  16. Has anyone tried using molasses in a brew? Obviously it'll darken the color, and maybe up the sweetness as it's not all fermentable, but does would it add much depth and flavor, do you think?
  17. California has just ordered the closing of all bars, pubs and wineries. I picked the right time to get into homebrew. 😂 Brewart should have a sale to help us through these tough times. Coupon code COVID19. 😉
  18. I made the bog standard kit - the wife didn't want me putting stuff in it at first. I'm hoping it develops over time. After 3 weeks it tastes like a sweeter Budwieser.
  19. There's a manual??? Mine didn't come with one. 😂
  20. I swear my Brewflo is getting louder. Has anyone else had this problem? There are 2 noises - one sounds like a fan, which I'm assuming is associated with the cooling mechanism. That one isn't too bad at all. The other I think is a pump or compressor that is triggered after pouring a pint or so. I think it's part of the vacuum mechanism, maybe? I just clocked mine at 77dB, which is absurd. And it comes on intermittently, even when I've not been pouring any beer. It wakes people up in the house when it happens at 3am...
  21. Bottles are PET so the 2 carbonation drops is standard I think, so those shouldn't explode. Keg might over carbonate, and that was a concern. I quite wanted a high level of carbonation for this, so figured at best it would do that, at worst it wouldn't all be eaten by the yeast so might add to the sweetness which is desirable, and if necessary I can bleed off a little excess pressure every now and again.
  22. 16 days later and fermentation is complete. I've bottled half and kegged the other 5l. Very pale and dry, with just a hint of sourness to it after primary fermentation. Strong apple smell and very light, coming out at 5.8%. I've added 2 of the brew art sugar pouches to the keg, and 1/4 tsp lactose to each bottle, as well as 2 carbonation drops. We'll see how they turn out in a couple of months.
  23. I'd need to check, but I'm pretty certain the Droid Sanitizer video says specifically that rinsing is a optional step. I do anyway as, like you guys, the crust gives me the heebie jeebies. I think them might be better for sanitizing lots of small parts at once where you need to get into little crevices. But the interior of the droid seems like a spray bottle would be a much more efficient way to go.
  24. It's not a direct recipe, just a guess from reading others. The instructions on the pectic enzyme state to wait an hour before pitching but I'v no idea why. Thanks for letting me know about dissolving the lactose! I totally would have missed that!
  25. M<y Droid is currently sanitizing ahead of a planned cider brew. I figured I'd write the process I'm planning here in case I'm doing anything drastically wrong. Aiming for a semi-dry, clear cider. 10l of preservative free apple juice, 6.6g of pectic enzyme Add to droid and leave for an hour. 200g lactose 13g yeast nutrient 2.5g Safcider 40725 Cider yeast Propogate at 72, ferment at 55. I'll bottle half with carbonation drops then add 1 sachet of Brewart sucrose to the rest before kegging it. Does this make sense? Is there any benefit to letting it sit in storage mode before bottling?
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