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  1. @Barrelboy @Paul84 I’m new at the whole beer appreciation thing but this is ummm delightfully bitter but fresh at the same time and smells fkn lubbly. Good call @Barrelboy I used magnum hops as they didn’t have pride of Ringwood but they are supposed to be equivalent? Any how got a mate coming round so the 10l will be gone tonight 😂
  2. @Paul84 cracked one tonight. Omg it’s fing amazing. Chocolate essence in this one. These aren’t going to last long.
  3. Finished brewing will keg tomorrow ahh yeh
  4. @Barrelboy @Paul84 took a while but the bush chook is down lads. Will report back in a couple of weeks.
  5. Hi @Paul84 I haven't cracked one yet - ill have one this week and report back.
  6. Just tried to cuddle the wife and she said something like you smell like a home brewery hahaha Had two stouts. The port one was good, choc one needs 6 months 😂
  7. Was hoping you’d say that 👍👍👊 now prepping the bush chook🍻
  8. Bottled the stout today. Spiked some with OP rum caus I didn’t have any bourbon, added chocolate cream essence to a few, and some port to the rest. One sugar lolly instead of two in the port so hopefully they don’t explode. 15 pet bottles and two snap locks for tasting tonight. Smell amazing... going to be hard to leave these on the shelf for a few months!
  9. Liked this one a lot, finished this in two sessions. A mate who also droids gave some v good feedback. I think next time I will try a different juice and maybe a bit less. Just can’t seem to wait for the beers to condition. I’m a bit dusty today haha!
  10. Dear BrewArt, Could you please release a 20L version of the BeerDroid. kind regards Jared
  11. Thought I might have put the yeast in the wrong order. Fears were unwarranted:
  12. @Barrelboy I’ll give it a crack! Hops in after fermentation finished?
  13. @Barrelboy roger, will do. @Paul84 swing tops it is. I don’t want to tie up a keg for 3+ months. 👍
  14. My mates and I love Emu Export. Any ideas on how to recreate this iconic WA beer in the droid?
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