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  1. I got the shock of my life last week when I purchased a slab of coopers xpa $68.00. Don't get me wrong that's only $2.83 a can and I get 10c back for a can. My point being is that it's about $6.00 for a pack of durries in the usa and $25.00 for a 1.25ltr vodka from Walmart or Costco. Look at Australia's cost of alcohol and the tax the government takes and they want to start hitting the home brewer. A tallie of coopers pale ale today $9.00. 2 months ago I got 3 tallies for $20 If coopers want us to use their ingredients they need to drop the prices so that people can afford the brew beer not just to drink but also as a hobby. Again this only my opinion not that of coopers or brewart. Best Regards, Shawn
  2. Hi all, Have recently brewed a mr beer bewitched with 11 litres + yeast with the red packet safol 05 me thinks. It is very dark but what I must say is that clean up is so easy compared to dry ingredients. It does take longer which is a downfall as I am trying to brew as much as I can now it's slightly cooler in Qld. Bottled last weekend, really want to give 3 weeks for 2nd fermentation. I have been using 1.25ltr pet bottles with 3 drops and seems to be dissolving well as compared to the 750ml pets with 2 drops they just don't seem to fully dissolve. Maybe bottles are old or been used and returned? I checked my brew tonight and they all seem fine. Started a morgans lager with brew enhancer 2 today with 2 coopers yeast and 11 liters of water only used 3/4 of tin , see how this 1 turns out. Cheers, Shawn
  3. Mr beer little brown keg 8.5 litre. Different from coopers craft kit. Check oz and usa site. Is a coopers brand. Just finished the pacific pale ale and bottled 27/01/20. Will leave 4, 2 weeks. Cleaned beerdroid same day and used starsan, this stuff is amazing! Just started mountain range ipa and I done this as a custom, propagate 24dc, ferment 19dc, keg 18dc, no dry hop yet, cold crash 4dc. The propagating went ballistic and started to overflow slightly which I am happy to see. Tells me yeast is good so therefore the beer should ferment rather quickly. Just an update atm. Will try 1st batch of pacific pale ale this weekend, then try 2nd batch next weekend. All the best lads and keep up the replies.
  4. As always Barrelboy much appreciated in the comments. I suppose I am just trying to plan ahead when I use mr beer wort. Can I set the mr beer wort and light dry malt 500gr in a LBK b4 I pitch the yeast a couple of days before hand with cold spring water? I only see pacific pale ale going maybe 2 days more. Thx for your awesomeness, Cheers Brother
  5. Today I cleaned my LBK x 2 coopers fv 23ltr with starsan and this stuff seems to be really good. Clean again 2 morrow as I will get 1 mr beer with 8.5ltrs of spring water and use the other 1.5LTR for the light dry malt and dextrose. Leave it sit a couple of days as qld will be 34 degrees this week before I hatch the yeast. Thanks
  6. Thx for the reply Barrelboy, Rob and Paul. I went and bought some starsan this am and some hops for future brews. I have 1 Narci left 2 Mountain ipa left and just brewing my last Pacific pale ale. Also have mr beer all current worts from coopers oz website, 1 morgans lager 1.7kg can and a coopers ipa. Currently only using 1 droid atm as to not waste product if done incorrectly. Barrelboy I sterlize everything in my coopers fv with lid on and with luke warm water. To be honest i think i will know better after i bottle this next pacific ale and see if they smell the same, then and only then will I get my answer me thinks. Cheers Lads.
  7. Thx Rob, This is an awesome spreadsheet. Makes for a great forum when yourself and barrelboy can help out.
  8. Funny you say that Rob you coughed up $1000+ for the beerdroid. I contemplated a cheap arse fridge that I have to carry with me when I move or a beerdroid x2 while on special @$629.00 seems to work better then some Samsung products don't get me started. I took the beerdroid x2 as I can move any where I have power or a generator. So far impressed and happy with my decision. Did have a problem with the seal but liam fixed that situation for me. The only real issue I see atm is why is the brewprints are not broken up as people don't always need the primer and sanitizer tablets. Say Pacific pale ale $34.00 buy separately $24.00. Just a gd price comparison but you probably already know this. Great to talk to you again Rob and thanks for your beer wisdom. Cheers, Shawn
  9. 2nd pacific ale started this arvo. Cleaned with morgans sanitizer with hose and spray. No beerdroid cleaner tablet. Same recipe, same everything but yet this yeast has kicked like a #MF. Bottled a narci 7.5% a week ago and no dramas. Tasted today, a bit young but really good carbonation but not much head yet and a no home brew headache. Will try another 1 next week and see how it turns out. As always still a rookie in this beer game just trying to expand my knowledge with the help of others. Followed the BREWPRINT to a tea. Cheers, Shawn
  10. Hi Barrelboy, after the f$%k up of FE error bottled @ 11am today. Tasted like flat beer but smelt like vinegar, metallic, acidic smell. Have had this with the lbk on pale ale, nd honestly I thought the yeast was off? I am not a 100% sure but could that mean that something isn't sealing properly or I haven't sanitized the unit properly? I did use a beerdroid cleaner plus sanitizer and the unit fully cleaned out. No overhanging water anywhere. Difference is the beerdroid is temp controlled as the lbk wasn't. Thanks in advance, Shawn
  11. Hi , Just bottled a Pacific pale ale from beerdroid. Got caught with the FE Error which was explained to me by Rob Nd Barrelboy. Problem being is I restarted the brew before I knew the answer. Rookie error. I think now the beer is off as I can smell a metallic odor. I constantly sanitize probley more then I should. Should I ditch now or wait? Thx for the advice. Cheers, Shawn
  12. So you are saying that I should dissolve the light malt first instead of treating it like a brewprint. Again thanks for help, much appreciated Barrelboy.
  13. I don't know if you legends can help or not. I have a number of mr beer worts that I am wanting to use but am unsure about how much extra ingredients to add as most of the mr beer worts brew too an abv of 5%+ at 8.5ltr I was thinking maybe 250gr of dextrose or maybe 250gr of beer enhancer 3 to keep abv around the same mark give or take. I have tried in the mr beer lbk but live in Qld so heat and humidity a problem that's why I want to try beerdroid. Thanks for any help in advance. Cheers, Shawn
  14. Thanks Rob and Barrelboy. Unfortunately I cancelled the pacific ale brew and restarted it not knowing the information you lads provided. Again thank you for your help. Shawn.
  15. Could some one help me work out this error code FE. I assume it's a fermentation error, sorry just a newbie. I am brewing pacific ale. If this is already fermented then this only took 3 days. I generally thought this style of beer would take 5 days at least. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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