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  1. I have found that you don’t want to leave the beer in contact with the dry hopping charge at 18 C for any more than about 3 -4 days (hop type depending) I have found that it can cause the flavour to go from freaking awesome to “green grassy” if they are left for too long not to mention they can start to negatively effect head retention / beer clarity and lacing, in extreme cases. As another tip that I have worked out over the years - raid the kids toy box and grab a couple of glass marbles - chuck them in the hop bag / sock (after sanitising) and this stop the little buggers floating on top and gives you maximum contact time with the beer. Good luck with your dry hopping!
  2. G’Day Mark, Thanks for the reply I got mine from a local camping shop after a couple of failed attempts with the blue plastic ones from Bunnings. They were a few bucks more expensive than here: https://www.thebrewshop.com.au/jerry-can-1345.html i have nothing but good things to say about the folks that run the Brewshop. I think I paid $22 each for the ones I purchased locally. At the moment I am brewing a house pale ale that I have been making for the last 15 years it’s a really simple grain bill that I used to use Gladfields American Ale malt as the base malt in. I was at my local brew shop and saw a bag of Coopers Pale Malt and I am now experimenting with substituting that as a base malt in my favourite recipes. I can’t recommend the Coopers malt enough! I had full conversion in 30 minutes with it and my efficiency went through the roof at about 97% - I even recalibrated my refractometer because I was not believing what I was seeing. The attached image is my Pre boil gravity at the end of the sparge! I am a massive fan of Belgian Abbey Ales as well as Pale Ales - I am not a massive fan of the New England IPA’s, however I don’t mind a massive hazy hefferveisen. I also really enjoy a well made larger or Pilsner, and in the winter I don’t reckon you can beat a well made stout or porter.
  3. G’day All, just thought I would put up a post to help those brewers out there finding a suitable cube for doing your all grain - no chill cubes. After struggling with finding a suitable 10l container I have found the Primus branded 10l HDPE jerry cans to be exceptional. The blue ones that you find at Bunnings are way too thin and warp out of shape when you have them filled with hot wort. I am currently doing 20 litre batches and splitting them between two cubes and it seems to be working out really well. The only thing that I have found is that you need to empty half the cube into the beer droid then put the lid back on the cube, shake the bejesus out of the cube and then pour the other half in to get enough oxygen into the wort to avoid fermentation lag when pitching dry yeast. Don’t worry too much about pouring from a height as the head room inside the droid while it’s OK there’s really not that much to play with. on another note there’s more than enough space in the bottom of the droid to hold the cold break so you won’t end up transferring that to your kegs or bottles - hope that this helps someone out looking for 10l containers.
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