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  1. Thanks Mark (and Rob again), you've convinced me to give the yeast a go I did think that my storage is probably not the worst it's been through however the length of time was driving the fear I guess Regarding preferred beer styles, I'm definitely an IPA fan so I've bought the Highlands IPA, Pineapple Crush & Narci-Citrus to see which one I prefer. I've also bought the Coopers XPA as I love a good XPA, and 2 low carb beers (the Dry Lager & Bombshell Blonde varieties) so I can drink without the guilt with my ever expanding girth. No I just need to figure out how to connect my app to the droid (the droid connected to the wifi without issue) but I've not had enough time to play with it yet
  2. Thanks for the advice Rob. I'm in Sydney where the weather has had a few hot days of late but the brewprints have been stored in the underground garage so would be relatively stable in temperature. I just don't want to waste a brew for the sake of a few bucks if the yeast is definitely going to be dead
  3. Hi all, After purchasing my beerdroid and brewprints in Nov '19, I'm yet to begin a brew as I had to complete some house reno's and then find the best location to place the beerdroid. In any case, stupidly I didn't open up my 3 brewprints and refrigerate the yeast sachets for 2-3 months, so whilst they're now in the fridge, I'm wondering if the yeast will have survived or if I should just go out and buy some more to ensure a good brew. Anyone have any experience, advice or thoughts on a way forward?
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