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    California steam ale
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    American Pale Ale
    Aztec Cerveza
    California Steam
    Lighthouse Pacific Pale
    The Original Pilsner
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  1. G'day guys, I've got a old crown 12 gallon copper washtub, I'm wanting to make ginger beer in it, would it be alright to brew in it, or would i need to like it.
  2. Patty

    Leaking Keg.

    Hahahaha, I did the same, but I've got mine sitting in a fridge thats running at 18-20 degrees.
  3. Patty


    I saw some pretty good one, I'm happy im up to eight kegs now, slowly get to my 20 kegs. Hahaha
  4. Patty


    Well i won the keg refill pack, just no money to full them with beer. Hahaha
  5. Patty


    I should add to that i'm even having trouble signing in with my phones internet.
  6. Patty


    Hey Pete, I saw that postage, I can log on to the website with my account, tried makinhg another account for the app and still nothing. I'll have a look at the modem later. Cheers Pete
  7. Cheers Pursya. Hahaha. Either way she stands like a fine bottle of merlot sometimes.
  8. Patty


    Nope didn't working. Ill be emailing the team soon. I thought it might have beer a sever problem. But since yours is working fine deek, I'm lost.
  9. Patty


    Out of the four beers I've had in my brewflo. I found the calafornia steam ale was the beat one so for.
  10. Patty


    Talking forever to sign in and then just tell me there is a problem logging in, please try again later. I am going to uninstall it and reinstall it.
  11. Patty


    Anyone else having trouble signing into the app?
  12. Aroubd that, its a dial confront so i have a thermomer sitting in it to keen an eye on it.
  13. I lives in redcliffe QLD, my kegs where priming at avg 30 degrees but got myself a fridge just for priming. I did one in the fridge a few days early before the 2 weeks was up and it is quite sweet and a little green. So hopefully the next kegs is all good.
  14. My wine just told me Avery sell water proof labels.
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