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    California steam ale
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    American Pale Ale
    Aztec Cerveza
    California Steam
    Lighthouse Pacific Pale
    The Original Pilsner
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    0 - 20 Brews
  1. G'day guys, I've got a old crown 12 gallon copper washtub, I'm wanting to make ginger beer in it, would it be alright to brew in it, or would i need to like it.
  2. Beer droid tap dramas

    Bloody he'll, suggestive writing on my phone is pissing me off, I'm gonna sell it lol, quite happy with it, just with i had quite a little of money to really get myself going.
  3. Beer droid tap dramas

    Same, I'll have to email for a new tap or sell for my droid, good luck dcm.
  4. Leaking Keg.

    Hahahaha, I did the same, but I've got mine sitting in a fridge thats running at 18-20 degrees.
  5. Kegs

    I saw some pretty good one, I'm happy im up to eight kegs now, slowly get to my 20 kegs. Hahaha
  6. Kegs

    Well i won the keg refill pack, just no money to full them with beer. Hahaha
  7. App

    I should add to that i'm even having trouble signing in with my phones internet.
  8. App

    Hey Pete, I saw that postage, I can log on to the website with my account, tried makinhg another account for the app and still nothing. I'll have a look at the modem later. Cheers Pete
  9. Labeling Bottles

    Cheers Pursya. Hahaha. Either way she stands like a fine bottle of merlot sometimes.
  10. App

    Nope didn't working. Ill be emailing the team soon. I thought it might have beer a sever problem. But since yours is working fine deek, I'm lost.

    Out of the four beers I've had in my brewflo. I found the calafornia steam ale was the beat one so for.
  12. App

    Talking forever to sign in and then just tell me there is a problem logging in, please try again later. I am going to uninstall it and reinstall it.
  13. App

    Anyone else having trouble signing into the app?
  14. Labeling Bottles

    Wife dammit. Not wine.
  15. Burping a BrewArt keg

    Aroubd that, its a dial confront so i have a thermomer sitting in it to keen an eye on it.