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  1. Oh ok so correct me if i'm wrong when dry hopping in the droid there is no need to add the liquid hops then?
  2. Barrelboy - I have an APA on the go and will be my first crack at Dry Hopping and my question is when you add the hops a couple of days before before the end of fermentation do you add the liquid hops from the brewprint at the same time or after fermentation has finished? Thanks Mick
  3. Hi all My other half was going through her FB feed and came across it had me in tears, apologies if you have seen it before but it's a bloody good laugh. Enjoy Mick
  4. Yes mate,Perth Luckily some good knowledgeable home brew places as well. Vice/versa if you need to source something let me know. Mick
  5. Hi guys Very interesting thread and just dipping my toe in the water with brewing, a couple of questions. Can you use those stainless hop bombs in the droid or not a good idea to use metal in the droid? Cold crashing the brew in the droid how and when can you do that in the droid? It seems to be after fermentation has finished and does it really improve clarity? Cheers
  6. G'day Dustin I ordered ingredients off the spreadsheet and took almost 3 weeks due to COVID 😭. Mind you i am all the way over here in WA. Thankfully ordered enough for 6 brews Mick
  7. Hi all A newbie mistake, I ordered ingredients for 5 brews and missed ordering a Y7 yeast for a Belgian lager. I don’t want to order just one yeast pack and pay for postage so my question is can I go to my local hombrew shop and buy a suitable yeast that will work and if so how much as far as grams do I need to buy for 10L? Any advice appreciated. mick
  8. If you mean the one for the machine then yes i have - had a look at this which was really interesting in regards to what to use for cleaning and sanitising -
  9. Cheers so a brand new droid no need to clean with soapy water, then rinse with clean water then sanitise?
  10. Cheers so no need to order a the tablets then?
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