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  1. I’m chasing another one then I can get into kegging😁
  2. Nup there is a second hand droid for sale about 100kms from the city😁
  3. Hi all Was just wondering if anyone on this forum lives around the Gold Coast region or in the rough vicinity. If so could you please send me a message. Thanks Mick
  4. Ok just noticed on my app it says it is now “clearing hops”. I have the app but something went wrong my wifi connection so can’t move it to kegging temp. Is there anyway on the droid you can move the brew to kegging?
  5. I assume it must be part of the new dry hops brewprints set up?
  6. Thanks Mark I put the hops in when I got the Hop notification which was Thurs night. I never got a "ready to keg" notification though. Just checking my phone app and it still says ferment mode but has dropped to 4c?
  7. Hi all I have the Hopsessed in the droid at the moment and noticed that 14hrs ago it dropped temp to 4c. I'm using a hop sock/bag, I assuming the unit is cold crashing to allow sediment to settle. Considering I'm using the hop sock and keen to bottle today do I need to wait any longer I'm assuming because it is cold crashing ferementaion has finished, correct?? Thanks Mick
  8. Hard to tell mate. I messaged the brewart guys and told them what wanted to achieve so gave me the temps to put in for a custom brew. They said stressing the yeast will help achieve what I’m after and they said there are still more “levers” to pull if I didn’t get the desired affect/taste What I will say is that this brew is still very young but my first taste was like wow that’s what I’m after! If you love Weihenstephaner then give this this a go. The guy at the brew shop who seems to be a full bottle said the white labs yeast will make a difference. Happy to post you sum packs of yeast but because it’s already liquid or a “pure pitch” I think it needs to be refrigerated.?
  9. Hi guys Just had my first taste of my second Weissbier and jeez bloody impressive. I will add that I was aiming for more Banana aroma and with some help from the Brewart team and a White Labs WL300 Yeast have to say wow. Details of the brew Yeast (liquid yeast) and droid water 21/22 degrees Propogate 22 degrees Ferment 22 degrees Brew commenced 19/08 EOF and bottled 27/08 The yeast pack states it is for 20 litres but my local hombrew shop guy said it will be fine to put all of the yeast in. Will be doing this again for sure Mick
  10. Ok so my regime is as follows any comments advice welcome. When the brew is ready to bottle I starsan all bottles using a spring loaded bottle rinse and let drain I make sure all other equipment is cleaned and sterilised including my hands Use one of those measuring scoops for the primer as mentioned I have been using plain white sugar now trying Dextrose When bottling is done I wipe the droid clean then add 30g sodium percarbonate to 10 litres warm water and let sit for 20 min Drain the droid, rinse with water then spray with starsan and fill with water. Have been using tap water but this will change, add ingredients and then set program Meant to mention I thouroughly clean tap and drain plug When cleaning droid
  11. Hi Allan In regards to the water I have been thinking about going to see my brother who has a massive rainwater tank and trying that to see if it does make a difference. Im sure tap water probably is not the best water to use! I have been using sugar for my brews but now trying dextrose to see how that works. As I have been told a few times it is certainly a learning curve but fun and interesting along the way 😁
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