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  1. I feel like every day I have to log back into the app, is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to stay logged in?
  2. Its a good way to spend a lunch break at work! The colour is harder but these EBC's will at least get you close, again except for the TCESVA and Midlands, something odd here. Then the Irish red and Special old stout calcs are also very slightly out, the rest are less than 1 EBC difference to what is advertised on the brewprints. I wonder if Brewart would be willing to reveal their numbers for this... E1 2.75 E2 7.25 E3 23.25 E4 56.75 E5 2.666666666666667 X1 1.833333333333333 X2 2.193333333333333 X3 11.08333333333333 X4 51.25 X5 0.1 (I had initially thought that X5 wouldn't contribute anything to the colour, but looks like it has a very minor impact after all.)
  3. I have been trying to figure out each of the bitterness qualities for each of the E packets and I think I have it pretty close. There are only 3 brewprints which do not match the IBU calculations used below, they are the Polski, TCESVA, and midlands. The rest all add up. IBUs contributed from each packet according to my calculations are: E1 6 E2 9 E3 12 E4 15 E5 12 The polski and TCESVA both mention you need to use 9L of water instead of 10L so maybe that has something to do with the difference. I don't know about the midlands one though... it's way out. Let me know what you think or if I missed anything. I think if the above numbers are mostly reliable then creating more customised brewprints should be pretty straightforward.
  4. The only table ornament is the droid and flo! ?
  5. Sounds great! I might have to try that recipe one day, cascade definitely my favourite hop! The recipe i did turned out nice, but not quite as bitter as i was hoping for, i will have to double check the calculations. We ended up drinking both kegs over the easter weekend which was exactly 2 weeks conditioned in the keg.
  6. Ok, just kegged the previous batch and now the Trappist IPA is in the droid, i used the yeast guidelines and went 22c propagate, 20c ferment, i will stick with the two hop sachets for now but they will go in after fermentation is completed.
  7. I am hesitant to try this, yes there is something like 80% nitrogen in the air, but the remainder is almost all oxygen, and oxygen in your beer is bad. In a typical Nitro blend gas system you would have a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, and no oxygen. However, you might be able to get away with it if you drink all the beer you have pumped in one sitting though. Once you have oxygen in your beer, it will go stale and flat quite quickly so best to drink up! ?
  8. I have had that same issue, possibly a tear in the keg liner. The air just gets pumped between the silver foil and the internal plastic bladder so beer is still squeezed out but the liner is stuck in the keg until you skewer it to release some air.
  9. Of course this is 1 week after my last order, bugger. Oh well time to place another order again then...
  10. Yes the hops are a hard one to match, for starters I don't think Brewart has a Nelson style hop at all. Hmmmm, maybe a third Hop sachet might help...
  11. So I am thinking about trying out creating a custom recipe using just the brewprint ingredients. I was looking for inspiration and came across a Coopers recipe of the month from late last year, the Trappist Coaster Belgian IPA. Having a good look at the brewprint ingredients I think I might try out: 2 x E1 2 x E5 2 x X2 1 x H2 and 1 x H4 added to the droid Y6 Thoughts?
  12. From experience I think it is best if you have the droid on a surface that you can just wipe down around if possible. That way you don't end up lifting the droid and causing everything to stir up inside. I would leave the lid on at all times unless you are dry hopping, just wipe the side of the droid clean if you get a wort volcano. Also no need to open the tap, it isn't a pressurised fermenter, excess CO2 can escape at the same point where the wort volcano spills out if needed.
  13. I have been keeping my eye on a certain new PET fermenter that is also capable of being used as a keg. As it is a PET fermenter/keg that uses CO2 pressure, either during natural carbonation or a gas supply, I immediately thought about my expanding PET keg issues from excess carbonation. I watched a video on youtube which showed how the manufacturer recommends using a spunding valve to regulate the amount of CO2 that is pressurising the fermenter/keg during the natural carbonation process in order to get the perfect CO2 volume in your beer and I thought something like that would be great to stop the brewart kegs from getting deformed or breaking keg liners or even just being overcarbed when eventually dispensing. Would one of these pressure relief valves be able to be used on a BrewArt keg? How would it be possible to connect it to the BrewArt disconnects Google Keg King adjustable pressure relief valve for an example of the valve I am taking about.
  14. Well I tried one the other night, it poured from the bottle very nicely and had a perfect fine bead on the head which stuck around for almost the whole glass. It is a smooth drop which you don't really want to drink too fast, I think I spent about 30 - 40 minutes to drink the pint. The alcohol content wasn't quite as noticeable as I thought it would be, but it is noticeable. My wife noticed it more than I did. I will probably try one more before winter in another couple of weeks - will take a photo then and share.
  15. Very interesting! I wonder if there will be any changes to the product, new brewprints, etc. launched at the same time. Just had a look at the what's new and it says: Now supporting the US So it is probably just those settings you mentioned.
  16. Yep, unhopped, it was a can of the coopers light liquid malt extract. The wheat one was a pouch of the mr beer range golden malt extract. Though you could use few of the brewart X1's and an X2 in place of these, the coopers stuff was what what I had on me at the time.
  17. I just did an extract based brew today. Yours looks very nice, Cascade is one of my favorite hops to use. The one I did was: 1.5kg Light LME 250g Wheat LME BRY-97 Yeast 50g Galaxy Hops Add 250g Wheat LME to a pot with 3L of water, bring to boil. When boiling add 20g Galaxy and boil for 10 min. Then add 10g Galaxy and boil for another 10 min. Remove from heat add the Light LME can and mix in then cool in iced water. Pour into the Droid, then top up to 10L with water. Add the yeast, set to brew to Ale settings and away you go. Dry hop the remaining 20g Galaxy on day 5 or 6.
  18. Have you done a second pour, is it still all head or getting better? Has it chilled right down?
  19. Have a great fishing trip! Interesting comments from the brewart guys. I want to throw one more possibilty into the mix. The beer might have not finished fermentation. We don't know how the EOF tech works in the droid, maybe fermentation stalled? The reason I mention that is that i just cracked a pilsner bottle tonight and noticed a significant krausen ring inside the bottle. This bottle is a coopers PET 750ml and was primed with 2 carb drops. It also is slightly deformed on the bottom. I am wondering if a stalled fermentation which then finished in the keg/bottle could cause these same issues
  20. 1 keg was a non-brewprint and 1 keg was a brewprint with included primer (Original Pilsner freebie from the days of christmas giveaways on facebook). I noticed the keg liner behaving strangely in both of these kegs, the kegs are ruined in that they don't fit the brewflo at all anymore so I instead put them in the fridge and using just the beer line I was able to dispense nearly the whole thing using internal pressure alone, oddly without much foam at all. There was a little bit of beer between the liner and the keg also though as the keg emptied the liner did not appear to deflate, it stayed right where it was still pressed against the wall and looked full but weighed next to nothing. To remove the line from the keg I had to poke it a few times with a wooden skewer before it would deflate and I could get it to budge. Looks like they have an internal lining as a separate layer under that silver outer coat. So the air was going between the silver shell and the internal bag when dispensing. A perforated liner could have been the culprit. Especially since the beer wasn't overly foamy after the first release of pressure. I haven't kegged since, I figured storage temps were not on my side, so I have been just bottling while waiting to see what other peoples experiences have been like.
  21. Definitely needs to be a better tap design. It is essentially the same tap you get on the cheap plastic coopers fermenters. I am on my 2nd Beerdroid tap, the seal was wearing off even though liberal amounts of olive oil was used and the clip also no longer reached far enough down to lock in place. I will try the twist in place method to remove rather than bend the clip and pull in future. I have also had the tabs break causing the gushing beer but that wasn't my beerdroid tap it was the standard coopers tap (same design) on my plastic fermenter. I think they could use a better tap for the premium product for sure.
  22. also a good time to stock up on kegs, $20 off with the code in the newsletter!
  23. I have some cascade hop pellets in my droid right now, I put them in this morning ☺️. My two stainless steel hop bombs are in another FV (holding onto some Nelson and Amarillo pellets) so I had to throw these cascades in commando into the droid. The bombs are quite good because they keep all the leftover hop gunk out of your kegs/bottles, but I seem to get a more intense hit from the hops when they are commando, albeit with an very, very occasional tiny, tiny piece of hop pellet in my beer glass. I find the dry hopping like this results in a much bigger impact to aroma than any of the hop sachets in the brewprints that I have tried. Most of what I brew are ales and and my favorite dry hops to use in them are Cascade, Nelson & Galaxy, I tend to mainly use these ones (one or two at a time) because they are easy to get from my LHBS. They add a great aroma to the beer. Dry hop about 25g into the droid at about day 4 or 5 and you should notice a difference to the end result.
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