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  1. Go to a Baby shop and get a "Baby Bath Hose" which attaches to any sink head and take off the shower head part and use it to rinse out the Beer Droid like the bloke does on the video with the fancy sink. Cost a couple of dollars and you can sanitise it by running some solution through it before you start rinsing the Beer Droid.
  2. I sanitised my "Baby Bath Hose" which attaches to any sink outlet. Took the shower head part off it and it works brilliantly to hose the residue out, same as on the video.
  3. Thanks Brewers... I have done everything via the iPhone and App, choosing the BrewPrint and everything has gone from propagate to fermentation without any problem. For some unknown reason it is now on CUSTOM brewing at 17 degrees without changing anything. I will wait a bit and see what happens, but this could be normal as far as I know, because it is my second brew.... Thanks everyone. Cheers Chucky
  4. I have Mountain IPA brewing at 17 degrees (automatically set). Brew time says 7-10 days... nearly 11 days and counting! I know I'm impatient but is this normal?
  5. Just a quick question... my Mountain IPA has gone over the 10 days estimated brew time. Is this normal?
  6. If I had the money, I would have two Droids going and two BrewFlows! There are obviously some experts to help on this site, which is much appreciated. Here's Happy Australia Day fellow brewers! Cheers Chucky
  7. I just can't wait to get a brew into the Brewflow. Only have my first one in the Droid at the moment....
  8. Does anyone know which BrewPrints would be similar to my favourite beers One Fifty Lashes and Fat Yak? I have asked on Facebook with no reply..
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