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  1. I had a heap of classes I acquired through the years. Wifey got the shits and disposed of them as none were matching!
  2. Just bought the ingredients and will be having a crack at this in the coming weeks. Will post on here how it goes.
  3. Got my first batch of ingredients yesterday thanks to the spreadsheet. an amazing reference and massive thanks to the author!
  4. I hear this phrase in regards to the addition of extra ingredients when brewing. Just a question...when is the "end of the boil"? is it the point of adding hops or some other time? Sorry if it is a silly question!
  5. Look what I have done! I am a geelong supporter...thought we had something going there for a single week.
  6. And this is why this is the best forum on the planet! You guys are a legend!
  7. Hi all......I was just wondering if anyone has come up with a recipe for an ale like Hoegaarden?? Thanks!
  8. Just as a bit of further information. Apparently the taps on the new droids are new design. So while my tap might have been a stroke of bad luck....just be careful! It worked perfectly until I tried to bottle.
  9. I do like bringing a thread back from the dead!
  10. @Rob Courtney have you had any explode with 1 drop?
  11. I basically drifted the entire tap out enough until the beer came out in something of a steady flow. Was a very haphazard approach and made one hell of a mess. Saved a few bottles but most ended up on the floor or around the bucket i tried to use to minimise it all. Liam was great and is sending another tap...absolutely first class customer service.
  12. Scrap that! Search function is not as thorough as just scrolling. I am new here!
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