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  1. Thanks for this..awesome. What do you think would be a good brewprint/ingredients? Was thinking it might need to be a lager?
  2. HI all, Was thinking on making a chilli beer as I grow chillies and it has been a pretty good year for them so far. Has anyone got a recipe?
  3. Got some Hallertau...will see what it does...thanks!
  4. Hi all, Does anyone do pop top stubbies anymore? I want to put some brew in those so I am not drinking a 750ml everytime! Don't mind buying a six pack of something nice just to get the bottles. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, Been a while since I posted. Am getting ready to have another crack at the Gunnamatter Yeastie Boys clone and I want to mix up the hops. Is there a real fragrant florally hops around? I looked in the search function but couldn't find anything. I also did a search on the net and came up with a bunch of differing opinions. What say you brains trust?
  6. No didn't cold crash. Figured by day 13 it was probably past that point.
  7. Hello all...just an update on this one. So I put the tea concentrate and boil bag of Amarillo dry hops in after 6 days. Normally you would expect it to wrap up after 7 but no it kept soldiering on. So after 8 I removed the hops and let it continue. I started check SG after 9 days and kept going until 13 where it hadn't changed so I took it as being done and switched it off. I tasted the beer and it was pretty ordinary. Strong tea flavour, a little hops and not at all like the yeastie boys one. I bottled them up anyway and we will wait and see. Perhaps the carbonation drops will add something or maybe just letting it secondary ferment will do the job.
  8. Just bottled this one up myself! Looking forward to giving it a crack in a few weeks.
  9. Hi all, Was wondering if someone knew the dry hop equivalent to the liquid hops and what the equivalent weight would be? I am brewing a Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta and am considering using dry hops instead of the liquid H6. Thanks!
  10. What was the end result of this one? Drinkable? I bucket load of hops 100 grams per 10 litres.....I like them hoppy but that is a lot???
  11. Reckon I might give this one a go.....would it be like those Radlers you see around? I like one of them every now and again.
  12. Ok the first two weeks are up and I have had a glass. I had the clone first and got a very nice citrus flavour and only a very mild coriander flavour. My first thought was that this recipe could do with splash of hops! It tasted very nice without it and I am not sure I would change anything from how I brewed it. That being said I made sure to have a stubbie of Hoeggarden on hand to try straight after as a comparison. The first photo is of the clone - you will note it is much darker than the original. Hoeggarden has a lot more of a coriander hit and I think this makes up for the hops. I would not aggressively hop up the original it would taste horrible. So.....if you want to get closer to Hoeggarden I would go a couple more grams of coriander and leave the orange peel at about 9-10 grams (I have attached what I used for orange peel for reference). I am going to do another one with some dry hops......I am thinking Galaxy or Citra to begin with but keen to hear other opinions. Next up will be the Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey as I reckon that is a curry beer if I ever had one.
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