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  1. Hi Dustin, hope you do try the Fruit of the Woods and see what you think. Did you get the recipe from this site?
  2. Hey boys great to hear the XPA is tasting very good. I've just finished off my Fruit of the Woods IPA which Coopers did as their Masters of the Brewniverse. Got to say i could just keep brewing this non stop. So damn good. Now i have an equivalent to Colonials Pale Ale in the droid which i can't wait for.
  3. Hi Brewers, i've just been experimenting with dry hops on the last couple of brews and can't wait to try. I cold crashed the first brew i did with the Fruit of the Woods IPA but reading this post i probably don't need to and it let's me get the next brew on a bit sooner. In this brew i added El Dorado, Amirillo, Saaz and Simcoe. I love my fruity flavours so I added galaxy and citra hops to the Coopers Session Ale. I'll do a taste test in 4 weeks. By the smell of these beers when bottling i'm hoping for a great result.
  4. Can't wait for the Hazy IPA. I'm sure brewart will help with the ingrediant list if they don't do a brewprint. I just finished brewing their one off release called Masters of the Brewniverse Fruit of the Woods IPA. Got 4- 6 weeks until i try it.
  5. Can’t believe you’re at a pub, I’m still in lockdown in Melbourne. I’ll have to put another XPA on cos i drank the first one in 3 weeks!!
  6. The first taste after 2 weeks in bottles was very good. Maybe i was just a bit excited! The bottles around 3 weeks weren't as good but then the 4 weeks got better again. Seemed a bit weird but i've held off now and letting all my bottles condition longer.
  7. Sounds great. Keep us updated. I went too hard too early and have drank all mine from 2 - 4 weeks. It was my first ever brew and couldn't wait!! I'll do another in a few weeks and condition for longer.
  8. Thanks again you’re like the beer bible!
  9. Thanks. How do you know what dry hops to use for each brew? Does that just come down to experience and studying the type of brew it is?
  10. Hi again Barrelboy. Out of interest do you add dry hops to most of your brews rather than the liquid hops provided in the brew print?
  11. I just find is has no distinct flavour, very bland and reminds me what i have tried from home brews many years ago. I’m hoping the flavours will improve over time as i love my craft beers, especially the fruity ones.
  12. I’ve just bottled the West Coast Pale last night. Regarding the Highlands IPA , I’m having a glass now after 3 weeks and defiantly needs longer. Great head but it’s tasting like that typical home brew taste. Might need to wait another few weeks.
  13. I’ve waited nearly 4 weeks and had to try this Porter. Great taste but needs a bit longer. Might wait another 2 weeks for the next sip.
  14. i bottled my first xpa and will be 2 weeks on Sunday. I’ll try one then but from all reports will need longer. I’ll post a report once I’ve tasted
  15. Thanks for the tip. I’ll get the towel out.
  16. Just put my first Baltic Porter into the droid today. I’ll be bottling mine and seems like it’s best consumed minimum 6 weeks. Any other info i should be aware of with this brew?
  17. Thanks again Mark. My Coopers XPA is coming up to 8 days in the droid now.
  18. Hi, just about to bottle my first brew (Coopers XPA) in a day or 2. They say to store in a cool dry place about 14 degrees for minimum 2 weeks. If you want to leave longer should they be refrigerated or just kept in cool dry place until ready to drink?
  19. Ok thanks. I’ll add tomorrow. I’ll give you an update after I’ve taste tested
  20. Thanks so much for the quick response. If i add before the kegging stage what do you suggest? It has been brewing now for nearly 6 days. How long does it usually take? Should i add it now? Thanks again.
  21. Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and purchased my first droid a week ago. Can't wait to get involved. I've got the Coopers XPA in there and should be ready in a few days. I will be bottling and wondering if you always add the 2 x hop liquid to the brew after it has reached kegging stage? Cheers, Bert
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