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  1. I will definitely. Probably give it good 4 weeks at least before try it.
  2. I am tasting my first brew and brewing my 2nd brew in Beerdroid. This can most definitely become habit forming. It is tech gadget and brews relatively small batches which is perfect for me. Going do Blood Orange IPA after this one gets down brewing. I am hooked😂😂😂😂
  3. I said I’d give review of Golden Days of Summer Ale that switched out yeast called for in brewprint with Y5 to make it closer to Hefeweizen. Tasting this first keg at 2 weeks and going taste second at 3-4 weeks out. It taste great I am really pleased with taste. My only issue is still little flat, but could be due to losing 1/4 keg when keg valve started leaking about 4 days ago. Couldn’t tighten in place to get it to stop so had completely unscrew and reseat. That could have effect on carbonation, but other than that couldn’t be more pleased. I have no problem recommend this alteration to brew print recipe. If fan of this style of beer you will be happy.
  4. Yeah no problem definitely post my thoughts. Love Hefeweizen. Wife hates it thinks it’s stinkiest beer because of banana and cloves🤣🤣🤣
  5. I took Golden Days of Summer and switched out the yeast for Y5 hoping gives more Hefeweizen taste. I’ll let you know outcome when get taste it in 3 weeks.
  6. That’s what I like about BrewArt awesome customer service,,
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