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  1. another question, how many months I can storage on the bottle? 12 months?
  2. thanks Barrelboy and Rob for your help and info. appreciate!!
  3. Hello Berrelboy and Rob, for my second fermentation I have been using the carbonation drops (2 drops for a bottle of 750mls). I just tried to make a new order and seem there aren't more carbonation drops in stock. So can I use the liquid primer on the bottles? I got 2 each time I bought a Brewprint package, now I have many of them but I don't know how I can use them in the bottles in case that is possible thanks
  4. Gustavo Vareniza

  5. I have the same issue, all brewprints are out of stock so i cannot request more
  6. thanks Mark and sorry for my late answer
  7. Hey Mark, to sanitize glass or plastic bottle (new or used). can i use the Droid cleanse tablets? i mean put the tablet on a recipient and clean the bottles? Should i do something else? thanks,
  8. thanks Mark, you are the best!! Now i feel more happy
  9. thanks Mark, First time the color for the first half glass was dark and not nice, i repeated the process again and the color improve like in the picture. But I don't sure if it should be the final color. it smells nice but bitter. I am assuming it is needed for the second fermentation. At the time to bottle, should I beat or mix the brew in order to have a better distribution of the sediments?
  10. Hey Mark, me again sorry for bothering you but know i have other doubts. Now the brew is completed(see image below), so the next steps are: #1 taste the brew, if it is Ok move to step 2 #2 add the hops, #3 Move to store mode and wait for 24 hours. #4 After 24 hours I can drink directly from the Droid or move to Keg mode #5 When my bottles in 2-5 days I can move to Keg mode, wait fro kicking the temperature (Ready to Keg) # 6 End the Program # 7 start to bottle please let me know if the steps are Ok or i will do something wrong. thanks
  11. Hey Mark, thanks for your reply. really appreciate it. Honestly i like API or dark beers, now i am doing the American Pale Ale (it is the first time). I am thinking to prepare after it a Czech pils, i like a lot Czech beers. i dont know what could be a good dark beer from the brewprints. Do you have some suggestions? thanks for your help!
  12. Hello, i am Gustavo and i am new on it. Today is my first time so have a tons of doubts. Here my question, after the 24 hours, can i set the Droid to storage mode and drink the beer directly from it without bottling/kegging. thanks!
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