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  1. HI guys, im about to keg my cooper pale ale into a 9.5l kegland keg and just wanting to know do i have to leave the co2 connected? And what pressure do i need to store it at.
  2. Thanks mate power is back on now and seems ok. Prob not gonna be very good this brew anyway as i am waiting for my brewprints i started a trial run with just using a tin of morgans blue mountain lager to see how it goes.
  3. Hi Mark, Thanks for the reply. I started the brew with out setting the wifi up at all as i am getting internet fix at home and it said i didnt need internet to start brewing. Does this mean it will still be safe?
  4. hi, I have put my first brew on 4 days ago and just lost power now. Im worried on what to do as my wifi does not work at the moment so i havnt connected my droid to the internet. Am i going to have a destroyed brew or can i save it ? Any help would be awesome
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