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  1. 😆 We went out for a bike ride yesterday evening and inadvertentantly found ourselves riding up the side street right next to the Woodville Pizza Bar just as all the news outlets were doing their 6pm cross. Figured we just had to do some home made pizza for dinner once we made it home.
  2. Had this the other week; an absolute belter. If I could get the Wicked Night Pumpkin Ale tasting even remotely close to this I’d be very happy.
  3. Drinking really nicely now at 8 weeks. I think this could be the sweet spot for this ale. Very refreshing on a hot Adelaide evening. I’ve got the ingredients for another go at this recipe and might up the hops a little (1.5 x the standard recipe) for some extra kick.
  4. I should add that I’m very proud of the better half for not rushing out to join the moron stampede at the supermarket and instead she dropped by the local independent bottle shop to grab some of SA’s finest craft brews - Coopers Hazy IPA and Big Shed’s Californicator. The second of my Jolly Roger Pale Ale kegs went into the BrewFlo this morning so it should be a fun weekend.
  5. Here’s the wife and I doing a trip out to our storage unit yesterday evening to pick up some things we needed before the lockdown. It was of course necessary to take my old Valiant for the run out there ... Unfortunately I’m also an Essential Worker so I won’t get out of travelling to Sydney each week for the next few. But it did get me out of an exam this morning so we could enjoy the last of the GOAT Amber Ale keg instead! 🥳
  6. Yes I’ve got the ingredients for that and plan on giving it a go shortly. Perhaps that could be the first brew I put on once we get organised at home.
  7. Met the wife for a few beers at the West Oak hotel after she finished work the other day. What a fantastic job they did on the renovations. Such a beautiful pub. Pirate Life Pale Ale on draught. Look at that glass!
  8. Pleased to report that all my beers made it home ok. My bottle of sanitiser not so much . Glad I quadruple bagged it. GOAT at 6 weeks secondary. What a great beer! Hope I can get brewing again once we get a bit further with our unpacking. And look at the state of that outdoor furniture! 😐
  9. Probably one of the best old style pubs in town. I can’t tell the difference between the Beerdroid brewed XPA and that which is served here.
  10. @Robert Pretty sorry to hear this. How long did you cold crash for beforehand? Hop pellets are all the same so I doubt that’s the issue. For the 150g brew I did they were not purchased from Brewart.
  11. Figured that this was as good a place as any to drop in for an XPA whilst I wait for my kegs to arrive from interstate. 😍
  12. Nicely played. I create a checklist and triple check I have the correct packets before I start a brew. I guess all that pedantry I learn at work is useful for something. 🥴
  13. Sounds great. Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  14. For what it’s worth, yesterday’s kegging effort was the smoothest yet. I santised five connectors as usual. The first went on perfectly first go, the second required some persuasion, a little prayer (I’m not the believing type), some begging, a warning, some swearing, and then ‘bang’ and it was on. All up, maybe 5 minutes of effort. OK so this is what iKegger and the like don’t tell you - yeah you can foam out and fill a keg pretty quick but you can still get a gas leak somewhere, your beer line is too warm or too short, you run out of gas mid keg, the kegerrataor dies or costs you a fortune to run, the wife unplugs it accidentally, the cat sits on it etc. Seriously, if you like the Brewflo (like I do), work through the user teething errors and the just enjoy simple “pull the lever” tap beer. It’s pretty awesome.
  15. Now that you’ve asked it’ll be ready tomorrow ... 😏
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