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  1. I spent a couple of summers working in Alice too. I know that problem.
  2. The downturn in my work this year and football 4 days a week is ruining me at the moment and I love it. 😁
  3. It's not the number of brews, rather the number of days you can set to condition each keg. The scroller range is 0 - 50 so only a 7 week conditioning window is configurable unless you want to continually roll back the days over time.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. The maximum number of days that can be set is 50. Is it possible to increase this in the next app update?
  5. Hi @BrewArt Team , Would it be possible to update the app to enable the Conditioning Timer function to set greater than 50 days for kegs stored on a shelf? If you could modify the scroller field to accept values up to 365 days that would be great. There are certainly some brews that would benefit from 6+ months of conditioning and the app is a great way to keep track. Cheers!
  6. Thanks mate. Just checked the fridge and I had already bought some Centennial so am ready to go. Perhaps we discussed this in the other thread and I've just lost track. Once I get these first 7 or 8 brews done and my notes/"system" in order I suspect my memory will improve! Or I just need another beer.
  7. Thanks mate, yes the first brew was for the wife and this one is definitely for me even though she quite likes the XPA too. What did you dry hop with, on which day and for how long? As an aside, I must say that both the quality of the BrewArt ingredients and the tech in the droid must be exceptional because by the time I got organised last night I had only put this one on at about 11 pm. Fermentation had begun bang on schedule within 12 hours. In my previous experience brewing you just don't get that kind of consistency with the old "plastic fermenter in the cupboard" method. I'm absolutely loving this process so far and have a few mates with similar brewing histories to me who are watching my progress quite keenly.
  8. Put this one on tonight. Really looking forward to it.
  9. @Barrelboy I just used your spatula recommendation for cleaning out the Droid. Perfect! This should be in the 101 videos. They could even sell a Brewart branded spatula. 😁
  10. Kegged this today. I really took my time with everything, following both the tips from the 101 videos, everyone here and on the Facebook site. It was a breeze, thank you all so much. What a great resource. Now to just put them aside and wait for a couple of months. Will clean up and put another brew straight on tonight. 😀
  11. Fermentation completed in 6 days 1 hour. Will keg in a day or so.
  12. I agree. As both a Carlton supporter and having grown up in Victoria with the VFL I still reckon this is a joke. If you're in the competition your history including any premierships won should count. FWIW Port are my second team in the AFL competition. Don't even ask about the SANFL as you may all ban me from here! 😛
  13. Is there any functional difference between your two keg types or is it just how you designate them?
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