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  1. I've read that you need to push the bottling wand in quite firmly. This is probably best done prior to connecting the dry hop filter to the Droid tap.
  2. That looks brilliant. I "need" one of these.
  3. A very interesting article on dry hopping and diminishing returns for brews hopped greater than 8g /L. Perhaps the 5/10/15 rule for dry hopping needs a rethink? http://brulosophy.com/2019/06/24/investigating-the-dry-hop-saturation-point-exbeeriment-results/?fbclid=IwAR1nrlkabJ_laml9MYL4TRsqph32plRCodzQ8Y8l2bOYxotIIAZ8SPH8hAQ
  4. @Rob Courtney have you ever damaged any liners gripping them like that? I notice that all the Brewart instructions say to grip only by the white liner neck and not to twist it. This certainly makes getting the correct connection much more difficult.
  5. Just bumping this topic to share my recent kegging experience. I've been fortunate to be the recipient of some replacement keg liner connectors from Brewart in the last few weeks as I had a couple disintegrate under pressure in the keg. This is unrelated to the liner/cap connection issue but means I have some brand new ones at hand. My first connector to liner mating worked flawlessly using the accepted technique. I couldn't get the second liner connected no matter how carefully I tried. I am gripping the neck of the liner as per the video and being careful not to handle the foil at all. Gripping the neck of the liner will result in sore fingers if you're at it for a bit. 😬 I was waiting for the Droid to heat up the brew to kegging temperature so walked away from it a couple of times and did something else. I must have gone back and tried over the course of about an hour without luck. In the end I just kept swapping through the various connectors I have until I found one that would mate properly with the liner thread. I think I got it on the fourth go. Next time I'm going to clean and sanitise half a dozen or so before starting to try and save a bit of time. Whilst I mentioned in my previous post that this is another trick you can employ I don't think this is a workable solution in the long run and the thread tolerances will need addressing.
  6. @Barrelboy I put this one on today. Checked the yeast date beforehand as per your advice (all of mine are the same). It will be interesting to see how long fermentation takes. Did you get much venting on this one? I've affixed an A4 plastic pocket just in case.
  7. At almost 10 weeks the second keg is even better than the first. Worth brewing if you're the patient type.
  8. I'm not sure. Anyone else here wish to comment on this? In fact I've been wondering how long it's ok to leave the Brewflo on for? I've had it on for a couple of days and then put the keg back in the fridge and given it a break for a while.
  9. I wouldn't do this. Leaving a used beer line in the Flo with it switched off is inviting bacteria to enjoy the leftover beer in the line and it could contaminate your tap assembly, your keg cap and even the beer in the keg. If the Flo is on and cold then in my opinion there's no issue leaving the line in and connected as per the recommendations from Brewart. It is ok to swap the same line between kegs during a single session too. If you're short of a few lines then the safest thing to do would be to disconnect it, clean and rinse well in clean water or better still a Droid Cleanse tab or sodium percarbonate solution, spray some no rinse sanitiser all over it and through the line before placing in a clean ziplock bag and into the fridge for storage until next use. You will of course get the very best results with a brand new line.
  10. Here's my brew water method for anyone that is interested. $5 food grade jerrycan from Bunnings and Brita filter jug. I'm currently living in Brisbane so filter my drinking and coffee machine water anyway but the cartridges are regularly on special at Woolies or Aldi in a 3 pack. They are good for about 3 months and work out to be around $6 each. I clean, rinse and then sanitise the jerrycan using sodium percabonate and Stellarsan then fill it over the course of a day or so before starting the new brew. As my Droid doesn't live in the kitchen nor near a tap, the jerrycan is handy for carting the water over to it and makes filling easy. I prefer the reusable jerrycan to buying the 10L "spring" water (it's not spring water ...) and hoping that it is recycled properly by the council.
  11. A cheap one came up second hand up this way just last week. The temptation was real. I resisted. Glad I did now as otherwise I couldn't have justified purchasing more kegs this week on the special offer. Phew!
  12. Good to hear Damian. The filter certainly works and works really well. I also tested it with 150 grams of hops without issue. The cold crash is the key to settling the bulk of the debris and I can confirm that the updated firmware (P017) works as intended and moves the brew through each of the stages with the correct timings and notifications. After watching this brew go through the program the only suggestion I have is that there should be a push notification for the cold crash or "Clearing Hops" stage just for consistency. I will raise this as a feature upgrade/suggestion. I have the Jolly Roger Pale Ale on now and it should be finished later today. 10 days all up including 2 for dry hopping and 2 for the cold crash.
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