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  1. Bugger. Yes this is a known issue. There are some lines that need the zip ties tightened up before installing so it’s best to just do this whenever you change the line. Either way let support know. Hopefully a redesign will see barbs on the plastic helix to prevent this occurring.
  2. Second keg at 13 weeks secondary. Very true to the style. Particularly if served at 7 degrees.
  3. Some Brewprints are 75g of hop pellets though. I’ve hopped 150g as an experiment and regularly do 100g for IPAs without it clogging. It’s all in the cold crash. Try to do 72 hours instead of 48 as it makes a big difference. You may need to rinse out the filter between 5L kegs but that’s not really an issue as you’re stopping the flow at that point anyway. Hop balls are great but as to whether or not they expose all of the pellets to the brew is an often debated topic.
  4. You're absolutely right. I failed to check the flavour profile of the hop oils. 😑
  5. I don't have the lid off long enough to see what happens but I understand that they float, swell up and then break down over their time in the solution. Obviously the purpose of the cold crash is to get them to sink and get stuck in the trub. Some get stuck on the "shelf" in the droid and some on the walls. Theoretically the dry hop filter looks after the rest at kegging/bottling time. I've had a few "floaties" but nothing serious. Further settling occurs during secondary fermentation anyway. I have seen another dry hopping filtering system at the local brew shop that has a choice of three different grades of sieve. A great upgrade for the Dry Hop filter would be to offer something similar.
  6. At the very least Dry Hopping will give you better head retention. I have certainly found that any brews completed without the addition of hop pellets need a significant amount of time in secondary fermentation to achieve a long lasting head ...( @Rob Courtney no comment) I've learnt from the lager masters here that 15 to 25 grams is probably your maximum dosage for a lager so I'd pick one of the two you've got there and put the other in the freezer in a ziplock or better yet vacuum sealed bag. My pick would be to use the Galaxy. 🍻
  7. I don't have those but will pick some up and halve the amounts as per your recommendation.
  8. 👏 I'll definitely be giving this one a go in Droid #2.
  9. Mrs 3 Droids must have been impressed ...
  10. @J P I reckon 75 to 100g in the droid is good for an IPA, it’s great for a hoppy pale ale too. Smaller amounts for subtle hop flavours in lagers and real ales. The science says 8.5g /L is where the flavour curve hits the sweet spot. I’m buying hops in 1 kg quantities so I find it simpler to break the bulk bag down into 25 or 50g packages before they go in the freezer and then dose my brews accordingly.
  11. Tastes even better here. What a beer! 🥰
  12. My first car was a panel van. Is there a use for this Droid that I’m not currently aware of? 🤩
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