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  1. Agreed. The commitment to continual improvement with this product is really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what the team comes up with next.
  2. Thanks for that. I couldn’t see in the store what weight the bags were. If it’s on there then I better get my eyes checked!
  3. Hi Alan, Hops straight into the droid and then filtered at keg/bottling time via the external filter. You’ll need the bottling adaptor In addition to the filter if you wish to bottle. There is a new video in the 101 section that explains the process. I have been using the stainless steel hop bombs but find that this can complicate kegging a little as the brew is displaced by the added weight of the bomb and the filling mark on the sight window is then out a bit. The new Brewprints look great and I’m keen to try them. 🍻
  4. Love the take on Pirate Life’s Pale Ale. Their first and arguably still their best beer. Looking forward to trying this Brewprint.
  5. So we ended up at The Exeter (Rundle St) the other night as both The Wheaty and The Grace were closed to rejig things in line with the modified restrictions now in force in SA. But what can I say? The XPA served on tap there was the best I’ve ever had. Wow. I hope the new Hazy IPA is just as impressive and also becomes a permanent fixture in the Coopers lineup because they have really knocked one out of the park with the XPA. Brewprint please @BrewArt Team 🤞
  6. It’s fantastic to be home and news on the work front suggests a permanent return is on the horizon which is pretty exciting. We made it to the Grace on Friday and Big Shed on Sunday afternoon. We better pop in to the Wheaty tonight for a quick beer before the rules change again tomorrow. Also excited to see that Coopers are releasing a Hazy IPA on the 17th of this month. Hopefully a BrewPrint will follow shortly.
  7. I’m sitting at the Metropolitan Hotel in Adelaide drinking my first Coopers XPA in almost 5 months. Brilliant. The best bit is realising my Coopers XPA brewed at home tastes as good if not better than this. 4 weeks to go and it should be ready to pour. 😁
  8. Well done @Paul84 Enjoy that first beer at 12:01 😆
  9. Good topic. I've been given some "nice" beer glasses as presents over the years but am generally a bit scared to use them in case they break. Was considering getting some cheap Headmaster pub style glasses for use with the Brewflo. 425ml "SA Pint" size of course.
  10. Sorry mate I didn't get to this one in time to reply. Looks like you got an order away anyway. 👍
  11. I didn't even know this existed. Great idea. I'll get some.
  12. I discovered a bit of a trick when kegging today. I've learnt a lot from everyone's videos and reckon I've got the keg liner cap to keg liner technique down, so much so that when I connected the first one so quickly on the first attempt today that I thought I must have made a mistake. After a very careful inspection it was clear that I'd got it right. Great success! So onto the second liner and cap and do you reckon I could get it to seat properly? I was actually getting sore hands and starting to work up a bit of a sweat. I can see how others have ended up a bit frustrated at times. I've got quite a lot of kegs so thought I'd just take a keg liner cap from another box and try that instead. Twist, click, tighten and got it seated first go. So perhaps sometimes there are just pairings of keg liner caps and liner threads that won't mate nicely. Yes this is less than perfect but we are dealing with injection moulded plastic components and perhaps the manufacturing tolerances are a bit loose. Anyway, if this tale helps anyone else then it may save you some unnecessary frustration. 🍻
  13. Put this one on tonight. Will dry hop with 50g of Cascade as per Shem's spreadsheet. I really enjoy an APA so am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  14. That's pretty standard craft prices these days.
  15. This is a great deal. Thanks @BrewArt Team 👍 When I need some more ingredients I'll be looking out for another one of these offers.
  16. Are there any micro breweries on KI?
  17. Kegged this one today. 6 day fermentation and dry hopped with Centennial on day 5 for 48 hours. It smelled fantastic. Will condition for 8 weeks.
  18. I spent a couple of summers working in Alice too. I know that problem.
  19. The downturn in my work this year and football 4 days a week is ruining me at the moment and I love it. 😁
  20. It's not the number of brews, rather the number of days you can set to condition each keg. The scroller range is 0 - 50 so only a 7 week conditioning window is configurable unless you want to continually roll back the days over time.
  21. Thanks for the quick reply. The maximum number of days that can be set is 50. Is it possible to increase this in the next app update?
  22. Hi @BrewArt Team , Would it be possible to update the app to enable the Conditioning Timer function to set greater than 50 days for kegs stored on a shelf? If you could modify the scroller field to accept values up to 365 days that would be great. There are certainly some brews that would benefit from 6+ months of conditioning and the app is a great way to keep track. Cheers!
  23. Thanks mate. Just checked the fridge and I had already bought some Centennial so am ready to go. Perhaps we discussed this in the other thread and I've just lost track. Once I get these first 7 or 8 brews done and my notes/"system" in order I suspect my memory will improve! Or I just need another beer.
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