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  1. Thanks guys, wasn't fun tipping that beer down the sink, after waiting 6 weeks to drink it. Thanks for the tips will tighten the cable ties , and maybe double bank them.
  2. Hi Droiders Put a new keg yesterday into my new Brewflo, poured 3 beers all good. Came home to afternoon , poured a beer all good. Went for a second and noticed the flow guage was reading empty. Opened the flow to find the beer line had come apart at the font end and empty a near full keg of London Own Ale into the bottom of my new Brewflo. Never had an issue with my other flow. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. Hi Captain 12 day fermentation I had in my notes. Be interested in your thoughts on this , I really enjoyed it. Must do again.
  4. Some how the Swans got home tonight over the Cats. I was at Newcastle watching my a beloved Roosters beat the Knights. Another two ACL injuries. Could end Brett Morris career. Worst than that they only had Iron Jack or XXXX Gold at the stadium. Couldn't get home fast enough for a decent beer.
  5. Just bottled this one up. Smelt and tasted good. Alot of talk about the Revolution Dark Larger, so putting it down with 20g of Armarillo, as the captain suggested.
  6. Getting close to that time of the year, thought I would crack one at 4 weeks. This is a delicious winter brew. Be having few of these over the next few months. I bottled all of this one. What's the best drinking on these? 8 weeks?
  7. Awesome game tonight . Congrats to the bombers for a top game. Buddy earned his pay tonight when it counted. Go the Swans.
  8. Hi It was just a gee up. I didn't mean to afend my my Victorian brewartists. The great ocean road, ottways, Grampians, Dandelong ranges, Sale, all great places I have visited. Jan 20 I sent a week travelling and camping along the Victorian side of the Murray from Wodonga , Yarrawonga, Echua, And Robinvale, Mildura thru to Remmark SA. Accept my apologies. No harm intended
  9. No New South Wales born and bred. My farm is in the Hunter Valley. I have travelled all over this country , and Victoria has the least to offer. Accept for the high country. Sorry Rob
  10. My farm is 30 km from the nearest pub. Rather drink at home. I can Weber or smoke something to eat. Better than you will get in your local bogan pub. I love a genuine country or outback pub. When we travel we like to support local community. So will have a had beer and meal to help out. As long as there is a red on the rack Plus I have a better view.
  11. Yep, was at the game last week when we beat the crows. The Swans youngsters are really playing well and lifting the whole team. Everyone wrote them off making the top 8 this season. Long way to go , looking good so far.
  12. Go the Swans, after flogging the Premiers, Richmond. Dusty who ? Number 16 Braeden Campbell is my one of my best mates sons.
  13. Cheers Captain that is awesome. I usually carry the droid to the kitchen sink. To clean. Will give that ago next time. After I bottle the west coast.
  14. Good to see I'm not the only one who doesn't use facebook, I to use plenty of forums. Just not on Facebook. Every one to there own. I like the advice I get from the regulars here, The captain, Rob "the ale drinker killer" Courtney , Dustin the IPA king and co. Feels more like a droid family here.
  15. Scott , did you get much overflow from the droid brewing this one ?
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