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  1. Go to hear the Filter can take 150g of hops. I tried with my XPA at 75g of hops and it worked fine. Got a 100g in at the moment. Was thinking of buying a second filter and swapping over between kegs or Bottles. I agree about the photo. Same happened to me.
  2. Dustin, that beer looks great, love the dark colour. When you said 150g of hops , was that 100g of Citra and 50g of Mosaic? Haven't brewed one that has that true real IPA bitterness. Might do this next, also have the Mountain Range IPA in the cupboard to do. Currently got the Legend "crankshaft clone" IPA in the droid. Hopping with 25g each of Ekuanot, Simcoe, Citra and Centennial.
  3. My first custom brew. Just gone in. This one is called The Legend. Dedicated to Liam "The Legend" who has helped me and all of us alot. It's based on a Bentspoke Crankshaft. Will be dry hopped with 25g of Ekuanot, Simcoe, Citra and Centennial. Same as used in the Crankshaft.
  4. Cheers Dustin I love these glasses, so good to drink out of. I have some head master schooner glasses, but much prefer these. https://www.victoriasbasement.com.au/Product/Details/88475?category=
  5. This is good hot summer slammer after day on the farm. Not super hoppy, not super bitter, not to fruity. After 3.5 weeks , will get better with age. I like my hoppy IPA'S. This will be perfect to wash the dust now. Before partaking in something hoppier. I agree with Mark this is a good everyday drinker. I would be keen double hop this. But I will keep it the this way as it is a perfect session IPA. For that hot summer days. This will be very sessionable in the flow.
  6. Looks like with the new back order of droids has arrived. More brewers means a shortage of prints.
  7. It's actually 9th October. Every Friday is international beer day, for me.🍺
  8. Hi Mark Be 3.5 weeks on Saturday. So will crack a longy and let you, know. Brewed with the Brewprint dry hops supplied. Didn't add any additional. The Coopers XPA dry hopper, I just bottled. I added additional 25g of Centennial. Interesting see how it turns out.
  9. All go , stop panicking. Notification came to dry hop at 9 days. In went the 25g Simcoe (supplied), 25g Citra (supplied) and 25g of Centennial I had laying around. That should produce a nice hoppy XPA.
  10. Thanks Mark isn't 10 for the whole brewing process. Not just fermentation? Will leave it for a few more days.
  11. This is the dry hop version. Overflowed the droid early on. With some vigorous fermentation. Been 8 days no notification to dry hop, should I dry hop now for 2 days , then cold crush for two days and then keg an bottle. That's the usual process. Or should I leave a few more days.
  12. Dustin the Sprocket is the second best beer behind the cluster 8, from Bentspoke Sprocket is my favourite. I will do the Crankshaft first then have a crack at a Sprocket. IPAs all the way
  13. Thanks Dustin, interesting article. I think time in plays a role as well. Longer isn't more with pellets. I think anything. I wouldn't hop over 10g per liter. Brewart uses around 5g per liter for pales and 5 to 7.5g for IPAs. Really only in for two day before cold crushing. After the XPA I'm doing a Bentspoke Crankshaft clone with the 25g of the four hops used by Bentspoke.
  14. Thanks Dustin. Never rated this in the can. Only brewed this from the good reviews here. This is one healthy brew as it overflowed from the vent during the night . Might still throw in 25g of Centennial, 7.5g / 1 liter should fit the XPA profile nicely. The general rule I work with is the 5-10-15 rule. 5g / 1liter = Pale Ale, 10g / 1 liter = IPA and 15g liter / 1lire = Double IPA. XPA should fall somewhere between Pale and IPA .
  15. Dustin and Mark, got the dry hop version of the XPA in the droid now. Thinking of taking your advice and putting in 25g of Centennial as well as the 50g of supplied Simcoe and Citra. Or should I throw in 50g of Centennial hop this out?
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