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  1. Thanks Mark,sorry i didn't find your reply till just now, i will definitely investigate dry hops, i bought an extra sachet hoping that was what gave it that flavour,making 3 sachets, but then i realised i had no idea if that was the right thing to do hence the questions will check back later for some tips on dry hops, thanks Joe.
  2. Hi,newbie here so have much to learn, interested to know what ingredient gives the xpa that lashes /stone and wood type flavour as the xpa is delicious,but,i'd like just a frag more of whatever that is, brewed a few of the other pale ales which to my taste were a little light on that flavour, also noted you rate bohemian lager barrelboy i read the comments before purchasing a BrewPrint and you were spot on with the belgian lager, between belgian and xpa i thought i didn't need to look any further, but now you've peaked my interest,my next purchase will have to include bohemian as well.
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