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  1. @Rob Courtney The oats add the cloudiness and some of the color, taste wise no clue. I have just seen that a lot of NEIPA style beers have flaked oats. And hell it’s a Breakfast, lunch and Dinner beer 🤣 Alan
  2. Ok been a while since I posted but I am still brewing 🤪 I tried some more experimental brewart ingredients brews with varying degrees of success. Managed to brew a 1/2 decent attempt at a NEIPA but still wasn’t totally happy. Also did one with mango juice. Just brewed a Pale ale heavily hoped. Came out pretty good and best Pale ale yet. Just tasted at 14 days and it’s not bad. Thinking it will mature nicely in a month or so. Color and cloudiness is spot on and taste is fruity with a bit of a bitter back end. All in all I am happy and looked forward to to tasting again in about a month. I have a similar pale ale on the go but this time just hopping with Galaxy and double flaked oats. ~Alan
  3. @J P Yes precisely. I don't quite follow those rules but will take a screen capture for the future. 🙂 I do love lagers ice cold, Pale ales cold but not warm, Stouts/porters can sit on the counter for an a hour after taking from the fridge. I have just learned that some beer as simply better a tad warmer than ice cold. ~alan
  4. Rob, flavors are subtle but there. I think mostly it’s the smell over the taste, the banana being the strongest. I just did an IPA and used mango brewers extract. Will be interesting to see how that comes out. Alan
  5. Hi All Porter/Stout with Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Banana came out wonderful. 70 days in secondary. Perfect carbonation and lovely smell. From storage to fridge for a few hours this seems to tone done the carbonation a bit. Take out of fridge and leave at room temp for a while. I like it a around 50f/10c Briess Tradition Dark LME brew on ale setting. Add 2 cups of liquefied sugar. After 6 days added 1 tsp of each Peanut Butter, Chocolate & Banana brewers best beer flavoring. Bottle and drink after a couple of months. Cheers ~Alan
  6. But not all beers are meant to be ice cold. Stouts, Porters and some ales are better around in mid 40f. For instance Newcastle Brown Ale suggested is in the 50fs. So different glasses for different beers are a must 😃 Alan
  7. @Paul84 so cracked the Rye after 60 days. Some nice carbonation but a tad citrusy. I think I put too much Citra but a very pleasant brew and getting better. This beer is better suited to drink not ice cold, 45f (7c) seems much better. Not sure if you have tried any Rodenback biers but very similar. Tad bitter with a hint of sour (lot of Citra I think). Excuse the crap pour. Some of my beers have been a tad under carbonated. A quick pour gives a nice head. This is perfectly carbonated. Still a reasonable head retention after 5 mins.. Cheers Alan
  8. @paul84 it was ok but not great when I first tried after a Month. I think I over hopped the Citra. It’s 3 months tomorrow and I am planning cracking one today or tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted over next 24 hours Alan
  9. Hello @BrewArt Team I have a suggestion for the Brew Journal area in the app. It is great to know my history of what was brewed and on what date . But any chance you can add pertinent data like date ended, start of fermentation, end of fermentation, temperatures, temperature ramps, storage time etc. I see there is an info link but that just goes to the store. I think it would be really helpful to check back on previous brews to get an idea of when various actions happened and when I can expect my brew to end. Just a thought. ~Alan
  10. Not working for me either. Been spotty since last weekend. I have a message into brewart support but they are not responding. Not quite sure why, normally very responsive 🤷‍♂️ ~Alan
  11. Hello @BrewArt Team might have spoken to soon. I get into the status most times but it does still hang occasionally on authenticating. And when I am in I can’t get the notifications. Please see pic. So although better I feel there are still problems. Another issue is uploading a photo in the forum. Took 2 mins to load.. Alan
  12. @BrewArt Team I tried the app this morning 7am eastern time US and seems I can now get in ok. I will let you know if I run into issues. Thank You Alan
  13. A new error just now..Please see picture. Alan
  14. Hello all, I see on the Facebook page people reporting issues with the iPhone app not connecting or it has authentication issues. If it does open it does not look right or the notifications are missing. This has been going on for quite a few days. I am wondering if this is just a US issue or other countries are having problems. I can’t imagine there is just one server in Australia but maybe! thoughts? Alan
  15. Mark, didn’t mean to come off snotty if that is how I did. I appreciate all the advise from everyone on here. Thanks for tips, truly appreciated. alan
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