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  1. I have another brew on the go. I will wait for the notification of dry hops addition but I am thinking personally I will prefer the dry hops to work with the yeast rather than EOF. I think my end results will be good but I have a feeling I will prefer the longer dry hop time. It will be interesting to compare both methods. I can see me doing a hybrid dry hopping procedure. Dry hop with maybe 50g during fermentation like Citra and Galaxy. Then end with 50g of the more bitter hops at time Driod requires. This should hopefully give me fruitier with a lighter bitter taste. PS if it takes 20 days then so be it if it comes out fantastic 🤪 Alan
  2. Finally bottled the lawnmower using the hop filter. Worked as expected but first two bottles took extra time. Poured very slowly, had to keep releasing and pushing down. But after the 3rd it seemed as normal. After opening the lid to clean I could see all the hops nicely at the bottom. I used 75g and the sediment was well below the tap. So think could easily handle double amount with out to much in the way of clogging. I never had to clean the filter. still smelled wonderful and tasted spot on. Will try a bottle in a few weeks.🍺 ~Alan
  3. Awww thanks guys. Let me up the anti 🤪 ~Alan
  4. @xpsTech I think it was a combo of things... Started the first dry hop brew and then Brewart came out with a new Driod firmware update to fix when the dry hops would are added when starting from a brewprint. I knew this so took an educated guess on the dry hops timing based on previous lawn mower brews. (Day 7) I also had a bit of hiccup when starting. I was rushing to go somewhere and started with the extract before yeast. I had to open a hole in the middle of the extract to allow me to pour in yeast. It clumped a bit so with a sterilized spoon I pushed it in to the water.. But some yeast stuck to the spoon. So to compensate I added a little extra from an open packet. So I may have used too much yeast. But regardless of the issues the brew tasted and smelled great. Very confident this brew will be excellent. ~Alan
  5. Hi All, wow now that was a marathon, 19 days and 2 hours to EOF. Cold crashing for 48 hours. Bottling on the weekend. I have high hopes for this brew. ~Alan
  6. @Barrelboy Mark, How do you manually stop the brew process? I think I want to stop my Lawnmower and put into storage. I can not see where on how to force end. If you could advise I would appreciate it. ~Alan
  7. @Dustin Frothman AKA Tom Cooper 🙂 I used 75g at day 7. I am at 18 days 20 hours. It will test again at 19 days. Maybe this will work. Yes I taste tested because I thought I might have spoiled the beer. Seems that at day 11 it was fine but an extra 8 days does worry me. If I do not get EOF at 19 days I will take a small sample again.. Fingers crossed and really can't wait to update the driod.. This is killing me with it being so long 🙂 Alan
  8. @Dustin Frothman My Lawnmover is now coming up for 20 days and still no EOF. I added hops at 7 days or there about's anticipating around 10 to 11 days to EOF. I took a sample at day 11 I think it was very good. Looks like it will not get the official EOF and just simple run into the 20 days. My did open lib and it looks and smells awesome. My concern down is 8 days or more since I took the sample pour. I am worried on two fronts after seeing your pictures and the amount of hop sediment. 1) Tap is blocked with some sediment and has dried out. 2) Infection with the stuck hops maybe sitting in side the tap. I guess I will find out very soon. ~Alan
  9. @Barrelboy Mark, Yes I rinse thoroughly and sanitize everything as per 101 videos. My issue is not contaminated beer. When I find out what it is I will post here. Thanks for all the help. ~Alan
  10. @Barrelboy Mark, yes I use the sanitizing bar from brewart. I have even just used starsan spray solution and a combo. I starsan new bottles and only using spring water in the last few brews. I had a highlands IPA tonight. Made sure I never mixed the sediment. Only 17 days but still a strange after taste. I know I 100% sanitize and make sure filling the bottles so there is minimum air at the top. I will carbonate with sugar on my close to 18 days lawnmower 🤣 (I know it’s working BTW I get notifications that it is ramping the temp to mop up the last bit of yeast) so if it’s not the carbonation tabs then it’s just the DME and possibly the stronger bittering than I am used to. I like a bitter beer but not like this. My next brew will be LME based. But I’ve said this before, this is an Australian brew system and maybe it’s just simply not sitting with me. But that said the first taste prior to bottling does not seem to have it. So it’s secondary or it’s the carb tabs.. The ruby porter was great early on but the longer I leave it the odd taste comes more prominent.. Sorry if I’m looking like a a whinny arse twat but this is what I’m honestly tasting. ~ Alan
  11. Dustin, That is very interesting.. With NE style IPA's on a lot of the cans it states rotate can slowly. So we always drink everything 🙂 There is sediment but I do tend to rotate the bottle the same way as cans. I will make sure I try some bottles and pour slowly to avoid the the bottom of the bottle to see if this might be the issue. Alan
  12. Dustin, I have brewed with other systems and never had this odd taste. I just can't put my finger on it but reminds me of a diet coke. A fake sugar taste. The Ruby Porter was the only beer that seemed to lack the bite. But I drank that very early, maybe 10 days. I sanitize and follow all the instructions. The coopers XPA and Narci where the ones I noticed it on the most (But these have a lot of E5 which does say moderate bittering). The Pub Ale and Lawnmover the least. When I taste test it seems fine, just lacks carbonation. So it seems to come with the secondary. I leave in my dark basement at around 65F. The other thing I notice is they are bottled at quite a light color but when conditioned come out darker. But I have seen pictures of brews like the Narci and that looks to be a darker beer than I think is should and also nothing like the picture on the brewprint. 🙂 I will experiment with the BrewArt Carbonation tabs, The liquid packs and actual sugar. I am leaning to the Carb drops as the culprit. I always used sugar in my other brews. ~Alan
  13. Mick, I am early into brewing with the Driod also. I think the one I have going now is only my 8th brew. I have generally stuck to brewprints but tweaked the ingredients. I did try dry hoping in a Muslin bag but think I might have used to much. Current brew is 25g of each Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy. The one thing I am trying to eliminate is the odd after taste that I seem to get. Switched to spring water from distilled, will use only dry hops and not the pouches and will use sugar not the carbonation drops supplied. If that does not work then it’s the dried ingredients and elements that don’t quite sit with me. I will brew my next beer with an LME (liquid malt extract) Alan
  14. Hi @Dustin Frothman fingers crossed for an EOF very soon then. As for the hops wow you threw some in. I went with 25g of Citra, mosiac and galaxy. My initial taste test gave quite a bite 😛 I want to stay on the low side for now until I get a good feeling for the bitterness. I put mine at 7 days so has been stewing for a lot longer than I normally would dry hop for. Wondering if this will have impact , as in more than I am used to.. Alan
  15. Hi All, 15 days in for my hybrid lawnmower lager. Still claims it is fermenting. I had to see for myself so opened the lid quickly. Wow the smell is phenomenal and I can see it still fermenting. Quite a bit of activity at the top. I am not sure if it will make EOF by itself. It might go to the 20 days. But I am pretty sure it is in good shape. Like I said the aroma was great. Really looking forward to this brew. Worse case 5 more days and 2 cold crashing 🤪 Alan
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