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  1. Interestingly I am 4 days in an no leakage. Both previous brews did. Has me a tad worried to be honest, especially with the mango juice. I see it bubbling in the window so I think it’s ok. Fingers crossed 🤪 Alan
  2. Hello all, Altered the Pineapple crush a bit. E5 x 2, X1 x 2, X2 x 1, H6 x 2. Mango juice and SAFALE S-04 yeast. Dry hopping with Citra and Amarillo at 48 hours. And two H6’s at EOF. Brewing for one day but ready for leakage 🤪 ~Alan
  3. Does the massive amount of E5 gives the Narci the bitterness? I have some loose ingredients. Might save the Pineapple Crush for another day. I really want to see if I can create a NEIPA style. I will try this I think. E5+E5 (maybe another E5) X2+X2 H6+H6 My own Yeast to help make cloudy. Dry hop with ton of Amarillo to help with the bitterness. Maybe some Citra as well Hopefully a light cloudy fruity body with a nice kick at the end. Fingers crossed 🙂 ~Alan
  4. Hey Paul, I see now the X3 is Rich Toffee with a moderate color. Never noticed this when putting the ingredients. Toffee definitely does not sit in my wheelhouse for an IPA. Very misleading name and picture for the brew. I will be following the Schemsheet from now on. A lot cheaper and easier to determine what something might come out like. Thanks ~Alan
  5. Hi Paul @Paul84 I am on the last few days for this brew. Viewing through the window it looks dark like your picture but can't help feel this should be a much lighter color. My first beer a Coopers XPA seemed darker than I would have thought and now I expect my Narci to come out dark like yours. Do all beers come out similarly dark? I honestly expected this brew to be more of a golden color rather than brown. I have the Pineapple Crush IPA next I really hope this is lighter color.. ~Alan
  6. Hi All Couldn’t resist opening a day early. Carbonation is good. I will definitely leave for some extra time but first impression is pretty good. Having not ever had a XPA not really sure what it should be like. Has a bit of a strange finish but not unpleasant. Looks a little darker than the label but seems to match other pics I have seen. I will give it another two weeks to be considered ready. But all in all for a first brew pretty happy. ~Alan
  7. Paul I am trying to get a lighter color, cloudy & juicy brew. I think Narci will come out a bit darker than I want. But hoping the taste and bitterness is spot on. I have the Pineapple Crush that I will do as a mango and again dry hop. This might come out a lighter color I am after.. I am thinking this might be my go to NEIPA but need to try a few more beer prints first 🙂 2 x E5 and 2 x E1 1 x X2 and 1 x X1 2 x H6 after fermentation. Dry Hop early with Citra/Amarillo/Cascade Yeast Safale s-04 or Lallemand LalBrew New England ~Alan
  8. Hi @Paul84 I think the lid operation with the B is a very nice feature, makes it fool proof. I think I panicked a bit because I did clean the seal and when I close the lid now it seems easier and there is a slight click into place. But looking at pictures I took during my first brew the gaps are the same a bit more snug at the front. The leakage is from the two ports on the side, nothing front or back which makes me think all is fine. I am 4 days into brewing the Narci-Citrus IPA. I switched out the yeast for Safale s-04 which I have used in other NE Style IPA's. I dry hopped with some Citra & Amarillo pellets at the 48 hour mark. I have not decided if I will use the Galaxy pouches that came with the brewprint after fermentation is complete. Probably do a taste test and then decide if to add and leave for another 24 hours.. The color in the window looks very nice and bubbling away nicely. I think all is fine 🙂 I will let you know how it turns out.. ~Alan
  9. As for the seal I did clean but checked the video and I do have the correct way. I also checked videos and other photos seems most have a little gap, which makes sense to allow for overflow. Otherwise it’s a huge bomb sitting in your house 🤪
  10. Mark I looked at photos I took before and it looks similar a little tight at the front compared to the back. I will keep going and check the seal after brew is complete. Fingers crossed 🤪
  11. I can't edit a post, bit odd. I see a typo should read "compared to the front which is very tight"
  12. Hello All, I am on my second brew and I am experiencing leakage like the first time. I now know to expect this and can periodically wipe clean 😀 But I do have a question in regards to the lid. The backside of the lid appears to be have a slight gap compared to the from which is very tight. Lid seems to have been connected corrected but now I feel it click into place rather that before it got progressively tighter. If I press down on the back part of the lid it moves a little, not much but a bit. Since it was the back it might have been like that before just wondering if the seating of the lid is never perfect and the rubber gasket is the important part to keep things air tight. Any thoughts. -Alan
  13. Thanks Mark, I always use starsan 😀 I will make sure I sanitize the Muslin bag and my hands. Will open and close gently and as quick as possible. Thanks again. Alan
  14. Mark I live in Connecticut USA, consequently my favorite type of beer is a NEIPA (New England). This is a cloudy Juicy beer with great aroma's. The Pineapple Crush could be close but to create the NE Style IPA I would want to make a few changes. Drop the Pineapple but if it works I might try a mango at a later date. Switch yeast for Lallemand LalBrew New England This is a low flocculating yeast so should stay suspended in the brew rather than sink to the bottom. Hence giving a cloudy brew.. Dry hop with some sort Citra/Galaxy/Amarillo/Mosiac combo. I would use pellets in a Muslin bag or maybe a tea. The idea would be to dry hop early in the process between 24 - 48 hours into the process and then again after fermentation has finished. Since the beer fermentation is very active I was thinking maybe day 3 to add hops. The question is to add hops early It would mean I need to open the lid during fermentation. I would do this is on my PicoBrew with no issues but I see lots of warnings to not do so in the Beerdriod. Any thoughts about opening for a few seconds and dry hoping? Is there much chance to to spoil the beer? Would appreciate your thoughts and thanks for all help you have given me so far 👍 ~Alan
  15. Hello All, Bottled my first brew, Coopers XPA. The first pour came out with a lot of sediment but much better towards the end. Took samples in the middle and towards the end of bottling. First pour tasted odd, last pour was better but still hard to tell how it finally end up. Smelled great. A lot darker than I expected but looking at other pictures seems close. I assume it will clear up some what during carbonation/secondary. I got a lot more beer than I expected but I think that is because of my experience with PicoBrew, that is only 5 liters and often some what less. App says beer is on shelf and will be ready in 2 weeks. I will probably take a sampling then but would think longer until it's at it's best. Any thoughts? So all in all a very nice experience. Bottling is so much easier but clean up a bit of a chore compared to the Pico's auto cleaning. Cheers
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