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  1. Not working for me either. Been spotty since last weekend. I have a message into brewart support but they are not responding. Not quite sure why, normally very responsive 🤷‍♂️ ~Alan
  2. Hello @BrewArt Team might have spoken to soon. I get into the status most times but it does still hang occasionally on authenticating. And when I am in I can’t get the notifications. Please see pic. So although better I feel there are still problems. Another issue is uploading a photo in the forum. Took 2 mins to load.. Alan
  3. @BrewArt Team I tried the app this morning 7am eastern time US and seems I can now get in ok. I will let you know if I run into issues. Thank You Alan
  4. A new error just now..Please see picture. Alan
  5. Hello all, I see on the Facebook page people reporting issues with the iPhone app not connecting or it has authentication issues. If it does open it does not look right or the notifications are missing. This has been going on for quite a few days. I am wondering if this is just a US issue or other countries are having problems. I can’t imagine there is just one server in Australia but maybe! thoughts? Alan
  6. Mark, didn’t mean to come off snotty if that is how I did. I appreciate all the advise from everyone on here. Thanks for tips, truly appreciated. alan
  7. Mark, I am fully aware of the dangers of glass bottles exploding. But thanks for the tips and link. I will for sure only use 2 cubes from now on. I am using plastic bottles for that very reason. The beer I just opened was not carbonated to the point of exploding, slight release of gas when opened. It was just rather tingly on the tongue. Still very good though alan
  8. Mark, I have no clue on the weight to be honest. It would seem I brew beer just like I cook. Dump stuff together and hope for the best 🤷‍♂️ Brewing seems to be a lot of rules and regulations, I’m free spirited and go with the flow. Not sure I could make the same brew come out the same twice. I just enjoy experimenting. I really should write shit down 🤪 But one thing for sure is I love the versatility of the Driod and I am so glad I got it. Alan
  9. Hi all, my first completed brew using LME. I used 1/2 can but think for all future brews will use the whole can. Pale Ale dry hopped with 50g of Citra. A very nice drop but I think I over carbonated. I went away from the brewart carb drops because a box of grain sugar cubes are damn cheap. I used 3 per brewart PTE bottle. Think 2 is sufficient. It came out very good and finally the odd after taste is gone, just a whole lot of fizz on the tongue. Think I will rename this Prosecco Pale Ale 🤪 I will be bottling the RYE pale ale in a few days. Very interested in how this turns out. ~Alan
  10. Will keep you all informed. I expect a little leakage due to the extra water and full can rather than 1/2. The briess site does not say how much it makes. 1/2 seemed to look good when creating my first couple of brews. But looking at this site https://brewferm.com/collections/beer-kits it states 3.3lbs makes 12l. So I am assuming the Briess are much the same. By the way some great looking kits on the Brewferm site 🙂 Any fingers crossed not to much leakage and a great beer comes out in the end.. ~Alan
  11. Hi All, Winging it with an attempt at a RYE IPA. Briess RYE LMA and Safale-04 yeast. Will dry hop with small amount of Cascade 4 or 5 days in. At EOF 25g of Amarillo and Cascade each. Decided to use the whole can rather than 1/2. Added a little extra water, around 11l. 🤞 ~Alan
  12. Mark, I have a Rye and Munich LMA coming. I assume Rye would be like a wheat beer but with Rye and the Munich is a German lager. I really like Rye bread so hoping Rye beer is awesome also.. Thinking the next brew will be a German lager but might lightly dry hop. Then find a wheat beer recipe but use the Rye instead. Brewing fun 🤩 ~Alan
  13. @Captain 3 Droids Hi Mark, I was confused for a while wondering where Barrelboy went 😀 Anyway I finished the My Hoppy Place IPA that clogged the tap. All good this time. I used two Brewart sachets and even this is a bit difficult at first but eventually flowed nicely. I measured prior to adding and I can confirm I think I added double on the beer that blocked the tap so maybe 125g. Taste test was good, smelled great and has the lovely cloudy look I want. I really do not think I will go back to brewprints and DMA. I think the LMA is the way to go. $17 USD gives me two Driod batches. Adding yeast and dry hops is maybe $12. So $29 gives me two 10l brews and I think with out the strange aftertaste. 2 weeks I will try first bottle and report back. ~Alan
  14. New glass to the collection. Can shaped glass 🤪 ~Alan
  15. Just cracked the only beer I saved from my blocked tap issue. It is pretty good but perhaps a little too hoppy. Maybe I added a little more than 75g but thought I measured correctly. I have the same brew going right now but will use the brewart dry hop sachets to be sure of only 50g. Only around 3 weeks in secondary, drink fresh I say 🤪 Alan
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