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  1. Mark, thank you. She certainly keeps me in line usually. It’s the American pale ale the unit came with. Great news I have not screwed this to splinters. I’ll look up how to dextrose it too. I don’t have extra hop or dextrose. Is either or both mandatory to having a good keg? And how long should it set after the droid is done with it? Is there a book on this as I am sure The questions are endless thank you again mark cheers
  2. Fred Tiedemann

    Fred Tiedemann

  3. Hello Quite new to all this .... happy I received the unit and immediately washed out the droid. I quickly reviewed the instructions and missed the do not add hops and prime ... my partner showed me where it said that after it was already in. She and I are now wondering if I’ve ruined the batch as it’s currently Propagating. The directions seem a bit vague as it never does quite say when to add them. thank you
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