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  1. Thanks Mark. I have also emailed the Brewart team and will await their direction
  2. I am in NSW Aus. Hopefully it can be repaired ?
  3. With my last brew I notice that beer had leaked into the viewing window of the droid. About 5mm of liquid which is showing a bit of mould as well. Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix this ? Thanks
  4. I will be kegging into two 5L kegs I don’t have a hydrometer but can go and buy one
  5. Hi Mark. We are still sitting in fermentation mode.. no change since Sunday
  6. Will let you know in a day or so our it goes thanx again
  7. Hi Mark yes I put the yeast in the first. i have done the check you suggested and there was condensation on the lid, there was the ring do sediment as well as bubbles on the surface. the droid came with Ingredients which Included the yeast. I would think the yeast were out of a fridge for a couple of weeks and thought this may have been the problem. appreciate you help Mark
  8. I am new at this having purchased a second hand unit. I have started off with US Chilled Larger . it has been fermenting for 15 days now. Is that normal. Also the app keeps saying unable to detect fermentation yet the screen on the droid says fermentation. should I start again or wait a few more days.
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