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  1. Yup done all and have watched the videos on 101 for numerous times. Hope the 1st kegging don't become a nightmare for me.
  2. Thanks Mark for the respond and the welcome. Regretably I have not started brewing at the moment as courier have yet to deliver the brewprints, which I ordered on the 2 June 2020. I just say Hi to the Beerdroid and Beerflo daily everytime I get into my kitchen.
  3. Hi all, I apologised if this topic was discussed previously. For any Brewart staff reading this, I sincerely hope Brewart will consider shipping orders internationally via UPS/Fedex/DHL. By doing so, it will just make the delivery process easier and the orders reaching us faster. Currently using shipping agents who will receive the goods in Australia and re-forwarding to international address. Not only will they use the cheapest shipping option (I have no issue with their business model), resulting in a longer wait before my order order reaches me (1 of my order took 6 weeks to reach me in Singapore, where ikegger took only 4 days via UPS). Your kind consideration on this is well appreciated.
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