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  1. My replacement unit arrived this week and I connected a keg and have been enjoying perfect pours with it. Today the first keg ran out and I have put another one in that has been sitting in the fridge for over 20 hours so was nice and chilled. However every pour I attempt is coming out mostly head with very little beer. Is there something fundamental which I am doing wrong??
  2. Big shout out and thanks to Liam from Tech Support. Had an email from him sitting in my inbox first thing this morning. After confirming the unit is defective he has arranged for a new one to be sent out to me. Fantastic customer service.
  3. Thanks Rob, figured as much. Very frustrating after waiting for the BeerDroid to be delivered (ordered during Father's day sale and had to wait for more units to be manufactured), then brewing and conditioning first beer only to be met with this. Hopefully will get a positive outcome. Silver lining I guess is the other 5 kegs (soon to be 7) will have longer to condition and hopefully taste better.
  4. Hi all, After 4 weeks of secondary fermentation I was excited to try my first ever keg. On Friday evening I reset the keg level indicator per the instructions, then placed my keg into the unit however it only registered as half full. Regardless I set the desired temperature to 4C and left overnight. It sounded like it was certainly cooling as the unit made a lot of noise (not excessive) and the LCD display indicated that it was cooling to 4C. At midday on Saturday when I went to connect the lines to the keg I noticed that the keg was at room temperature and hadn't cooled at all. As I was keen to try my beer I placed it into the fridge for 6 hours and then reconnected to the Brewflow. I only got several glasses of head for my attempted pours. Figuring it maybe needed more chilling I left the keg in the unit overnight, but this morning my keg is once again at room temperature. I fear I have received a defective unit that is not capable of cooling or measuring keg levels correctly. I have contacted support this morning via the webform and will await their response. Has anyone had a similar experience? Cheers. Glen
  5. I really like the Pirate Life IPA so will be interested to read your thoughts once you have brewed it.
  6. It was a bit funky for me over the weekend too but all seems good now.
  7. That makes perfect sense. Thanks very much for that - will definitely do as you’ve advised moving forward. Glen
  8. You'll need to train your young fella when he is old enough to operate the Brewflow 😉
  9. Hi everyone, I am kegging using the Brewart kegging kit and equipment. I have had the same problem with my first brew 2 weeks ago, and again with my 2nd brew today. I am following the instructions on the Brewart 101 video, however my first keg will stop filling at the 6 litre line on the Beerdroid by itself and won't budge. The video indicates that I should manually shut off the tap at the arrow marker but it never gets that far down. It has done that with the 1st keg I've attempted to fill with both brews. This subsequently makes it difficult to judge how much to fill the 2nd keg as the window on the Beerdroid only goes down so far, so I don't know if I have overfilled the 2nd keg for each brew. I know it is not a problem with the dry hop filter being clogged, as I thought that may have been the issue the first time I encountered the problem and cleaned it with no impact to the problem. Has anyone else come across this issue whilst kegging? Cheers, Glen
  10. Thank you both for your replies. Rob, your post explained perfectly what I need to do - cheers 👍 Glen
  11. Looking forward to your review of this one Mark.
  12. Sorry, I wasn't very clear on that. I am using the Brewflo keg system.
  13. Apologies if this has been answered previously. Is anyone also using their mixed Starsan solution to also sanitise their kegging equipment, and if so what is the process they are following? Cheers, Glen
  14. Looks very nice. This was my first brew and was kegged yesterday. Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks.
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