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  1. I've managed to get a copy of the leaflet on how to connect it via the browser! Have to wait for this brew to finish first then I'll see how I to. First brew is the session ale
  2. It has the silicon o-rings! You mentioned connecting it through the browser and not via the app. Is there a walkthrough for that? The manual only mentions through the app
  3. Thanks mate! Very excited to start getting some brews going. This setup is absolutely perfect for my apartment. Someone below mentioned I have to connect it through the browser first instead of the app. I tried in app and this is where I got to
  4. Unfortunately with the leaflets my girlfriend accidentally through them out after I had them on top of the junk mail. I ended up doing a brew manually last night so after that's finished up I'll fiddle with it again to see if I can get it running. If I can't I'll give the hotline a call. I was reading the manual online last night. I only purchased this BeerDroid two weeks ago online. So that would be the 2?
  5. Hey mate, how did you go with setting up the wifi initially?
  6. Hi everyone. I have read the instruction manual and the posts on this forum about wifi issues. I feel I have followed the instructions step for step and cannot seem to connect the BrewDroid to the internet at all. I have pressed wifi manual setup, connected my phone wifi to the BrewDroid using the last 8 digits of the serial number. I have then gone onto the app and pressed NEXT which takes it to the connect network setup. No networks are appearing. Even leaving the app loading for 5mins nothing appears. I have reset the router, moved it closer to the router and still nothing is appearing. I have even followed the video guide on connecting it to the router the other way. Nothing. Is there an idiotproof way of connecting it ? I assumed it would be easy once the Droid connected to my phones wifi. It is about 5m from my router.
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