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  1. Cheers Braindead. I have been recommended Star san as well. I will definitely give it a go.
  2. Just wondering what sanitiser you prefer for the Droid. I can't afford to spend $1-50 for a droid cleanse when you get slugged $15 for postage.( I suppose I could wait for the "Free postage for orders over $200 )and buy 130 of them. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Michael.
  3. If I want start another brew straight away after kegging, do I need to sanitise the droid for the usual 2 hours or can I just rinse it out ?
  4. Patrick, No,I haven't yet tried to remove the font top. I assume you mean the round clear top of the font which you can insert a Brew Logo ? I do however attached a download of some logos to print .They were supplied by Brewart. Not sure if I've answered your question but hey,too much homebrew on a friday arvo. ? BrewFlo Interchangeable Font Top.pdf
  5. Thanks Chris. I will let the second keg sit for a few more weeks. I thought I was doing good letting them sit an extra 3rd week but I will see how they go after 6 or 7 . Got the taste right just need a few more bubbles.
  6. G'day fellow brewers, I am having an issue with my finished brew not being very "bubbly". I let the kegs sit for 3 weeks after kegging and got a nice foamy head but the rest of the glass was only just bubbly. Any hints or tips ? The brew was Queensland Gold.
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