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  1. Again Thanks for Replying..That is a great help as we have lots of the 10litre Kegs & was worried I could not use them..I will give it a try next week putting a couple of brews down..And will probs have many more Q's as I get into it. 🙂
  2. Hi mark & Thanks for your Reply..I already have my Beerdroids we bought them 2nd Hand with lots of spare items & also a couple of Brewprints so just want to use the ones that came with them to practice then will buy the ones of our choice 🙂
  3. Debra Maloney

    Debra Maloney

  4. Hi Does anyone here use or no wether I can use the Beerdroid with our Kegerator Set up & put into out 10litre Metal Kegs?
  5. Hi..I have Purchased 2 Beerdroids so that I can Brew for my Husband & Myself. My Question is can I use the Beerdroid manually without using Internet/WiFi as we live Rural & only have a Dongle Wifi & it drops out a lot?
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