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  1. I’ve only brewed 6 brewprints and all but Goat turned out fresh and crisp. The only other than caused me some concern was the pineapple crush. It was quite sour and tart but I enjoyed it and just finished the 2.6 L. I hope it was supposed to be that sour? But it’s down now
  2. Yes from brewprint for GOAT. The pellets turned to sawdust and can only assume caused infection. No way to know for sure
  3. This is the one I had to dump after 4 weeks of maturing in my cellar. After a week of CO2 carbonation in my ikegger setup and tapping. The brew smelled like ass and tasted sour and like blue cheese. Something was wrong with hop pellets like they were infected with COVID.
  4. Hello James Sorry but no I sold them to another Brewartist
  5. Got my droid and ikeggers in October and have completed a whopping 40 liters. Imagine going to average 10-20 liters a month in 2021 depending when COVID ends and can start having backyard BBQs again
  6. Thanks as always Happy New Year
  7. Thanks...still frustrated a bit by temperature to mature at. I have a cellar that maintains 18 C year round and is most convent to store the 10l ikeggers. Do you think that’s safe for most brews? Room in refrigerator is possible but frustrates better half. thanks
  8. Also, are there any brew types that are drinkable early? What about pale ales?
  9. Hello Rob Do you prefer maturing chilled or room temperature ? Or does it matter? thanks
  10. Brewed the Pineapple Ale about 3 weeks ago and all went well as per brewprint. Kegged in 10L ikegger and put on CO2 almost immediately and refrigerated 1 week. Taste after one week was frankly terrible. Not infected but smelled and tasted like the trub in the bottom of the droid after brewing. Tried pouring off a pitchers worth and still trub taste. I’m fairly certain that only a minimal amount of trub carried over during kegging as cleared flow from droid tap initially and stopped clean. I thought this one may end up in the drain like my infected GOAT but thankfully patience prevailed. Poured a glass for New Years 2 weeks later and it was clean, pineapple tart, and wonderful. Based on your experience brewing, do all brews just need several weeks to mellow? Based on research on this site, knew the darker complex Brews benefited greatly from aging but really thought the lighter IPAs would be good to go in a week. Anything else possibly happening with time like settling? I use a float on the end of my internal keg suction line so it draws about 5 cm from the fluid top. Thanks
  11. Hello Mark The Carboy I have is 5 gal conical and actually has a tap on it so will be easy to keg. The only difference I can determine from a droid is temperature management so may have to move it between cold and warm room for Ruby Porter. Just checking to see if anything else I might need to check. I have a devise called TILT that floats in the wort and via Bluetooth transmits temperature and specific gravity. When S.G. Flat lines, fermentation is complete so going to try it. Thanks
  12. Just having dumped an ikegger’s worth of GOAT down the drain due to infection, now having an empty keg, and my only droid brewing Juleberg. Thinking about kicking off a brewprint Ruby Porter in a Carboy that I have. Think I can easily manage temperature between our basement and laundry room as it’s winter. Anyone any experience or tips with trying this?
  13. Thanks Mark...that’s my lesson learned. Taste a small sample before wasting all the time kegging, maturing, and carbonating. Happy Holidays
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