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  1. Andy


    Has anyone any experience experimenting with hard cider? Enjoyed making my first brew so much I picked up a 3 gal. stainless steel fermenter with a brew demon cider kit. Started it about a week ago and the airlock is down to bubbling less than once a min. I drew my first sample and the gravity is 0.98. The smell is cidery but it tastes like a dry white wine. Is this normal? I going to bottle it with some sugar drops for carbonation but wish (or hope) the taste improves with age. Otherwise, it will probably end up in my septic tank and I’ll stick with the droid. Regards
  2. I’m glad. Brewing my own beer was a bucket list item for me and finally went for it after reading about the BrewArt system, so far have really enjoyed the process but have yet to tap my first keg. Still maturing and mellowing in the keg per recommendations from the experts here. Should be ready to carbonate, tap and try around our Thanksgiving in a couple weeks. That would give me 4 weeks of conditioning. May benefit from more time but my patience is weakening. Just started my second brew...GOAT. Amber ales are my favorite craft beer here. Many here seem to thinks it’s a contender. Good luck
  3. The 8 mm OD hose fits (inserts) into the spout of the original chromed plastic beerdroid tap. The spout of this tap inserts into the dry hop filter. Hope this helps.
  4. It 8 mm OD...fits perfectly into the spout.
  5. Hi Sondre I’m not real clear on what you’re trying to rig but I keg with a hose directly from the droid to a keg ball lock connector. The hose inserts snuggly into the spout of the droid tap. If interested, I can caliper the OD of the hose. Fits snug and does not leak. Regards
  6. Thanks for that...never thought about the ability to be creative with hops etc. as my knowledge increases that will be a great option.
  7. Hey Nick I am a new brewer and purchased several brewprints with my droid but thinking about loaded up on a few more for winter. Just curious why you ordered the ingredients separately instead of the prints? I was thinking about ingredients myself because I think I’d save a few bucks as don’t use the primer but is there any other advantage? thanks and regards
  8. Hi Sondre i just completed my first brewprint and had the same concern regarding stirring. Add the Yeast first then gently pour the remaining powders on top of the water level. I could see all of my ingredients floating on top of the water 12 hrs later through the lighted window and had to resist opening it up and stirring. Experienced users here said DO NOT STIR!. Then the magic started, the yeast reacting with the sugars mixes everything together in the barrel. It’s quite a show to watch and quite violent at times. As far as hops, I kegged my brew so added the liquid hops to my keg prior to transfer from the droid to the keg. If bottling, you have to pour them into the droid just prior to bottling. Have not used dry hops yet but believe the droid prompts you to add after fermentation is completed but others with more knowledge should comment. your right, the instructions suck but the videos are great under BrewArt 101 tab Regards and good luck with first brew
  9. Hi Roman Assuming we are all here in the US having delays. For future reference, how did you contact US support? Email or phone? thanks
  10. Is anyone sure that the US BrewArt is still in operation? I ordered from them over a month ago and they immediately responded but contacted them for a question over a week ago and no response Would like to order additional Brewprints but a bit concerned. Wow this could suck.
  11. Used to work in Perth but my Celsius has escaped me (since home is US) but did the conversation...65 F is the temp in my basement so perfect. Appreciate it.
  12. Wow! I bought this kit and the Wicked Night. Going to get it going tomorrow. You made my night when I caught your review. What temperature did you do your aging for 6 weeks? thanks
  13. Cap and X ...you are correct. It’s been improving a bit each day so must be evaporating. Be more careful in future washing the tub out. I just panicked a bit with my new toy regards
  14. Thanks Rob and Mark Glad both conditions are normal but really surprised by both. Having never brewed before, assumed all the ingredients simply dissolved or got eaten up by the yeast. With all the crap left over, assumed that’s why the initial sample tasted exactly like you say...a shot of tequila. This may have been a great brew to serve back in my college days. Regards
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