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  1. Certainly nothing to sneeze at that's for sure! At the moment I've got a pineapple crush on the go. Just put the dry hops in about half hour ago! Brendan
  2. Hey team, So it's been a couple of weeks since kegging the strawberry beer concoction and it's becoming pretty good. Absolutely nothing like the fruli but I've since read that they actually use a 30% ratio of fruit juice straight into it after its actually brewed. Still not a bad drink though! The strawberries are fairly prominent now but it's a nice fruit taste rather than an artificial strawberry taste if that makes sense.
  3. Hi guys, I am going to get this one started on the weekend. I will definitely let everyone know how it goes. Cheers! Brendan
  4. Thanks Mark! That's great advice. I use the ikegger 5L kegs for kegging so I can have a couple of varieties on the go at once. So basically chuck it all in at the start (after completing the strawberry process) and then run the program until the end, into storage mode for a bit and into the kegs as normal? Cheers Brendan
  5. Hi everyone, Has anyone made a strawberry beer, such as the Fruli Strawberry beer using the brewprint ingredients? I notice on their website it has a pretty detailed recipe/process, but being new to the beerdroid I wondered if anyone had already done anything similar or had any suggestions on whether it would be possible to produce something very similar. Cheers! PS - here is the link - https://www.fruli.be/fruli
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