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  1. Hi Mark, Yes thank you. I was contacted on Sunday evening by Greg (exceptional service! Catching up on emails on a Sunday!), and later by Liam. A new droid is on its way, and the old one is heading back to BrewArt for a teardown/stern talking to. As witnessed by a few others on the forum, excellent service from the tech team. Thanks guys! Matt.
  2. Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed for a speedy remedy/replacement. Matt
  3. XPS, I'd love to try that, but as soon as I turn wifi on, I am unable to get the connection before the droid reboots. I assume I'd need to select manual wifi setup (can't trigger WPS on my phone if it's working as a hotspot), then connect to the droid, enter the app, then switch the wifi to my phone hotspot? When I try to enter manual mode, it reboots before I get any success, this is the usual sequence:- Power on the droid (wifi is still switched off from yesterday's attempts). Screen flashes everything on, then F- PO17. Cooling fan starts. Then settles on 'normal' screen. Droid sits there happily, 15s after bootup screen light extinguishes, 1 minute after bootup cooling fans shut down. "ALE" menu line is flashing, this is what I would expect. Leave it a few more minutes. Hit "Up" arrow button to access "WI-FI" (Note, wifi is still off!), droid reboots, fans restart, screen shows everything, then F-PO17, then flashing "ALE" menu line. Quickly hit up arrow then tick button to access wifi, hit UP again to enter manual setup, wifi fan icon starts to flash. Open BrewArt app on phone, select "My BeerDroid", select "Setup for wifi" Open phone's wifi menu, eventually see "BeerDroid X.X.X.X.YYYY.ZZZZ" (or similar). Select Beerdoid as wifi source for phone. Get asked for password, enter YYYYZZZZ from the beerdroid's serial number (I got this from a webpage somewhere, it's not listed in the instruction manual). Connection error... Depending on how quickly I've typed, fumbled and cursed, the beer droid will have rebooted again by now (every 60 seconds, on the dot). Can you see any error in this approach? I've also had the phone app already open, and the wifi scan page already open, to save a couple of seconds. Rob, it may be time to deploy the humourous anecdotes, I'm running out of novel profanities! Cheers, Matt I'm about to try this with the phone already in wifi hotspot mode, and a laptop to attach to the droid. I'll let you know if I have any success. OK, just tried logging in with the phone and the laptop. Turns out the password is "XXXX-YYYY" One riddle solved. I still cannot maintain a period long enough to connect to the droid using any device (wifi router, phone in isolation or in hotspot mode, laptop in isolation or in hotspot mode). The best I achieved was the phone indicating "Ready to connect once internet connection is available". By then the droid had rebooted. It may be a more useful fact for tech support that with wifi turned off, it's stable, until I press one of the buttons, then it reboots immediately. If wifi is switched on, it reboots every 60 seconds.
  4. Hi Mark, Yes, I've linked the droid to the account. I can see the droid in my account, and successfully used the phone app to activate the firmware update. At least, the firmware update started successfully from the app, I'm hoping it finished successfully. Cheers, Matt.
  5. Mark, I'm looking forward to getting that first (and second) brew on... The droid is definitely connecting on the 2.4 GHz channel, and it was no happier when I had the others shut off as well (was worth eliminating, if nothing else). I've contacted Tech Support, let's see if they can come up with something that doesn't involve having to return the droid. Cheers, Matt.
  6. OK, thanks for your assistance gents, most useful! I'll get in touch with tech support on Monday. Matt.
  7. I've now moved the droid immediately next to the router, and still cycling through reboots. The router has both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels. Is it possible the droid is trying to keep swapping between them and getting confused/overloaded? I might try shutting each of them down in turn and see if that improves things. Cheers. Matt
  8. Thanks XPS. Interestingly, the second I touched the up arrow to go to the wifi main menu, it rebooted. Now I've switched wifi back on, it's re-entered its reboot cycle. The droid is about 10m away from the router, my phone on the same network is showing 4/5 bars. The wifi router itself was freshly rebooted this morning. Originally it was in the laundry, about 15m away, showing 3/5 bars on the phone. Cheers.
  9. I should probably have added that the droid was still rebooting every 60 seconds after the ver17 firmware update. Upon initial start/boot up, does the "F-" have any significance above the "PO 17" firmware indication? Cheers, Matt
  10. Good morning Mark, Thanks for the welcome, I hope not to bother you all too much. I have downloaded the app on my phone, and connected the droid via WPS to the home wifi. From the phone, I could see the droid, and could initiate the updating of the firmware, so that hopefully proves it is/was connected and set up. Alas, the firmware update never completed last night, despite several attempts, as the droid rebooted before the download counter reached 100 (I assume it's percent download that shows?) I tried again this morning, and the download reached 100, then the unit rebooted, and it's now showing PO17, so I assume that means it's successfully updated the firmware. XPS, thanks for your suggestions, we have some success now. I've switched off the wifi on the droid, and power cycled it. It now runs the fans for about a minute, and does not reboot itself, so this is a definite improvement. I'll await your next suggestion to see what I've stuffed up with the wifi connection. Cheers. Matt.
  11. I finally got my long awaited beerdroid, unpacked it, turned it on, everything looked great! It appears to have connected to wifi via WPS, and then rebooted. Looked normal, or so I thought. Once it had rebooted, I connected the phone app, that seemed ok, the app indicated there was a firmware update available. Then it rebooted. I've now left it a few hours. It just reboots every couple of minutes, flashes the screen full of icons as part of the power on test, connects to wifi (both the wifi icon and globe icon are static), it briefly shows "F-" and P015 (version 15 firmware), then after a couple more minutes, reboots again. I've tried shutting down for a period, and it's just in this cycle of perpetual reboots. Since the last power off / power on, I managed to get the app to initiate the firmware update, but it gets to about 55 seconds and reboots again. I've also tried reconfiguring the wifi manually, but it reboots before I can even get the phone logged onto the droid. If anyone knows how to get out of this cycle, do a hard reset, or anything else useful, I'd be very grateful.. I should be brewing some beers! Cheers, Matt
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