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  1. Nice good to hear, I'll try to see if they can do the same for my order.
  2. I mostly had luck with emailing. It does take a while for them to gat back though due to Covid situation unfortunately. I heard some people had better luck calling and leaving a voicemail.
  3. Sorry should've been a little more clear. Hops are added towards the end of fermentation. You need the filter for when you bottle or keg though for dry hops.
  4. There are video instructions in the 101 for that. Hope this helps. Hops are added at the end. Cheers
  5. Yep have a thread going as well. I got through to the support they said the shipment got delayed to 11/14. I presume they will start shipping the week of 15th. Waiting on my order to ship as well.
  6. Wow that is great info thank you! The liner issues really had me worried especially with the amount of posts popping up on the FB group. I think the main motivator for getting the flow for me is because some people are saying the brew tastes better, and I think you can store/ mature it for a longer period (not sure about this one). The lesser one is I think it's faster and less of a haste since you just change the liner no need to sanitize. Will most likely get both eventually and do 50/50 to figure out when to drink the beer. I'm a little surprised they didn't include the caddy with the kegging starter pack if it makes such a difference.
  7. Yah the machine looks incredible, can't wait to make my first brew. You prefer kegging to bottling? I got some of the PET bottles for now, but am considering getting the brewflow once it's in stock. Still on the fence with the price and people having issues with keg liners though. I think I just became spoiled with amazon's 2 day shipping lol. Wish brewart sold more stuff on amazon.
  8. They sell those on amazon with prime shipping too. Might give that a try when I have the droid hopefully later this month. On a side note this community is awesome. Would have probably canceled my order if it wasn't for all the help.
  9. Hi everyone, the response I got from support is that they are waiting on shipment, and it should come in on 11/14. The tech that replied to me also mentioned something about having emails going to a different mailbox, so that was causing delays. Seems like most brewprit related orders are the cause of the delay.
  10. Yep I heard back from support, seems like a lot of people on the facebook group are having similar issues reaching the support. Unfortunately more delays for the beerdroid order, hoping to get it this month. Thank you for the help Captain.
  11. I ordered the Droid on Oct 8th, and the order is approaching 3 weeks. I tried contacting the support to figure out what the in shipping status meant after waiting over 2 weeks. The answer I received is that there were some part missing and that my order should ship around the 19th. It's now the 28th and it appears my order still hasn't shipped. Upon trying to reach out to the support via phone I wait in queue and get disconnected, and not getting any replies via email. Not sure what to do at this point.
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