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  1. I know the fermentation time is between 5-7 days. Im on the 5th day of fermentation and im just wondering how the beerdroid knows when to go to keg mode. Does it auto detects when fermentation is done?
  2. The big wifi issue which never stops annoying beerdroid owners has also happen to me. I can manage to connect to the beerdroid after pressing the manuall button but when im trying to connect it to my home network it cant connect at all. My home wifi network appears, and im typing the correct wifi password but it still doesnt work
  3. I just started the tall tale ale brewprint yesterday and chose the ale program on the beerdroid. When looking at the brewart page it says that I need to choose custom mode propagate and then ferment at 16C. Im a little confused here, whats the difference between propagate and fermenting? And how many days shall it stay in propagate mode and when do I change to 16C? Also there are no information on when to add the hop. To be honest I think the beerdroid is a good machine, but the producers has very poor instructions for the brewprints
  4. Im totally agree. Amber ales is at least a rating of 5 out of 6 by my opinion. Dark beer types is one of my favorites kind of beer. I like almost every kind of beer types, but dark beer and ipas are my favorites cause their flavour is exploding. Good luck with the goat! Cheers!
  5. Ahh I see. Well then my problem is solved. Thanks for reply
  6. You mean the original spout or the bottling adaptor? If its the original spout then I can just remove the dry hop filter and bottling adaptor and connect the 9mm hose first, then the filter
  7. Yes please do that. Thank you. What I mean is that im going to connect a beer filtering system between a hose from the bottling adaptor. The beer filtration system I looked at has a 9mm hose connection so I will need to do some modification
  8. Does the beerdroid or the bottling adaptor attached to the dry hop filter has space for a hose to be fitted? I want to filter my beer when kegging, not only through the dry hop filter but also through a filter with 1 micron. If I could connect a hose it would work but the beerdroid doesnt seem to have any connections for hoses. When looking at the bottling adaptor I thought it had the JG quick connect system but it doesnt so im gonna have to be creative here.
  9. Im very grateful for the information. Thank you!
  10. When do I add dry hops or hop extract? There are no instructions for the brewprints. The only thing the beerdroid manual says is that you add every ingredient exept primer and hops. They also says that you shall not stirr. How does the ingredients get mixed well together without stirring?
  11. I got it from amazon. I only need to know how many watts the beerdroid has in total. Then I can buy a step down converter based on the wattage of the beerdroid
  12. Hello. I recieved my beerdroid today. The only thing I need to use it is a step down converter 230-110v. How many watts do I need for the converter? Would 300 watt be enough? I know the heating power is 43w and the cooling power is 120w
  13. I recieved my beerdroid with the tall tale pale ale brewprint but I didnt get any instructions with it. Is that normal? Do I just ad every ingredient exept the dry hops? I got two packs of dry hops with the brewprint
  14. Yeah I know that I need 180g sugar for 23l of beer in a 30l keg but how much water do I need for the sugar?
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