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  1. Thank you everyone I appreciate the feedback. The BrewArt support team responded to me right away and was extremely helpful and offered me a replacement Belgian Strong Ale for my bad batch as well as a complimentary of my choice. At this time I have already started my second batch of Belgian Strong Ale and things are looking a lot better! This time I used room temperature bottled water for my brew and turned the temperature up a notch briefly to really get the yeast going. Maybe it was my unfiltered tap water that was bad who knows. Fermentation start detected and there is definitely a lot more activity and bubbles this time so looking forward to the results. 👍👍 John
  2. Hello! Did my first batch a Belgian Strong Ale. It took 8 days to detect a start of fermentation and it was unable to detect EOF meaning it went to the max days over 20 days in total. The brew was infected with mold on top and I suspect that it was the yeast that was slow to start and it got infected. I did not check under the lid or use a hydrometer I just let it go to the max days. My question is how often does the BeerDroid not detect EOF and how much impact would the bad yeast/infected brew have on it? Thanks, John
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