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  1. Can't see it doing anything but getting better/smoother with secondary. All of mine have and the longer the better
  2. I never knew this, very good advice. I know guys do hop teas and add it to kegs when kegging would this create a hoppier flavour and aroma?
  3. I've found it hard to overcome the MR IPA flavour with hops. I have used 150g of cascade, Amarillo and galaxy(50g each) but didn't produce the hoppy punch I wanted. I think a pale ale may be more receptive to a hop addition
  4. That makes me feel better. Cheers for that mate, I have never opened mine up until mid way through fermentation to add hops etc but got in a little early this time.
  5. I reckon it would have supported a small child's weight haha. It just did a fermentation test and it all seems to be going ok so who knows
  6. G'day fellas. I started a brew last night (MR IPA) and it detected start of fermentation today. I opened it up a few minutes ago to add some hop pellets in a infuser ball and it seemed that all of the ingredients were stuck on top of the water and there was an inch thick hard layer. I busted it up with a sterilised spoon and added the hops but my question is, has anyone opened their droid this early and is this hard layer normal this early on? I just expected all ingredients to dissolve pretty quickly
  7. It's funny you mention the metallic taste. My first 2 week bottle (still very green) had a metallic or chemical taste and I couldn't put my finger on it. 4 weeks later and that taste has gone but not hoppy enough. I'm happy with the 7.5 abv but need a hoppier hit. I was wondering if the addition of a pouch or 2 of x5 would change the taste at all?
  8. I added 2 lots of hops, 25g of cascade and 25g of galaxy around halfway through fermentation (4-5 days in). Results were ok, not totally impressed. My next batch I will be adding a lot more hops, probably close to 150g, 3 different hop varieties. I think I will make a low temperature hop tea of about 1 litre as I don't want to add any bitterness and add to the 9 litres to start with and then during fermentation I will add 30 to 40g in 3 seperate batches as i don't like leaving the pellets in to long. It is all trial and error but I like a hoppy beer and when you read the weight of hops brewers use, these amounts are quite low.
  9. if I could recreate pirate life ipa using brew pints I would die a happy man. My next batch of IPA will be smashed with hops. I'm going to add hops in 3 seperate lots, 50g each time. I used 50g last time (25g galaxy and 25g cascade) and it is a little hoppy but not enough for my liking. Only tried a tester after 3 weeks and is still a little green. Not sure if I'll add any extra x5 or not
  10. Where did you score that list? The hop oil doesn't seem as strong as pellets so I wonder if it adds as much aroma and taste?
  11. Thanks Damian. I've nearly finished my first keg of Mountain Range, really nice drop but it is definitely missing the nice hoppy taste of the IPA's that I enjoy. I will give the hop tea a try on my next batch. I can't think of an ipa that is similar to Mountain Range in flavour
  12. Good stuff. Let me know how it turns out, I'm going to get some hops and give it a crack on my next batch
  13. I've only ever kegged brews so looking forward to having a few long necks in the fridge. Can anyone give me a quality comparison between kegged and bottled brew pints?
  14. How does everyone go about sanitising their bottles?
  15. RUBY PORTER some cracking fermentation happening
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