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  1. Thanks Rob, it's my first brew with the beerdroid but im going to use a corny keg so I'm assuming it should hold a bit more pressure than a bottle. I only done a couple of brews with my old fermenter but after blowing up 12 bottles that was stored in the wardrobe under my wife's clothes it had to go, or i did.
  2. Hi All, I've just been notified by my droid that it is ready for kegging but when i viewed it through the viewing window i can still see it bubbling. I've blown up some bottles in the past using my old system so im a bit gun shy. It's a lager and has been fermenting for 8 days and 19 hours Any thoughts would be appreciated Cheers Brad
  3. Thanks Mark, I did see this video but being a different keg and my first time i though i would confirm with the experts. Also in the video he didn't mention it but it looked like once he started the transfer he added a conector to the gas inlet side of the keg. I haven't seen that done on any other vido. I'm also going to use a tap mounted on my bar about 1 meter away. I've got 4Id beer line running through a 20mm insulated conduit witha a fan in the fridge to encourage air flow. I was planning on having a meter loop inside the fridge so it will be a total of 2m. Thanks for your advice. Cheers Brad.
  4. Hi all, I've decided to buy a 9.5l corny keg so i can use c02 to carbonate. I'm wanting to use the set and forget method (12 psi) and leave in the fridge for about a week so i don't run the risk of over carbonation. Is there a way you can do a closed transfer to keep out as much 02 as possible? Also any tips you can give would be appreciated since this is my first brew. Cheers
  5. Thanks again mate, i appreciate your support. Cheers
  6. Thanks guys for your help. I fell like an idiot, i brought this because it looks fool proof all you need to do is select the right beer 🤦‍♂️ Will it still tell me when it's finished fermentation?
  7. Hi all, I have just realised i have entered the wrong beer to brew. I entered Bavarian but im brewing Belgian. I'm 14 hours Will this make a difference to the end result or do i need to change something like temp? Thanks for any advice. Cheers
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