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  1. Just tried the California steamer (5 weeks secondary) and it poured beautifully. I didn't do anything different compared to the last two kegs ( a premium lager and birra italiano) in the brewflo apart from 2 weeks longer storage. The mystery of the brewflo continues.
  2. My batch of weissbier from the keg is all head. Preivous couple of kegs were also quite heady but not this bad. the beer line is also full of bubbles. I am guessing the secondary fermentation temp was too high and that the kegs are very sensitive to storage temp. Any thoughts?
  3. same happened to me warm keg would not fit. I got the elbow connector from a beer line and purged some beer using carbonation pressure and put the keg in the fridge. After cooling it just fit the brewflow However the keg is distorted and so is the lid so I had to dispose the keg and am using the valves from the lid as spares.
  4. My unit gets very hot during summer so some of my brews during secondary fermentation are getting over 30 degrees. Anyone got any ideas for something like a wine cooler fridge that could be used to store several kegs and bottles at 18 degrees (recommended secondary fermentation temperature)
  5. I bottled the first 6 brews and now I fill one brewflo keg and bottle the rest (6 bottles). I plan to only do two kegs for the brews I really like and half/half for the rest so I can drink different brews easily and share with friends.
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