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  1. Mark and Rob thank you for your encouragement. It's a really slick system so I am hoping I can work these kinks out. I also was contacted by Liam at Brewart. He had some helpful suggestions and is taking care of me with reference to the broken piece and lost beer. Brewart customer service is top notch even by my unrealistic American standards. No use crying over split beer, so back to brewing I'll go!
  2. Hi Everyone- First time poster and first time brewer. I had successfully completed the Tall Tale Pale Ale brew and was kegging. Then... disaster struck. First, the plastic connector broke causing beer to leak out the top. Second, there was a liner fail and beer leaked into the keg. I believe in retrospect that the much maligned bad connection between the keg connector and keg liner struck again. My dog hid in the basement the rest of the night as my stream of expletives made for a tense scene. So now what? I am extremely frustrated at getting the beer to the finish line only to have this happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Scott
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