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  1. A great everyday drop - Coopers Sparkling Ale
  2. Peter Rideout

    Aztec Cerveza

    Just add lemon and you can drink this by the keg full on a hot day
  3. Top brew to pour and taste is pretty good too
  4. Peter Rideout

    the Twins

    This is the twins setup If i slow down brewing I'll get them on a cabinet one day but for now I'm enjoying the brews
  5. I've got 20 kegs and 36 bottles and I'll take the kegs any day for taste over the bottles - Brewflo for me
  6. I've had nothing like One Fifty Lashes and tried most of the Pale Ales I'd say you would have to modify the hops to a brew to get it close
  7. Yep mine was very very heady also, both at 2 weeks & 8 weeks
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