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  1. Hey folks, You get one tablet per brew-print, which I assume is intended to clean the unit - just wondering if you can stick all the relevant kegging peripherals in the brewdroid interior during the main cleaning, so you sanitise both in one hit. Seems a bit silly to buy a seperate bulk of tablets for this part of the process - but I'm just wondering if there's a reason that would be better. The other question is, I have a baby bottle steam sanitiser - can this be used in lieu of the chemical based cleaning for the plastics and hoses/fittings etc? A quick eyeball says these all fit nicely into it, and I can just set it to steam stuff clean a few days before. Thanks in advance for the help,
  2. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids - I can now sleep peacefully. I've been eyeing the unit and googling everything on kegging. I might send them an email (or do they read the forum?) as as a new user, could have been simpler with just potentially labelling change - or at least a generic line on the insert in the pack with the dry hops (There's a printed sheet in there anyway). "Use one of the two solid primer tubes", and it'd avoid a little confusion. There's also a few of the YouTube videos linked to in the 101 section on the site that aren't linked correctly to their YouTube channel too that threw me when I was trying to figure it out.
  3. Hey all, I just got my new droid - 'Frothimus Prime' and he's bubbling away on Bombshell Blonde right now. Just have a question regarding the kegging primer: In a lot of the videos, the primer appears to be a squirtable liquid solution.... .... in my BrewPrint kit, these two items aren't labelled with anything to say obviously [P] or "Kegging Primer" .... and they're a solid pair of tubular packets not a squirty-sachet affair. Going out on a limb here, I suspect the format of the primer has changed and is now a solid that'll dissolve inside the keg liner - but just wanting to confirm, just worried I need to crack open the unit and throw those two in quickly. I suspect I've done the right thing though. Cheers -Steve
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