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  1. I suddenly developed a leaking bung after 13 brews. I removed any loosened material on the bung and then applied some food grade lube to it and solved the problem. Reported it to Brewart and they sent me 4 replacement bungs from a new improved material.
  2. Sounds good. Will try it next brew. Epiphanies are great when they happen.
  3. Sorry mate, its the Belgian Strong Ale. My head is in another place at the moment.
  4. Today I tried a sample of Belgian Lager that I botted just 2 weeks ago and I found it quite drinkable and enjoyable but lacked head. What would be the optimal secondary fermentation time for this lager? I am thinking a further 2 to 3 weeks???
  5. I have Belgian lager nearing completion and I have added 2 x H4 liquid hops (Saaz). I also have 15gm of Challenger and 15gm of Galaxy dry hops in the fridge going no where. What would this brew turn out like if I dry hop using my two excess dry hops. Good Idea or bad idea??
  6. Exactly Captain. The 5lt kegs and bottling offers a lot of flexibility. I will be going that way myself sooner or later. Building my own Keggerator is also at the back of my mind. Just need to decide where to put it.
  7. You could get adventurist and build a unit yourself https://www.ikegger.com/products/kegerator-kit-choose-your-taps-regulator-and-kegs
  8. This may help. 10L Keg Package With Filling Kit Compatible With Brewart Beer Droid - iKegger Australia
  9. Why the wax? It won't add anything. My swing tops seal beautiful and you cannot possibly loose carbonation if the swing top seal is seated properly no matter how long you store them, With due respect, it is physically impossible for beer in swing tops and beer in crown seals to be different after 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. I am a newbie and stand to be corrected.
  10. Replacement seals cost around $0.35 each and my gut feel is that they are probably good for 10 or so fills = $0.035per bottle. I carefully inspect the old seals as I am bottling. Any seals that look suss are replaced. I have over 250 swing tops and after 10 brews to date (100 Lt), none not one bottle/swing top seal have let me down. I also love the sound of "pop" when opening one.
  11. I am thinking it's just a personal preference and subjective at that. I maybe wrong.
  12. I have read from posts on this forum that crown top sealing is superior the swing top sealing in regards to head and flavour. How can this be?? I replace all my old swing top seals so that they close extremely tight on filling. Why would a crown seal be better when the two capping methods are maintained and applied correctly to achieve the same result = a leak proof seal??
  13. So there is no real time savings by going the Keggerator / forced carbonation route If you want a premium result. Just less hassle with bottling method and the convenience of pouring a beer from a tap.
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