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  1. Have always double zip tied beer lines after an involuntary Belgian ale eye wash. Has fixed the issue for me. Great idea on the barbed coil mate. sorry for the loss of beer. It’s always hard to accept.
  2. I’ve just had an epiphany. when adding the elements and enhancers, use a scissors ✂️ to snip the two opposing corners of each bag and they pour in slowly and smoothly without plume. just sayin. running 3 droids at a time does things to you. Eh, Cap?
  3. I can confirm the Amarillo Mosaic blend is an absolute smasher!!! Definitely impressed me and a few mates. Highly recommend.
  4. Being a lead lid-peeker I can confirm they do float. They then swell and eventually sink. I’ve also found the hops filter system clogs up if dry hopping over the 25-50g recommended In the brewprints. I’ve subsequently purchased hop balls.
  5. Awesome. I’ve got a blue moon clone about to put in the droid courtesy of Liam the Boss! 🍌 🌿 🪵
  6. It’s perfectly fine to bury your head in the droid. 🤣
  7. I LOVE Weihenstephaner. It’s the best Witbier hands down. Can you tell me more about the recipe and settings Mick??
  8. Now if that isn’t the best argument yet for this system. Perfecting the craft and enjoying the journey doing it. I love my bohemian brews as well (must be the family tree). Had an absolute ball bouncing around Prague’s pubs drinking unbelievably cheap (and unbelievably High quality) beers!! good on ya Rob for nailing it!
  9. Brilliant feedback and suggestions! Thanks for the tips on hopping. Saaz. Haven’t tried that one yet.
  10. Me: “ oh yeah? Well I bet you can’t do it twice” Me: watch this!! LOL.
  11. Nothing says destress from a Monday quite like a little head 😜
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