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  1. LOL, sorry mate. no harm in asking. Byt I'm pretty sure it's a no.
  2. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , @Andy @Beer Monkey, I'm sorry about the delays you're experiencing. I can assure you that BrewArt US is still in operation. There have been some adjustments to working arrangements during the Pandemic so this is slowing things down a little. I'll get in touch with you both via PM to grab some additional details and I'll forward them on to our US Support team. Cheers
  3. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids and @Alan Batchelor, We had some server issues over the weekend which have been fixed, but this is an error I've never seen before. I'll get it sent off to our developers and hopefully I'll get an answer soon. Cheers
  4. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , G 'Day @Roman Kanivets, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems getting in touch with our Customer Support team. Unfortunately I can't see US orders, but I'll shoot you a PM, and grab some details to forward on to our team. Cheers
  5. Thanks @xpsTech, Hey @Luke Smith, 16 days for a Jolly Roger is definitely on the longer side. I'll shoot you a private message so we can check out your fermentation stats and go through some troubleshooting steps. Cheers!
  6. LOL, Can I recommend a name change from Barrelboy to 'Captain 3 Droids'? 😂
  7. Sorry guys, We were caught out by a rush of sales, we have the E5 back in stock now so you can take advantage of the Free Shipping offer. Thanks for your patience. Cheers
  8. Hi @Barrelboy, sorry you're having this issue. Do you mind forwarding that video to our email address info@brewart.com ? Sorry it's take a little longer than usual to reply, we've got some staff away sick. Cheers, Em
  9. Thanks @xpsTech, You're spot on with your concerns, I have spoken to our tech wizards and can confirm that a small tilt on the unit will not have a long term impact on the compressor, however tilt can change the dynamics of the fermentation algorithm. If you are going to tilt the unit, keeping the angle less than 1.5 degrees will still achieve optimum fermentation detection performance. (1.5 degrees means don’t raise the front by more than 10mm). However, this doesn't answer why @Alan Batchelor's batch clogged the tap. I have gone as high as 150g without an issue. Normally the Hops should break up into small particles and flow through the tap and into the filter. So I'm still a little stumped how it's blocked the tap. Cheers
  10. G 'Day @Alan Batchelor After we tested the new App and Firmware for months without any issues, so we released the updates. Unfortunately there were bugs, which we have fixed. All those display issues will be resolved once you update the Firmware on your BeerDroid to P017. Rest assured that the BeerDroid is working exactly as intended, and your beer will be fine. It's just not displaying as intended in the App. Cheers
  11. Thanks @xpsTech, I agree, I would avoid high concentrations of Vinegar as well. Highly acidic concentrations could cause chemical attack on the BeerDroid plastic. The Vinegar/Bleach solution is a good idea, I would also do a sodium percarbonate soak for 24 hours to get rid of everything. But as Xps said, some beer smell in the BeerDroid is normal. Cheers
  12. G 'Day @Dustin Frothman, Yes it is sold on draught in some Brisbane pubs, here's a list for you: Pig & Whistle Riverside 123 Eagle St Brisbane CBD Mr Edwards Ale House 46 Edward St Brisbane CBD Bitter Suite 75 Welsby St New Farm South Beach Social South Bank Parklands South Bank Brewski Bar 22 Caxton Street Petrie Terrace Eatons Hill Hotel 646 South pine Rd Eatons Hill Enjoy! Cheers
  13. G 'Day @Dustin Frothman, That is great to hear you liked the Hazy IPA. I have been enjoying a bit of it myself Because it's only a limited beer I'll definitely be looking at recreating it for our Brewartists, so we can continue to enjoy it when the pubs run dry. Cheers
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