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  1. Thank @Captain 3 Droids , We'll have a look into it, there would be a few updates required so it's not an easy one. In the meantime of you find yourself in this predicament I'd recommend cancelling the brew and starting a custom brew at the temperature you prefer. Cheers
  2. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , We're looking into the calendar function to see how we can better improve its functionality. Cheers
  3. Hey @Captain 3 Droids We've had a look at the back end and from what we can tell, it looks like the BeerDroid was manually moved to Storage Mode. It was done at about 6am, so could well have been while sleep walking 😂 Cheers
  4. Hi BrewArtists, We are as frustrated as you with Amazon Canada! We’ve asked Amazon to remove the BeerDroid from the Canadian site multiple times, but they have refused to take it down. We have also tried to add text on to the Amazon page saying that ingredients at this stage are only available in the US, but they removed the text. We will keep working with Amazon to try and resolve this issue. Of course we would love to provide the full BrewArt experience to our friends in Canada but unfortunately we don’t have the logistics in place to be able to do this yet, and the shipping and import fees from the US are a road block to us being able to supply directly out of the US at a viable rate. We are investigating ways we can offer BrewArt products to all Canadians however this will take some time to establish. In the interim we thank you for your understanding and apologize for any difficulties this issue has caused. Cheers
  5. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , All updated, you should be able to add them in. Cheers
  6. Hi Dustin, Great suggestion! We'll pass this on to the team for when they are next looking at App updates. Cheers!
  7. G' Day @Commander Robo-Timo, First of all, welcome to BrewArt! We can't wait to see the delicious beers you create. I know how exciting brewing can be on your first few brews, and how the excitement can lead to impatience. But the best advice I have are the wise words from home brew godfather, Charlie Papazian, "Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Home Brew" (RDWHAHB). The BeerDroid will take care of everything for you and send you a message when everything is ready, so you can stop resanitising your bottles for now Thanks for your suggestion regarding the App, we're always looking at ways we can improve the overall experience, so we will take your feedback on board and I'll raise it when we next discuss development opportunities. Happy Brewing! Cheers
  8. G 'Day @Dave Lock and @Rob Courtney, I remember when I tasted my first Redback and I was blown away by the flavour, it was an eye opener for someone who thought James Boags was fancy. Unfortunately it's definitely lost some of it's magic when it was scaled up. I've read that Matilda Bay has revamped their Redback as a "Lockdown Release" so hopefully they can bring it back to its former glory. But, if you want to make something close in the BeerDroid I'd recommend the following: E5, E1, X2, X2, X2, Y5 H4. This should get you in the ball park, and we can adjust from there if need be. I'd recommend a good cold crash, as the style is a Kristalweizen. Please let me know how it turns out. Cheers🍺
  9. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids ! Those photos are all pretty accurate 😂 It's been a crazy year and we're all looking forward to a few days off for a bit of R&R. Thanks to all of you guys for your support and for being such a good community! Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cheers
  10. Thanks @Alan Batchelor, Yep, I love the idea. Anything to have a bit of history for reference is always a good thing. I'll have it added to the wish list, for future development meetings. Cheers
  11. LOL, sorry mate. no harm in asking. Byt I'm pretty sure it's a no.
  12. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , @Andy @Beer Monkey, I'm sorry about the delays you're experiencing. I can assure you that BrewArt US is still in operation. There have been some adjustments to working arrangements during the Pandemic so this is slowing things down a little. I'll get in touch with you both via PM to grab some additional details and I'll forward them on to our US Support team. Cheers
  13. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids and @Alan Batchelor, We had some server issues over the weekend which have been fixed, but this is an error I've never seen before. I'll get it sent off to our developers and hopefully I'll get an answer soon. Cheers
  14. Thanks @Captain 3 Droids , G 'Day @Roman Kanivets, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems getting in touch with our Customer Support team. Unfortunately I can't see US orders, but I'll shoot you a PM, and grab some details to forward on to our team. Cheers
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