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  1. Thanks @xpsTech, I agree, I would avoid high concentrations of Vinegar as well. Highly acidic concentrations could cause chemical attack on the BeerDroid plastic. The Vinegar/Bleach solution is a good idea, I would also do a sodium percarbonate soak for 24 hours to get rid of everything. But as Xps said, some beer smell in the BeerDroid is normal. Cheers
  2. G 'Day @Dustin Frothman, Yes it is sold on draught in some Brisbane pubs, here's a list for you: Pig & Whistle Riverside 123 Eagle St Brisbane CBD Mr Edwards Ale House 46 Edward St Brisbane CBD Bitter Suite 75 Welsby St New Farm South Beach Social South Bank Parklands South Bank Brewski Bar 22 Caxton Street Petrie Terrace Eatons Hill Hotel 646 South pine Rd Eatons Hill Enjoy! Cheers
  3. G 'Day @Dustin Frothman, That is great to hear you liked the Hazy IPA. I have been enjoying a bit of it myself Because it's only a limited beer I'll definitely be looking at recreating it for our Brewartists, so we can continue to enjoy it when the pubs run dry. Cheers
  4. Hey @Barrelboy, Sure thing. I'll post this link here as it has the instruction manuals for US and Aus, plus will contain any updated manuals. http://brewart.com/101/manuals/ Cheers
  5. Hey @Barrelboy If you're Kegging into stainless and force carbonating then you can keep the beer in Storage/Cold Crash after it's finished, just push the Storage button when it's trying to move to Keg Mode. If you're Bottling/Kegging in the BrewFlo then you need to go through Secondary Fermentation, and we recommend moving it back up to Kegging temps. Cheers
  6. I pushed it pretty hard during testing and only had a couple of blockages, and it is as easy as you described. Turn off the tap, remove filter rinse with water (or better yet starsan) reattach and keep filling. If doing it mid keg on your second keg you may need to start the beer flow with an upright Keg, then flip it back upside down once the flow has started.
  7. Yes, the BeerDroid will automatically cold crash to clear the hops. Without the Cold Crash the hops are still suspended and will clog your filter constantly. This will add some time to the brewing process, but good beer takes time As for Saaz and Hallertau, I don't think we will bring them out in the DH range anytime soon. Personally I think the oils do a great job at making Lagers with the subtle herbal/spice aromas, but they weren't able to get the big 'New World' flavours/aromas.
  8. Thanks Alan, We've been working on the Dry Hop Filter for a long time, so it's nice to finally have released it. The new Firmware update will ensure there's no guess work. It'll advise you to Dry Hop as fermentation is tapering off, then it will automatically cold crash for you, and let you know when it's done. It will make things a lot easier. Thanks for reporting the Firmware update problem, it has been reported to our developers for them to look into for the next release. Cheers
  9. Hi BrewArtists, We wanted to share something really exciting with you. We have just launched our range of BrewArt Dry Hops and our Dry Hop Filter. Using Dry Hops is the ultimate way to craft beers bursting with big, hoppy flavours and aromas! Dry Hops can give your beer everything from piney and resinous flavours to citrus and tropical aromas that jump out of the glass, and they improve head retention! What you need to know: FIRMWARE UPDATE: We’ve upgraded BeerDroid firmware (P016) to include a Dry Hop function that when used on a Custom brew, or when you start a Dry Hopped BrewPrint will send you a push notification when it’s time to add your hops. You’ll have to update your firmware to use this function. BREWPRINTS: We’ve crafted a new range of Dry Hopped BrewPrints and upgraded some existing BrewPrints to include Dry Hops to get the best flavour profile for that beer! DRY HOP FILTER: We strongly recommend the use of the Dry Hop Filter to avoid blockages of kegging or bottling equipment from hop debris. Watch video on Dry Hops Dry Hop Filter Instructional Video So, what are you waiting for? Head to brewart.com and check out the range for yourself! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  10. G 'Day @Don Bacon & @Rob Courtney, There are a couple of ways you could go about this depending on what you're going for. If you add an X5 it will reduce the mouthfeel and give you a crisper finish. If you add an X1 it will boost the mouthfeel and give you a rounder finish. Both will increase the alcohol by about 1% ABV. Cheers
  11. *Spend & Save offer is valid from 16 July 2020 until 4.00pm AEST 23 July 2020, at brewart.com. The discount will be applied automatically at checkout (no code necessary) and is calculated based on your subtotal, excluding shipping costs. Standard shipping charges apply. https://mail-au.brewart.com/4I1Y-2H6U-F7D37401EBEDEF526GCI988745A7F2E93CBCF/cr.aspx
  12. Thanks for the heads up guys, we've got this one fixed and you should be able to 'Like' a lot more. Sorry @Rob Courtney there will be no refunds on the Premium forum package
  13. Thanks @Dustin Frothman Well would you look at that.. I had no idea there was a limit. I'll make the suggestion, but I'm pretty sure I've missed the upcoming release. It may have to be on the next one. Thanks for your suggestion Cheers
  14. G 'Day Dustin, That feature is already available. Jump in to your Shelf > Go to Kegs > Select a Keg > and scroll the days up. Cheers
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