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  1. Thanks @Barrelboy, G'day Will, I'm sorry to hear you're having troubles reconnecting your Wi-Fi, and connecting to us. I'm not sure if there is a way to reset the BeerDroid, but we shouldn't need to. We should be able to re-establish Wi-Fi connection if it has been previously connected. Can you please shoot me an email at: tech@brewart.com and I'll go through some troubleshooting steps with you to get this sorted. Cheers
  2. Hey @Bunkers Hill Brewing Company, We're just awaiting approval for release as we speak, I'm estimating it'll be released next week, or at the latest the week after. Cheers
  3. Hi @Barrelboy, Thanks for the tag. We have been made aware of the notification issue on Android and we currently have developers working on a fix. We're hopeful they'll be finished with the update really soon. I have mentioned the log out issue to them and they'll test for it so the bug can be fixed as well. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers
  4. Thanks @Rob Courtney, haha, 10 points for GIF selection, well played!! All done.
  5. All good @Paul84, I'm glad I could assist and give a bit of background information while I'm at it. Let us know how the experiments go. Cheers
  6. G'day @Paul84, First of all, getting off night shift definitely deserves a few celebratory beverages! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed them. The sweet banana aroma and taste you're getting is an ester called isoamyl acetate, it is a naturally occurring byproduct of Hefeweizen yeast. As the brewer you can promote or suppress esters by pulling a few levers like Fermentation Temps, Yeast pitching rates, or oxygen levels. With the BeerDroid Temperature is the most convenient lever to pull. The higher the Temp the bigger the ester production, the lower the temp the lower the ester production. just keep in mind the yeasts temperature range of 17c - 22c. Alternatively if you don't like the Banana flavour/aroma, you can make an American Wheat beer by switching the Y5 for a Y1. I hope this makes sense, please feel free to ask if you have any questions. Cheers
  7. Haha! @Barrelboy, Yep that looks about right, except our warehouse is on skeleton staff at the moment to adhere to social distancing laws. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, Yes the 'Banter' thread is the Off Topic thread. This is for all things that don't fit into the current categories, whether it's BrewArt related or just a thread for some spicy memes and good times. We try and keep the subjects segregated into defined categories, as we know how crazy forums can get and we want to make it easy for new brewers to reference, as well as convenient for you guys to find. Cheers
  9. G'day @Rob Courtney, Thanks for your suggestion about a General Topic header. I have been able to get a 'BREWART BANTER' header for topics which don't quite fit, and for general threads which may not even be about BrewArt. I thought I'd kick it off here with a 'Community Suggestions' thread. Please feel free to get in touch here (please tag @BrewArt Team) with any Community Suggestions you might have to improve your experience. Cheers
  10. G'day @Rob Courtney, I agree this group could be great, and I love the contribution of you and @Barrelboy. One of the advantages of using the community is you'll always get the official answer. I love the idea of an 'Off Topic' thread, let me have a chat to people who are much smarter than me at this and work if it can be done. Cheers
  11. Cheers Deeks, It's always good fun to get out and about and share our beer!! Keep an eye on our Calendar and Social media channels for more upcoming events around Australia. Cheers ?
  12. Hey BrewArtists, We are going to be travelling the east coast this year and attending a number of events with the BrewArt trailer. To see when we might be near you check out the Community Calendar! You can even set yourself a reminder using the “Set Reminder”. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram as we often do ticket giveaways before these events! Cheers, BrewArt
  13. until
    Come meet the BrewArt team and enjoy BrewArt beers from the BrewFlo! Tickets to Good Food & Wine Festival Brisbane can be purchased here.
  14. until
    Come meet the BrewArt team and enjoy BrewArt beers from the BrewFlo! Tickets to Good Food & Wine Festival Sydney can be purchased here.
  15. Come meet the BrewArt team and enjoy BrewArt beers from the BrewFlo! Tickets to GABs Festival Sydney can be purchased here.
  16. until
    Come meet the BrewArt team and enjoy BrewArt beers from the BrewFlo! Tickets to GABs Festival Melbourne can be purchased here.
  17. Hi GeeDee, That's no good at all, this has been a very odd case. The BeerDroid does automatically reconnect to Wi-Fi once the original connection has been established. There should be no need to go through the set up again every time. I'll contact you via private message and attempt some troubleshooting. Liam
  18. Cheers GeeDee, ? Its all in a days work Liam
  19. Have a true BrewArt Christmas indulgence and bake our Chocolate Stout Pudding with Stout Cream recipe. Enjoy with one of these BrewPrints: Traditional Irish Stout Polski Baltic Porter Four Leaf Stout Coopers Special Old Stout Coopers Best Extra Stout Download recipe PDF below. CHOCOLATE STOUT PUDDING.pdf
  20. Hi BrewArt Community, There have been some Server Updates overnight for increased stability, everything should be completed now. If you are having trouble logging in to your App, please fully close the App down in the background and re-open, this should resolve any errors. Cheers The BrewArt Team
  21. BrewArt Team


    Hey BrewArtists, We recently had a minor glitch with push notifications from the app. All resolved now and there should be no ongoing issues regarding push notifications. Have a good weekend! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  22. Hi BrewArtists, Good spotting Deeks! The app update adds the ability to change between Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as a range of improvements to our backend architecture that will increase efficiency and reliability. Happy brewing! Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  23. Hi Damian, Thanks for pointing this out to us. We've fixed the issue. Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  24. Big Pop is correct - if stored in a cool, dark and dry place, the ingredients should be fine for up to two years. Be sure to store the yeast and hops in the fridge as well. Cheers, The BrewArt Team
  25. Perhaps a nice strong lager like Bavarian or Bohemian with an Indian meal?
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