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  1. If you are doing a extract brew then you can use a hydrometer, take a OG reading at start after mixing all ingredients & before adding yeast & then a FG reading after EOF then do the calculations to get your ABV %
  2. I’m not 100% sure but I can’t see why you can’t do exactly what you do with a print, fill the droid with water, pour mix in, but I’d mix it up unlike what we do with a print where we leave ingredients to mix itself , then add yeast , set to Ale setting & away you go , see how it goes
  3. I responded on the other thread you posted this in , call Liam as BrewArt for guidance but you will still need primer when the brew is ready to keg/bottle & id now dry hop the brew at EOF or if you have some spare BrewArt hop packets I’d do it again at EOF as normal
  4. I’d be guessing but I’d say by adding the primer before EOF will just add some extra ABV to the brew as it’s sugar, you will still need to use primer at the EOF , as for the hops, I’d pop down to the local home brew shop & get some hops to add as a dry hop at EOF for a couple days as I don’t think you will get much aroma adding them at the start , be best to contact BrewArt for their opinion
  5. Exactly what do you mean by a “dry mix”
  6. I’m on iPhone & it stays logged in , is there a little check box that says “stay logged in” when you enter your details ?
  7. If you have a brew going when it happens you can try wrapping plumbers tape around it & hopefully the fermentables will seal the crack to get you through to EOF
  8. I’ve only ever had one bung go on me , every other time it’s been the hairline crack in the spigot , it’s easy to mistake for a tap or bung issue but always check the spigot first, it’s the main reason droids are replaced
  9. That’s not unusual, I’ve had that happen on kegs , you might of got a bit more in the first keg you filled & a bit less in the second. I’ve never had a keg that wasn’t carbed, only ever had issues with being too heady when pouring, hopefully the new liners will fix that. Only real way to check is connect to the Flo & find out. Are you 100% sure you put the primer in both kegs ?
  10. BrewArt suggest that print takes 6-14 days so I’d recommend leaving it for at least 14 days if the droid is not detecting the start or end of fermentation, at the very least I’d wait until you can contact BrewArt & they can log in to the droid & see what the issue is.
  11. Let it go a few more days at least
  12. The new parts for the kegs can be acquired from BrewArt, you will need to email or call them & let them know how many kegs you have then they will send them out free of charge. No one has them yet, they are expected to ship this month.
  13. Check your local Home Brew Shop as they might stock some FWK from All Inn or other breweries , I’m in Vic & my local stocks a lot of the All Inn kits so will save you postage as they cost almost double when you include shipping
  14. I’ve done Fresh Wort Kits from All Inn Brewing Co, you shouldn’t need to add anything but yeast to the Wort, usually the label will recommend a yeast to use like US-05 for Ales or S-04 for Lager which you can get from a local home brew store.
  15. I’m at about a 60% success rate & it’s improving with each keg since being more careful with how I handle the liner when screwing into the collar , I also have a iKegger system mainly because I wanted something portable as well
  16. That's not good at all is it, I wouldn't be happy if that happened to me.
  17. Did you taste it before kegging ? Just wondering if the taste was due to the liner or infection prior to kegging.
  18. Was having a chat with the owner of the local Home Brew shop & telling him about issues we are having when kegging. He was of the opinion that getting all head from a pour out of a keg would lead him to believe 1 of 2 possible issues. 1. The beer had not finished Primary Fermentation before kegging or 2. Too much primer being added. When I told him though that the same brews (bottled) when half kegged & half bottled didn't have any issues out of the bottle then he said maybe to try less primer in the kegs.
  19. LOL that's the cascade hop flowers , yes the package does look a little suspect but just hoppy goodness
  20. Ok seeking expressions of interest from Droid owners in Melbourne/Victoria. I've taken inspiration from Ashe Factor who is running a brew club with his mates where for a fee he brews a print once a month to be shared. My idea is similar but a little different, I'd like to start a Beer Bank Club. So basically once a month members would all meet at a nominated members house, bring a dozen 330ml bottles with you to deposit into the bank & then withdraw a dozen mixed bottles from the beer other members have banked. Each member can take it in turns to host & if everyone was cool with it we could even put a few bucks in each to buy pizza's or whatever & enjoy each others company, talk about brews, make a day of it. So was thinking it would need at least 4 people to be involved to get it started & members can nominate what brew they will bring so we all don't brew the same beer that month. What you think ?
  21. After others thoughts on current brew in the droid. Currently on day 7 of a US Chiller Lager (& added a pouch of X5 to bump up ABV). I'm thinking of adding some hops to the brew before it's bottled, either tonight or once EOF is detected. I have cascade hop flowers in 50g lots that I got from eBay & 2 10g galaxy hop packets from BigW. So basically after opinions on 1. If I should hop the brew, 2. best time to add hops & 3. which hop to use or combination ?
  22. I've now tried a couple of bottles last week that were in secondary Fermentation for 2 weeks & it tasted great, strong beer & the extra hops was noticeable. Will leave the rest now until 1 month, taste again then decide if it could do with even longer.
  23. I'm still reserving my opinion until I get more kegs through the flo , I've so far used 4 kegs in the flo, the first 2 (with APA) poured perfect, the 3rd (MR IPA) was all ice cream as was the 4th (Lighthouse) but that last one came good after another 4 days in the fridge. I currently have 4 kegs in secondary so will see how they go.
  24. I had issues with a Lighthouse keg being all head, took it out, left it in fridge for 4 days then back in the flo overnight & from then on it poured great.
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