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  1. Great information for us newbies from experienced brewers like yourself. Thanks 🙏
  2. Hi Everyone, my Brewflo has stopped chilling my beer it still pours fine but it’s not getting cold. Just thought I’d ask if anyone else has this problem or any ideas how to fix. The fan is still going around
  3. So I suppose it’s a 6 pack of Panhead Supercharge until I have a brew ready Thanks again for all your help today 👍
  4. Thanks for all your help. I did sanitise my spoon and just a gentle stir so fingers crossed it will be fine. I’ll learn from my mistake. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for your help it’s good to have support. so I just took off my lid to give it a stir and the top was crusty and quite solid, I think it maybe spoilt?
  6. Thanks for your help Rob like you suggested I’ll leave it for an hour or so and see if there’s any other suggestions. My other idea was to maybe add a little more water just so the yeast and powder ingredients were wet?
  7. So I just put in the ingredients but I put the yeast in last is this going to be an issue?
  8. Hi Everyone Im about to start my first brew a coopers dark ale but can’t find any instructions in the box. I hope I’m not being stupid but I’m not sure which order to add my ingredients etc. should I have some instructions or is the instructions in the app I’m confused. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for your quick response Eltham Brewing House. That’s the maths which I came up with but wasn’t sure if the amount changes with it being in a larger vessel etc?
  10. Hi everyone this is my first post and require a little help. I’ve just recently bought my beer droid and brewflo system and ordered my brewprints. Has you can understand I couldn’t wait to get brewing so I went and bought a Mr Beer kit from the local brewing shop to get me started. So far it’s all going good and have a Golden ale in the beer droid. I’m just wondering how many carbonation drops I should put in my keg which will have around 4.25 litres in each keg.
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