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  1. On 28Nov20 I advertised a BeerFlo, 15 kegs (including all fittings) keg caddy and beer lines for sale at $300.00 the lot, plus shipping from Merimbula, New South Wales.  I am now prepared to reduce the price down to $200.00, plus shipping.

    Also happy to split the items to anyone interested.  I’d prefer for interested parties to telephone me on 0420769618 as I do not regularly make a habit of checking this forum.

    No reasonable offer will be refused. 


    Following items for SALE:


    Keg Caddy

    15 Kegs with Caps, connectors, fittings, spears and keg stands

    13 sealed Beer Line packets.

    Beerflo purchased 2017 in excellent working order / condition.  Equipment has been idle for the past 18 months - 2 years.  All items have been properly stored.  BeerFlo stored in its original factory packing box.  At today’s prices the above items represent a total value of $1086.00.  ALL yours for $300.00 PLUS shipping costs.  Items located at Merimbula, NSW (far South Coast).  

    Mobile: 0420769618

    1. Commander Robo-Timo

      Commander Robo-Timo

      Big Pop, 

      Where are you located?

      Ah, just saw you are in AUS. Such a deal, but I am in USA. I hope you found a buyer...

  3. What bad luck Pursya!!, I have never thought to test the beer line connections before I install a new one in the BeerFlo. But based on your experience I will be from now on. What do you think the failure was, cable tie to loose or the inner two tubes fractured, too short, or What? For what its worth I think you have a strong case for a replacement brewprint. But the time, effort and beer wastage for that keg is a real pity.
  4. I would just put the hops in now as is without attempting to restart the droid, leave for 24 hrs or so and then proceed to bottle. I think all will be fine, you have not ruined anything.
  5. At first I thought I had cross threaded the keg connector and the keg liner. However, there is only a very small quantity of beer leakage. Certainly nowhere near the amount consistent with a previous cross threaded incident. Having discussed the matter with Liam (BrewArt Team) yesterday it appears to be a possible issue with the large white 'O' ring fitted between the double valve (orange & black) cap and the keg connector. This brew was kegged on 11 May so it will be some time before this is confirmed, or not ?? Never a dull moment with this BrewArt caper. Good beer though and thanks to Liam for his prompt assistance and advice.
  6. I have had some previous keg liner connector seal (cross threaded) issues which caused me to have a closer look at each of my keg liner connectors. The attached photo is a new unused connector recently purchased. It appears to be a manufacturing (plastic moulding) fault. Corresponded and spoke to Liam from the BrewArt Team who is kindly replacing this item and another cross threaded connector. Check your kegging equipment
  7. My first keg of Revolution Dark Lager stopped flowing from the BeerFlo, however, there was still beer left in the keg. A subsequent post mortem revealed a perforated keg liner. The small pinhole was discovered in the bottom of the inner plastic bag about as far away from the neck of the keg liner as you can get. The hole caused the beer to become trapped between the outer silver skin and the inner plastic membrane in the lower half of the keg liner. Initially I thought that I may have pinched the keg liner around the neck area when inserting it in the keg before filling, but this proved not to be the case. I spoke with Liam from the BrewArt Tech Team yesterday and he has requested that I send the keg liner back to them for further examination. Fortunately the perforation did not result in an infection, as did a previous event back in March. On that occasion the keg distended to the extent that it did not fit in the BeerFlo, had to be replaced and the beer wasted. What exactly caused the hole in that area of the keg liner is unknown at this stage. My money is on the manufacturing process given its location and the way we receive the packaged item for use. Liam was very helpful grateful for the feedback. He also sought clarification concerning keg foaming and the keg connector seal. There are some well documented ongoing outstanding issues concerning the keg liner, excessive froth and alike. I would urge others to carefully examine offending keg liners, take photographs and report findings to the very helpful BrewArt Team. Even if you are not having issues it is worth cutting a used keg liner open before it is discarded and have a good look at the way they are made. I have attached a photo, but I have done that before and they have not been published on the forum ???
  8. Congratulations on the initiative Derren, it will certainly help when I soon begin to try brewing ingredients outside of the traditional brewprints. ?
  9. Deeks, based on your recommendation and the fact that beer always tastes better on Sundays I gave it a go. I agree it does taste very good. Although I did get the giggles second time around resulting in a small bit of wastage and clean up. Nevertheless, my Revolution Dark Lager makes for good 'giggle juice'. Cheers!!
  10. On 7Apl17 I tried my first Mountian Range IPA keg after 31 days conditioning in the beerflo which resulted in 3 or 4 glasses of 100% froth. It promptly went back on the shelf. Tonight I reintroduced the same keg to the BeerFlo following 52 days conditioning with much more pleasing results. Poured well - gooooood beer.
  11. Andrew, I have been at this BrewArt caper for about four months, but I have not tried the Cooper's Sparkling Ale per sae. Of the 7 or 8 brewprints sampled thus far I cannot fault the taste of any. So far the TC Celeb Ale is my favourite and is the closest you can get to the real thing as far as I am concerned. The system does offer quality craft beers on tap which attracted my patronage. There are some ongoing issues with the beerdroid hardware (tap) that you can read up on using this forum. Good Luck.
  12. No worries Pete. The reason I suggested an internal examination of the keg liner stems from my previous experience with a bloated/distended keg of Thomas C Celeb Ale a little over a month ago. When emptied I had a difficult time removing the keg liner due to air trapped therein. A very similar circumstance to your recent experience. A post mortem revealed a hole in the in the inner plastic (bag) membrane which supported Iain's (BrewArt Team) theory of a perforated keg liner and subsequent infection. The hole was near the neck of the keg liner. What caused the hole remains a mystery to me. I fully support your suggestion of collecting information concerning keg liners that produce froth and I would urge others to conduct a post-mortem on offending liners and taking photographs. I certainly will be from now on.
  13. Pete, If you still have the "dud" keg liners can I suggest that you carefully cut them open. A keg liner post mortem, if you like. You will find that inside the foil there is an inner plastic bag. It would be interesting to see what you find. You may discover a hole in the plastic bag. Which would explain why it held air and was difficult to remove from the keg. Just a thought !!
  14. Thanks Deeks. Extra time in the beerdroid following the EOF notification is something I have not given much thought to. How much extra time would you typically allow. I will give your strategy a go.
  15. Further to my post earlier this afternoon. I should have also mentioned that out of the 7 brewprints that I have put thru the BeerFlo, five have ranged from fair to good in terms of BeerFlo pour. Logic dictates that the BeerFlo, of itself, may not to be the problem. That leaves the brewprint ingredients, the keg liner, environmental conditions or operator error. Could the keg liner, albeit in isolated cases, be the culprit. What do others think ?? Again it would be good to hear from the Coopers Experts.
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