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  1. Liked the sound of that so in the droid went this one today. Haven’t done before so can’t wait. Simple recipe.
  2. Kegged after 8 days, replaced with German Weissbier
  3. Have you noted that most of the Brewprint packs are out of stock, must have been a big rush on, stock piling? Ha Ingredients not too bad, no X1 though.. I reckon a heap of units at the $499 have probably gone as well. Good on Coopers.
  4. My longest brew was 14days so keep going ha😳
  5. Did you get to do this? Put it in the droid today, another top drop.
  6. No problems with leaving them for days (done 6 days before) without problems and in most cases mine are in for 2 days. To reassure note that a lot of ss keg brewers hang a hop ball from the underside of the keg lid. This is in there for weeks if not months. The flavour and aroma should intensify.
  7. Thanks Rob. I think you may be on the right track about general commercial beers having preservatives and stabilising agents. This certainly could account for the “consistency” over time. On the other hand the Coopers brews, eg Coopers Vintage don’t have additives such as the preservatives/stabilises and therefore would account for the improvement over time. With regards to the manner of storing and consumption, I would have gone the Beerdroid/beerflo/botttling if available at the time. The kegging system that I have is quite expensive to set up and entails more cleaning/maintenance than your set up. I could then run a smaller fridge, No co2 bottles, run two beerflo units if not eventually 3 at $400. I think this is an interesting discussion and stick with your setup.
  8. Kegged and just pour the first from this keg. Delicious, bed early I 🤔
  9. Kegged 21/2/20, what can I say. This is another top brew. I understand there is some resistance to the current virus With alcohol, well I’m protecting my insides the best that I can. 🙂👍🙄
  10. Unlikely, as no matter how much yeast it can only consume the sugar available. So I’d say a flaw in bottle done probable on transportation/warehouse handling or you double dosed the sugar. (Can easily be done, particularly if interrupted). When I used to sugar bottles I’d have all the bottles on my right, if sugar done then it was on my left.
  11. Thought I’d commented in this thread before but search says different. So this is the first time:- Brewprint Session Ale kegged 8/03/2019 into ss ball lock keg. Fridge 16/03, force carbonated 17/03, fridge and co2 connected at serving pressure. 18/03 test - brilliant just like Coopers Session Ale out of the bottle. Very impressed. In the photo brewprint on the left, on the right is a pint of cloned Coopers Session Ale brewed at 23 litres the traditional way. It is a very nice brew, enjoyable but the BrewPrint wins. Wife picked it from a blind taste test. Now I’ve just kegged a new batch 29/3/20 so will see how that goes.
  12. Put another down today (29/3/20). Said I’d do again.
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