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  1. Should be a double tasting now, my beers, your pizzas
  2. Just love pizza, real pizza from wood fired ovens etc or your own. Turkish bread sliced through the guts so as to halve the thickness makes a great base. And beer, what a match, the Birra is a super pairing. Day off, you could make it “piss head a Tuesday” 😂🤪
  3. Galaxy IPA. 1/2 tin of Coopers BrewA IPA with 250g of ldme (easy drinking 4.1%) with T.C kit yeast. In droid 16/02/20 am. Will dry hop 20g of galaxy hops on day 6 or 7.
  4. Nice looking drop. Some are worth the wait but it is often hard however there are a few I believe are better drunk fresh, around the 4 week mark. However there is an advantage to this with co2 bottle carbonation.
  5. A thought about ordering. I note a number of persons order ingredients to match particular recipes and so do I (nothing wrong with that) however I also order some extras of mainly E1, 2, 5; X1, 2, 3; and the main yeasts so I can either experiment or do a recipe I didn’t account for. Actually works well. Something to consider.
  6. Just kegged, 11 days in fermenter, dry hopped for 3 days.
  7. Don’t know how this has escaped a second brew, well it is in the droid as we speak. Kegged a Belgian Lager.
  8. Fourth one in the droid today, a summer delight.
  9. Ps in Purchased Beers I’ve done a possible BrewPrint clone recipe for your Cricketers brew.
  10. Still looks a top drop. I’d try an E2 first, should give body and mouthfeel as well.
  11. Rob (note not Rod 😇) how did the Morgan’s turn out? If you haven’t brewed the California Steam yet I think it a must, the one kegged 18/1 is absolutely delicious.
  12. Apologies Rob for “Rod” above. Can’t edit it now, did the same in Tall Tale Pale Ale. Honestly don’t know how it happens but again apologies as it’s not good form. Cheers Mark.
  13. Apologies Rob, for “Rod” above. Can’t edit it now and don’t know how this happens.
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