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  1. Would agree, strong brews need time to mature, settle and smooth out.
  2. Good to know about filling the bottles. Do you think the liquid hops dissipate or not “evenly spread” thought out the brew so hop strength varies in intensity from bottle to bottle. With dry hopping of pellets depending upon what I’m brewing I often have them in the brew for 3days prior to kegging.
  3. It’s frustrating waiting on needed goods to arrive and Aust Post are not that expedient in my experiences. 1) I wouldn’t fill directly from the tap, can be messy, foam etc. but if bottle on an angle it may work. 2) if you wait then fine, droid goes into storage mode after 2 days but you can change it back to keg. 3) you could do the tap on and off filling if you have suitable tubing that will fit into the tap spigot or a tube that fits firmly over the top of it. 4) if you are near a brew shop you could get one of the normal fermenter bottle filling tubes as I believe they will fit up the spout. 5) don’t forget to sanitise any tubing, filling device. 6) I’d lift the lid carefully, and put your hop liquid in now, I believe it is better than just putting in prior to bottling as it has time to “infuse” with the brew. Hope this helps, Mark
  4. Great, no issues then. No wonder we both like it, our photo’s look as if they were both poured from the same batch 🍻😋
  5. Will be ok, did you get the message that fermentation had been detected?
  6. Keg this today (19/11/19) and have now put down a Cog Work IPA clone 1/2 tin Thomas Cooper Bootmaker PA 250g LDME 250g dry amber malt Steep 20min (just boiled water) 100g cracked crystal malt and 12.5g Amarillo hop pellets Y1 yeast after 6 days will dry hop 12.5g of citra and same of centennial hop pellets. Should turn out well, hope so👍
  7. That wine fridge for a $100 seems a good buy. How many bottles can you fit and how low will the temperature go?
  8. Brewing this again, it was so nice. (in the Droid 18/11/19)
  9. Love these beer glass, 750ml, great when outside. And no they are not wine glasses.
  10. I think you’ll appreciate this, had a few pints, now the big guns. These 750ml beer glasses are great, saves getting up too often.
  11. A really enjoyable brew. 9 days fermenting and about 3 weeks in the keg. You can drink this early particularly if kegging using co2. Its crisp, floral with bitter hop finishing and so refreshing. This is one for Adelaides 42C this Wednesday!
  12. Birra Italiano would be a goodie for me.
  13. Message left 5 hours ago, that’s about 1am. No wonder the “long run” is off the attack 🎊.For me even the under arm would be out of the question. 😀🏏🏏 Your right in this being a top drop, one in my repeated list and would agree the extra E5 was probably not needed. Glad your enjoying it.🍺
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